10 thoughts on “Civilization V – The Porcelain Tower

  1. the quote is mostly for culture artists or people like me.
    think aout this. you make a drawing and you dont like it. you think it sucks but people around you seem to like it. you hang it on the school wall and then after a week when you come back and sees that painting. you think
    '… youknow. this aint half bad at all.. its fine. needs polishing but fine'
    :3 that i think is what the quote means from my eye

  2. hmm. yeah. but for me its the artistic way. like you might think you suck at drawing but in the long run youre not half bad. i think i suck tho iother friends around the world think im awesome. tho i think they are lying

  3. My favorite wonder in the game, the painting, the quote, the little music, that moment when it becomes available in the Renaissance, the fact that it helps me get Science victories when I play as my home country.

  4. This is my favorite wonder, next to the Manhatten Project. The bonuses are really worth it, the artwork that goes with it is gorgeous, the music is calming, and the quote is so fitting!

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