100 thoughts on “Civilization VI – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. So happy for this. I have a PS4 but Civilization is the only game on PC I play but more than happy to swap to PS4 and play it

  2. Wait. So is there Multiplayer!? Civ Rev pn 360 had Online Multiplayer for heavens sake! The trailer doesn't say anything about it and the switch port doesn't have MP.

  3. I bet it's going to have a nice juicy platinum trophy I just hope that there's no trophy for beating it on deity mode

  4. No cloud saves on PS4. Not interested. Have already reserved a copy for Xbox One and am likely to start moving all my game purchases to that platform as Sony restrictions are killing gameplay.

  5. Been waiting for this, the old bs that it would have to be dumbed down too much a la civ rev hasn’t been true for years, bout damned time😂

  6. I would pre-order it right now if I knew for sure that would run smoothly on PS4… The loading times of Xcom and Pillars of Eternity already gave me an harsh lesson

  7. It will be a nice autumn. Weed, chocolate muffins and Civilization 6 ….. and Modern Warfare 😂🍫🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Hopefully they have the online mode this time arround. Love it on the switch, but that feature is clearly painfully missed.

  9. Wait for your turn strategy game is never as fun as real time strategy like age of mythology or the upcoming age of empires 4. Just compare how well age of empires 2 did compared to age of empires 3. I feel like aoe4 is gonna be the strategy game to wait for😊

  10. Don’t know why everyone’s excited in the comment section, it’s a 3 year old game almost 4 and it’s only now coming out on ps4 for 60$ (rip off) and then the expansion is another 50$ extra absolute joke.

  11. A found a copy of CivRev on PS3 a few months ago and been playing it like crazy. Finally a Civ on PS4. Novembers gonna be great!

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