CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Arabia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Arabia

Saladin leads Arabia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. From his promising start as a young scholar, Saladin rose to become a legendary commander whose talents and wisdom won praise from his friends and enemies alike. Arabia’s special ability is called “The Last Prophet.” When the next-to-last Great Prophet is claimed, Arabia automatically receives the last one, if they haven’t already received their prophet. This guarantees Arabia the ability to found a religion. Arabia has always been famous for its horses, and their unique unit is the Mamluk. This knight replacement heals at the end of every turn, even if it moved or attacked. Arabia’s unique building is the Madrassa. It generates more science than the University, and it provides faith based on the Campus’ adjacency bonus. Saladin’s ability is “Righteousness of the Faith” – which happens to be how you translate the word “Saladin.” The worship building for Arabia’s religion costs very little faith to build, and produces bonus science, faith, and culture. Arabia can take advantage of the benefits of founding a religion, without having to worry about racing for a Great Prophet. You’ll want to have a Holy Site in many cities to take advantage of Saladin’s ability as well. Science and Religion blend in Arabia, and this civ is ideally suited for either kind of victory. Will people praise you through the ages? How will you lead Arabia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. Saladin looks Arabian here, but he was in fact a Kurd, meaning he should look more like a Persian (Iranian) and have lighter skin and have a sharp, Persian nose.

  2. I like how this will play out in multiplayer. It could force players who are uncertain if they will get the second to last prophet to hard focus faith, while you simply work on your civ ignoring faith.

  3. Im confused.. Saladin and his dynasty wasn't from "Arabia", they ruled from Egypt and Saladin himself was born as a Kurdish (Iranian). Majority of their cabinet and ruling class were in fact the Mamluks who were former slaves of Turkic and Iranian origin. The fact that at their height they only controlled about 10% of the Arabian peninsula, means "Arabia" is a HORRIBLE and extremely inaccurate country name to give them.

  4. This game is so bad compared to the previous ones. So many illogical bonuses for many nations and also illogical leaders :/ This is cringe really…

  5. Unique unit of Arabia is mameluke??People with Turkish and Caucasian origins who ruled Egypt??And ı hate the leaders looking sooo cartoon,is it Saladin who wiped out crusaders from jerusalem or a character from disneys aladdin!

  6. will we be able to use our religion to persuade units from our enemies and brainwash them to become a free bomber unit?

  7. I know that Arabs have big noses but I think you've over exaggerated with this one, his nose is unnaturally too big lol

  8. Hey… Please dont illustrate the last prophet that must be refers to Muhammad. That is prohibited to illustrate Muhammad in any way. Well, if you have good tolerance…

  9. This is the only CIV civilization intro. video that has so many angry comments, or even comments that argue the merits of the civilization/people concerned (Arabian people). And they say islamophobia isn't real. lol…

  10. Personally, I hate this choice for a leader. Saladin was Kurdish, not Arabic. Pick an Arab leader if you want to call the civilization Arabia. I love that Saladin is in the game, though, don't get me wrong, because he, like todays Kurds are, was a total bad ass, but maybe instead of calling it Arabia you make him lead the Ayyubids for historical accuracy, or something similar. I don't like the over-simplification of Civilization names that happens now. Civ 1 and 2 did it better.

  11. slahdin was a leader in the islamic civilization and Islamic civilization was emerged from arabia and it's the core of isamic civilization so technicly slahhdin is arabian leader and if slahdin was asked if he is arabian or kurdish he will say i have kurd blood in me and my heart and mind is arabian.

  12. one must admire the delicacy it must took to create this video and this civilization, considering how tense people tend to get when it comes to the Arabic countries and islam these days.

  13. Why did they choose Saladin for this faction? Why not Seljuk, or Timur 'the Lame', or As-Saffah, the first leader of the Abbasid Caliphate, at least that one had a capital in the Arabian Peninsula.

  14. For everyone , he is a Kurd , but back in the days Muslims were brothers , ethnicity didn't matter.
    He freed Jerusalem and did great achievements in both religion and science.
    I am an Arab and I am proud to have Saladin as a leader to the Arab world , wish he is alive now.
    Fuck the haters , if it wasn't for the Muslims you would be living in your shit holes. Time changes, Europe was living in madness and in the dark ages where the Muslims were the pioneers in everything, now time has changed , it's how life works.
    Turks and Kurds and Arabs will, and always will be brothers, fuck the politics that divided us.

  15. Wtf, Why does a civ called "Arabia", have an egyptian city as capital ? And why does they confused Arabia with Egypt, Islam, Saladin and all of this shit. Saladin was kurdish btw. This is totally non-sense !!

  16. I always hope to not meet either this dude or Cleopatra whenever I start playing… They like to declare war a lot, then again, so does Teddy. Currently playing Rome on Emperor, and fighting for survival on a war on three fronts (Egypt, Arabia, and Murica), and China's just denounced me, because I have the Hanging Gardens…I'm lucky I got my walls earlier than I usually do… I need to meet Gilgamesh REAL soon, and hope to god he doesn't screw me as well.

  17. Saladin was an iranic Kurd. Meaning he didn't look like a semi negro, or an Arab, he was more of an olive skin colour like Turks and Armenians.

  18. As an Arab, I would like people to know a few things about whats going on here:
    *Saladin is a Kurdish leader ( spoke Arabic) who led the Islamic/Arabic army of the Ayoubi state against the crusaders.
    * Mamluk is a singular of Mamaleek (servants) , which referes to the group that ruled Egypt, Hizaj and Syria well after Saladin's death, they defended the lands against Mongol's invaders…they had their own fabulous leaders such as Bebars.
    *Idk about Madrassa being a persian word, but Arabs do use this word for school.
    *Whwn Islam's followers were much stronger, being a Kurd, persian, a turk matters not as long as you are muslim…Islam unites all blood.

    Finally I would like to thanks the developers for their sweet touch that is giving the Arabian/Islamic civilization some related characteristics (advantages).
    *ISIS does NOT represent Islam.

  19. This should be a Egyptian civilization.Seeing Arabia there bothers me because its just not true.He is most likely Kurdish but might be Turkish also.His army was Turkish tho.Since he was sent by Seljuks to take Egypt from Fatimids.He was a lieutenant of Nuraddin.Well after capturing he wanted to be independant but thats other subject.The point is that I don't see any arab here.Why no Rashidun or Umayyad or Abbasid for Arabs?You should make more research and not make it for the sake of just making it.

  20. A bit ironic that under Saladin the unique unit is the mamluk… you know the gus that ultimately conquered the ayyubid caliphate.

  21. Everyone's wondering why Saladin didn't get any perks related to military tactics or domination victory. And I would like to retort that he is my favourite leader to do domination victories with despite his lack of perks.

    An Arabian mid-game is when you just pour everything you can into religion and science, because they buff each other under Saladin. Use faith to send missionaries into the streets of other cities and praise Allah, as the more burqas you make women wear the higher your science output will be.

    When you are stupidly far ahead of everybody else in terms of science, switch to a Theological government system and use your faith points to just shit out mechanized infantry, cavalry, and whatever you want to fight the foreign armies of knights and crossbowmen. If you weren't a stupid ass and you picked the Tithe belief system, you're also going to have more cash to drop than a Saudi prince donating to a Twitch girl titty streamer so use that for bomber planes. At which point you can just roll your war machine over everybody who rejects your religion of peace.

    That's right motherfuckers, the Civilization 2 Fundamentalism military rape train is back and his name is Saladin.

  22. Randomly gives damage to civilian buildings in other civilizations influenced by their religion. Using inquisition against them gives you warmonger penalty. Information age special unit "ISIS commando", barbarian unit you can give orders to without starting a war.

    There, fixed it for you.

  23. تتكلم عن دولتي !!

    ضع ترجمة عربية , يا رجل ههههههههههههههههههه

  24. I never played Arabia since I always felt they were good to play against. I never knew about the Madrassa. Now I have the drive to make my next game about them 🙂

  25. Arabia are so fucking annoying. Keep sending their Apostles every two minutes that mine can literally not beat

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