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  1. @Christoffre well the original version of the UN was the Leagu Of Nations and it was built in Swiss however we now understand the Europe is not a good place for an international affairs to be handled due to the fact that Europe has been the cause of WWI and WWII so what better place for USA and specifically NYC Manhathan for building to be in? Leaders around the world come to the US and trash talk the US in our own territory and nothing happens, im sure if it were in Europe that would not occur

  2. “More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that is why we have the United Nations.”
    -Kofi Annan-

  3. @olivereduardo113 Oh wow, I think I've never read a comment which was more wrong than the one you wrote here. You really should take some history lessons, and some logic lessons while you're at it xD The first will bring you some real knowledge concerning the history of the world, and the logic should teach you the wonderful ways of not generalizing and it should help you deal with your prejudices, which are way too obvious.

  4. @OnlyLifeMatters just fyi, switzerland is not part of the United Nations. And i agree, why would you build it on european soil when the League of Nations was euro-biased and basically jerked off while italy bombed the fuck out of abyssinia in the 1930s and handed territories to hitler on a whim? now i'm not an ultra patriot…but putting the UN in europe would be a gigantic fuck-up…then again, that's what the UN is anyway so maybe you're right they should move it

  5. @Christoffre are you sure switzerland is a member of the UN? they declare neutrality on virtually everything. and the League of Nations was OBNOXIOUSLY euro-biased. for that reason, they didn't do jack shit when italy illegally invaded ethiopia. please tell me they taught you that in school

  6. @Christoffre because the original poster claimed that putting the UN in america is not a good idea b/c america is not the most politically neutral country in the world which is true. however, the guy then suggested to move it to europe which i found in error since the League was based in europe, run by europe, and did nothing to prevent world war 2

  7. Because the UN is similarly structured (and hence biased, although for different countries), and is hence useless for neutrality. The LoN was a predecessor to the UN, and Switzerland, as fluffy pointed out, is a neutral nation. Ironically, Switzerland can claim neutrality more so without the UN in their territory than if it was.

  8. The spot where it is on is international territory. Not controlled by the state of New York or the U.S. federal government.

  9. i like the united nations. sadly im not the diplomatic type. as soon as i get to the voting part i already like. destroyed 2 cities. and denounced a jerk bag. that is alexandre. i dont know why he dont like me so much.
    and then no one votes on meh TT_TT

  10. Considering that the United Nations was created after World War 2, it was one of the few industrially developed countries whose domestic interior was not ravaged by war. Furthermore, the land that the UN was built on was donated by a private philanthropist and is not currently considered part of the territory of the United States.

  11. The problem is that there is no Neutral Territory. Every piece of Earth is owned by some country. All with their own agendas. When the United Nations was founded it was during a time when America sought to display peace to the world and solve problems without the need for violence. Today's America however is what you refer too which has become corrupted by greed and religion. But back when the United Nations was founded it was a time of Renaissance it was to be hoped that the worldwouldbeatpeace

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