CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: America

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: America

Theodore Roosevelt leads the American Civ
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The famous quote from the 26th President
of the United States, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick”
reflected his governing style. He championed the popular reforms of the
Progressive Era, and a muscular foreign policy backed by a reinvigorated US Navy. In Civilization VI, each Civilization
has two abilities. One is based on what the nation has done
throughout history, and the other is tailored to what
happened during that ruler’s reign. The American Civ has the special
ability “Founding Fathers,” which shortens the time needed to earn
Government Legacy bonuses. The Americans also get the
P-51 Mustang unique unit, with extended range and bonuses against
other fighter aircraft. As a leader, Teddy Roosevelt can provide
the Americans with a combat bonus for
fighting on their home continent. He also has the Rough Riders as
a unique unit. These mounted troops are
effective in hills, gain culture from kills on their
home continent, and have a low maintenance cost. Both of America’s unique military units
come into play after the Industrial era. The Americans are a powerful cultural Civ
which shines in the middle and late game. Tourism is key to winning a
Cultural Victory, and America has two unique traits that
can help it here. The Film Studio is a unique building that
boosts the American Tourism output
during the modern era. Teddy Roosevelt also gives a Tourism
bonus to America’s National Parks, which makes them stronger than the
parks of other Civs. With these advantages, the other civs
will be wearing blue jeans and listening to your pop music as America cruises
towards a cultural victory. Are you ready to take up the limelight
of the silver screen? How will you lead America to victory
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: America

  1. So after watching all your videos and getting hyped enough to preorder your game, I still don´t know what civ to play first. I think I choose to pick a gigantic map, marathon gameplay and pick a random civ…
    You mentioned that one bonus bases on the civ and the other bonus on the leader. Is there a game mod where I can choose any leader with any civilization. F.e. Teddy Roosevelt of Brazil? I think there was such a mod for civ 3 or 4.

  2. Theodore Roosevelt?? what a damn shame. The man who blew up government and was a progressive piece of shit. We had better leadership than this…

  3. okay….. I hate to tell you this guys but this is historically inaccurate. If teddy isn't beating the shit out of someone at all times your doing it wrong…

  4. While having Colonel Roosevelt is awesome his current model looks too bulky to be him; if the model is to be redone his paunch should be smaller and his face less flabby. Other than this I think the game looks great so far.

  5. I feel bad for the Philippines. This guy leads the US and they get relegated to city state again, passed over for nations so ancient they might be fictional.

  6. Since Teddy Roosevelt slaughtered native americans, mexicans, and phillipinos you should really get a combat bonus towards hostile city states. And American AI should declare war on nonwhite nonchristian civs as part of manifest destiny policy.

  7. Why have the US got the P51??? it would never have been built without the British Purchasing Committee commissioning it. Also the early versions of the P51 were only good at low levels, it only became the long range fighter we all know after the RAF experimental installed the Merlin 61 from a Spitfire Mk IX. Its as much a British Fighter as an American one.

  8. I don't know what will come, but we need to build a big beautiful wall around each American city to keep out the barbarians. Together we will make America Great Again.

  9. I've never played the Civilization series but i am curious, can your society have no religion at all? If so , do you get any sort of bonus or penalty in this case?

  10. I love Teddy Roosevelt! He's one of my favorite Presidents and one of my favorite historical figures too. It was a nice touch to give American parks a bonus, given his TR's creation of the National Parks and championing of conservation. He ought to have a bonus against Spain though hehe.

  11. Calling "America" to USA is simply a disrespect for the other countries of America. America is not a Counrty is a continent! Only for that I wont buy this game.

  12. Now this America is definitely not crappy like the one on V. Too bad I'd probably only get this when they release a Gold or Complete Edition.

  13. Warning: Make sure that you research nuclear technology before anyone else. India has 500% nuclear research speed and will gun straight for it. If Gandhi get's nukes then you've already lost.

  14. During the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864, troops in Colorado slaughtered unarmed people gathered under a flag of peace, killing children and babies, mutilating all the corpses and keeping their victims’ genitals to use as tobacco pouches or to wear on their hats. Theodore Roosevelt called this event “as rightful and beneficial a deed as ever took place on the frontier.”

  15. Theodore Roosevelt, definetely the most jauntiest president America ever had. Just look at that moustache in combination with those glasses! A true gentleman with some real manners he was!

  16. Man, I remember first seeing these first look vids. I was so excited for this game. It was the most hype I've ever had. Anyone else feel the same?

  17. They have advantage fighting on Homeland??? Wtf they never had a war on Homeland. They could have given different stats. Not to mention Rough Riders? WTF??

  18. Not even going to scroll down enough to see any other comment. Just going to say that, as a flag waving patriot, history buff, and lover of all world cultures, I’m proud they chose Teddy as the leader of the USA for this game. He was a great man and one of our best Presidents in personal character.

  19. I don't understand why the bonuses are given to battles taking place on the home continent. The Rough Riders never fought in North America and given the US's global reach and track record of wars/conflicts worldwide, there should be a bonus for fighting battles on non-home continents.

  20. tbh i find late game leaders pretty annoyin to play as. England is my personal favorite because its the most balanced in terms of progression. early game will have you focus on your navy while building your early settlements, mid game you will focus on expansion followed by conquests (depending on your playstyle). late game will see you securing artifacts for keeping up with the culture game.

  21. my only complaint is they made teddy look chubby, in reality until he was quite old he was actually a rather active and athletic guy

  22. All America or North America, or just USA? Look like just USA. They have no long history at all and should start in the end of game like cheaters with no money restrictions. Like pirates, but with smile-faces and massmedia ability, buy people, buy specialists, buy science and workforces, buy governments, buy army, buy everything. Like in real life, by the way. It should be like final BOSS whom you should win.

  23. It just occurred to me that it could be hilarious to have a spoof version of Civ with all the very worst leaders in charge instead!

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