CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Australia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Australia

John Curtin leads Australia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He was Australia’s 14th prime minister and served during the Second World War, where he gained praise for helping unify the country’s war effort. He died in office just before the end of the Pacific War, but he paved the way for Australia to enter the post-war world. Australia’s unique ability is “Land Down Under.” Their cities get extra housing when built on Coastal tiles. Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares get additional yields when built in tiles with Charming or Breathtaking Appeal. Australia’s unique unit is the Digger. This replaces the Infantry unit, and gets additional combat power on land tiles adjacent to water and when fighting outside their territory. The Outback Station is Australia’s unique tile improvement. This tile improvement unlocks with the Guilds civic, and can be upgraded with Steam Power and Rapid Deployment. It provides food and production, with bonus food for adjacent Pastures. In addition, Pastures can trigger a Culture Bomb effect, grabbing adjacent tiles from other civs and City-States. John Curtin’s unique ability is called “Citadel of Civilization.” Australia gets bonus production at the start of a Defensive War, and when it liberates a city. Australia is a civ that can make great use of their coastal land. The bonus yield from high appeal tiles can snowball over the course of a game. The extra Housing from coastal starts means Australia can grow large without having to make extra investment into Housing. This gives players the flexibility to choose any victory path. Australia’s increased production bonus when targeted for war gives it a strong defensive capability. Just because Australia doesn’t have a strong army when the war starts, doesn’t mean they can’t put one together in a hurry! As John Curtin said, “The game isn’t lost or won until the last bell goes.” How will you lead Australia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. We also have info on the next update for Civilization VI, which is coming soon to all Steam users. It includes multiplayer teams, mod tools and more! Read all about it here:

  2. To all the frustrated comments about Australia being under-represented, it's because it barely has a distinct culture of its own (it's basically britain with more east asians and sunny weather), and we've already got 2 anglo-saxon civs. Ask yourselves this – what other culture has got this privilege? Do we have both Spain, Mexico and Argentina? France, Belgium and Switzerland? Arabia, Morocco and post-caliphate Egypt? Yeah, after the game has all those and at least 5 east asian civs, we may have a talk about a 3rd anglo-saxon one. Until then, nobody likes civs without any unique cultural traits whatsoever…

  3. "Egyptian assessment of the Diggers

    "Not since pre-historic stone ages has such a naked army been seen in civilised warfare as the Australian army corps fighting on the Gallipoli Peninsula. They display an utter abhorrence for superflous clothing. They are famous throughout Europe for their hard-fighting, hard-swearing and nakedness, even to a sense of indecency.

    "Tobruk 1941" " The Australian, who are the men our troops have had opposite them so far, are extraordinarily tough fighters. The German is more active in the attack, but the enemy stakes his life in the defence and fights to the last with extreme cunning."

    Captured German officer:

    " I cannot understand you Australians. In Poland, France and Belgium once the tanks got through the soldiers took it for granted they were beaten. But you are like demons. The tanks break through and your infantry keeps fighting"

  4. Australia before the Byzantine empire, Assyria, Austria, Turks etc. ? Is this the 1st of April ? Will we get the mighty Quebec and Puerto rico as the next civs ?

  5. dammit i though our unique unit would be men that are 6 ft 4 and full of muscle, that gave people Vegemite sandwiches.

  6. as a person who has played with Australia he is a fricken king if you play on an island map. coastal cities getting +4 housing (+1 from normal coast and +3 from ability), unique unit getting a buff near the coast (which is easy when the islands are small enough), and the Outback Stations providing both food and production (and more when connected) and Holy Sites, Theater Squares, and Commercial Hubs getting bonuses from high appeal tiles you will be set for the entire game.

  7. Does Civ 6 allow for an 'earth' map, and can they capitals start in their actual historical location?

  8. Unique Unit: The Emu's

    Emu's can't attack other units, however they are 200% more resistant to any attacks and can pilladge any land tiles just by walking over them. They can move 3 tiles a turn.

  9. i just completed a game with australia and i like this civ, the extra housing for settling coastal city is awesome,

  10. Oh yeah instead of naming the special ability after an ACTUAL policy they're just going to stereotype with 'Land down unda!' What next? In the DLC they add a resource named Shrimp? No it's fuckin Prawns

  11. Australia, yet no Babylon? Really? Babylon inspired Greeks and Romans, and instead we have a British puppet? Get it together, man.

  12. It would be amazing if they could add some completely irrelevant and tiny civilization to the game, such as that of my home country Latvia

  13. First problem, its paid DLC
    Second problem, OVERPOWERED AS FUCK.
    100% production during war!!! Not 10% not 25% which would be pushing it but acceptable, but fing whole 100% WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS OK???
    And the digger, as far as this goes not so bad, except that its a late game unit, most domination battles and wars that actually accomplish something are very late game so haveing the standard unit that is the most common late game unit, be more powerful is fucking huge.
    9 HOUSING at the birth of a new city. standard is 4 sometimes 5. This is literally doubling that, housing something that you all probably all know is very valuable and necessary to progress. This is absolutely unbalanced. Also culture bomb being unique to certain cives is fing riotable in the civ community. I personally liked the removal of culture bombs, but i would be ok if they brought them back, but to all civs. Having one that already has a bunch of unfair bonuses comparatively, and now giving it an exclusive one is very very wrong. A wonder shouldnt be deleted when tile is captured wtf.

  14. I personally feel that sir John monash should be the one representing Australia, but that's just me… btw if you don't know him, look him up.

  15. Anyone worried about the power creep in this game? Macedon and Poland were pushing it but this just seems nuts.

  16. As an Australian, they couldn't of chosen a damn better prime minister, or leader to represent us. Did you know Curtin threatened Winston Churchill in WW2 of becoming a republic during the war if Britain didn't return some Australian soldiers from the European theatre to defend Australia on the Kokoda trail in the Pacific theatre. At that time, majority of Australian soldiers were in Europe, not the pacific, leaving Australia vulnerable and this was during the period where Japan was aggressive and on the attack.

    But seriously, that would be odd.

  18. While I concede it is an important nation, but is it really a civilization? I mean, what's the difference between the UK, USA, Canada and Aus?

  19. I thought the civilations in the game were supposed to be Great, wonderful civiliations with a legend to live up too. But Australia? They lost a war too fucking emus, EMUS.

  20. I never took this guy seriously, till he tried to win through science victory. I showed him and his kangaroos with a well place nuke.

  21. Alll you old/new salts.. guess what it's a freaking game.. get back in the corner and have a wank over it. Bout time Australia was added to some big franchise 😀

  22. Their theme sing Waltzing Matilda that plays in different version when playing as Australia, is probably one of the best choices for Civ. The song changes enough that it can be slow or fast, and played on any instrument. It’s also upbeat and energizing.

  23. Why not *Diggeridoo*? One job. Also should have been a group of emu that have a high chance of dodging machine gun fire but don't do any damage.

  24. don’t worry mates. If any civilisation tries to attack us, we’ll just throw spiders and drop bears at em’. although we’re quite weak agains Emu’s.

  25. Australia is a good neighbour in Civ 6. China kept getting jealous of my wonders and denounced me several tines and Kongo kept sending spies to steal tech and sabotage buildings.

    Brazil, Georgia, Mapuche, the Cree and Australia were much better neighbours.

  26. The outback station feature should also allow people to get food from desert tiles. Especially considering that's where most of the stations are. And it should be double production for when Australia is attacked… afterall, there are about 18 million of us that will take up arms 😀

  27. they ride on giant spiders,and everyone who enters there territory will die of hyperthermia. or spiders. whichever comes first. probably spiders.

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