CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Aztec

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Aztec

Montezuma leads the Aztecs
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He built the Aztec capital into one of
the greatest cities in the world. Montezuma ordered the construction of
aqueducts and temple complexes, and kept the Aztecs growing
through conquest. Montezuma’s special ability is
called “Gifts for the Tlatoani.” It makes Amenities particularly
valuable for this civ. Not only do luxuries give Amenities to
extra cities, but each different luxury improved in Aztec territory gives their
military more fighting power. War and amenities are linked as well
in the Tlachtli. This unique building in the Entertainment
Complex gives amenities, faith, and great general points. The Aztec unique unit is
the Eagle Warrior. This powerful version of the basic
Warrior unit can turn defeated enemies into Builder units. This ability plays well into the Aztec’s
unique ability to use their Builders to speed the construction of Districts. The Aztecs are a fantastic civ
for conquest. Early in the game, the Eagle Warrior will
give them a strong combat edge. Each enemy defeated will be an
opportunity to speed construction of early Districts, bringing your cities online quickly. As you progress through the
mid and late game, the Aztecs can establish
extensive empires by grabbing new luxuries on the map, and using their amenity bonuses to offset
their expansion through military conquest. How will you lead the Aztecs in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Aztec

  1. I'm a little concerned about the "Pre-order for early access to the Aztec Civilization Pack" at the end… 1 of the civs is apparently going to be gated behind a pre-order for the first 90 days. I'm strongly against pre-ordering any game, after seeing how so many developers have gone and misrepresented their game in trailers and previews.

    How exactly are you going to be adding extra civs that aren't in the base game? Will other civs also be gated behind pre-order? Will they be seperate DLCs or part of expansions?

  2. What is it about that Pre-ordering only thing I'm hearing about the aztecs?
    Don't go that route Firaxis please. I feel a solid sense of loyalty toward the Civilization series as I played every single of them for years and they are beloved fantastic games but if you start to do the same greedy stuff as others publishers I might seriously reconsider buying it. Look at where that same kind of greed led Capcom regarding SF5. Just don't do it…

  3. I can't help but feel it would have been more culturally accurate for the Eagle Warriors to be Jaguar Warriors, or something of the like. The Aztecs adored jaguars for their strength, and they held much spiritual and religious significance. It would have been a great choice I believe, and seems like a missed opportunity.

  4. This is really nonsensical. THE AZTECS, are a pre-order civ, only avaiable after 90 days for free? That is as dumb as making Babylon and Mongolia as DLCs.

  5. I absolutely love Civ and playing as the Aztecs. As a history buff who's main interest is actually the Mexica I'm so happy with the research you guys put into the unique advantages however I feel like it actually lacked in the design of Montezuma. It looks like he's wearing leaves instead of plumes on his head dress and the leaves on his back are kind of add as they didn't really wear anything like that, it looks more like the traditional dresses of the Choctaw. It also looks like he's standing in front of Chichen Itza which is Mayan. I felt like the most accurate depiction of him, at least how he may have dressed not so much the psycho maniac, was in Civ IV. Regardless, nothing will stop me from getting this game and expanding the Aztec empire. I hope to see different Mexica leaders in the future games to come like the last tlatoani Cuahtemoc who supposedly cast the first stone at Montezuma when the people realized he no longer represented the people and fought until the very end, or the great poet king of Texcoco, Nezahualcoyotl who actually wanted to put a stop to human sacrifice.
    Anyways, thanks for all the great games!

  6. I don't like their model for Montezuma, as he no longer looks intimidating. Makes me wonder how Shaka will look.

    Though, they've been my favorite civilization to play since Civ 4, and I'll conquer the world with them in the sixth game.

  7. "The Aztec have a unique ability called Slavery that allows them to turn the defeated enemy units into builders which speed up construction"

  8. After how cool Montezuma looked in Civ V I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the stooped, bird-like posture and appearance of this version.

  9. Civ 5's Montezuma was fap material. This one looks like a cranky old man. Fix this, Firaxis…

  10. The Aztecs look god tier. Luxuries = buffed military, and buffed military turns defeated enemies into free workers? Dear god.

  11. Why always fucking Moctezuma?, there were many other very prominent Aztec leaders, like Netzahualcoyotl, Tenoch, Axayacatl or Tlacaelel.

  12. don't make the aztecs OP as an incentive for people to pre-order because workers speeding district construction sounds crazy good

  13. The art direction and graphics are like 13 steps backward from civ 5.

    Looks like Civ wants the clash of clans audience.

    Also, the fact that there is no more Mongolia because of SJW pandering makes me sick.

  14. Tbh, it looks like they have dumbed down the game to appear more kid friendly and less sophisticated. That's just what I am getting from these first looks. I'd much rather prefer the same detailed look for a civ game like from civ 5.

  15. Didn't I hear it mentioned once before that workers built districts instantly? I could have sworn I heard a dev in an interview say you didn't have to wait for tile improvements anymore.

  16. For those that don't know you don't have to pre order to play them. If you preorder you get early access to them, but they become available after 90 days to everyone. I know it sucks but it's called good marketing :/ and at least everyone will have access to him eventually 🙂

  17. The first thing that popped into my head upon seeing Montezuma was "Indigenas aren't supposed to have beards"

  18. I want to really get into this game but every time I try (civ 5) i get confused and quit… its a bit complicated

  19. Please include some form of 4th generation warfare units in the late game. Stealth bombers and nuclear submarines are awesome, but those are only one side of modern warfare. I know that military units are only a small part of the game, but it makes total sense to me that a player could make some kindof unit like that in the late game. Otherwise, looking forward to Civ VI – I'm a big fan of these games ^^

  20. I find it so weird that in these types of games they always refer to him as Montezuma instead of Moctezuma. You will NEVER hear a Mexican using the former pronunciation.

  21. So once I played a game in Civ 5 that Montezuma was in, and naturally I ended up at war with him. Instead of destroying him, I exiled him on a single tile snow island in the middle of the ocean and then periodically dropped atomic bombs on him.

  22. Anyone else think he looks like an old white guy instead of a Native American? I mean the facial hair didn't exist in the new world Montezuma wouldn't have had lighter skin and hair on his face…

  23. special ability: locked behind the wall of preorder.. making him imune to everyone that practices smart consumer behavior by waiting for review befor buying games…

  24. Why does Montezuma have a beard?  Face and body hair is something you almost never see in Native Americans without European or African genes added.    And why does he look Spanish?  He is the Aztec King,  Aztec's migrated from Asia,  not Europe.

  25. Where the fuck is Pakistan? Why is the greatest country on this hovel of a planet never included? I want to see nuclear missiles from Islamabad and Lahore annihilating Ghandi.

    Get it done. Now.

  26. LOOKS LIKE JUST A RIP OFF TO ADD TO SIDS WALLET 5 WAS SO PATHETIC LOST PATROL FEATURES STUPID AI the construction features did NOT follow the path you gave them they thought better and went ALL the friggin way around go start the path from other side. Have these terrible "upgrades" from Civ 4 been fixed or is this truly just a waste of money on what used to be a great game.

  27. I'm surprised they didn't look for a female to lead the Aztecs. Their biggest criteria for choosing a leader: have a vagina!

  28. Love the Aztecs. Always been one of my favorite civs. Now we need the Mayans and the Incas to join civ 6 but I'm afraid Firaxis might be brainstorming their brains out for a female leader for either of those civs just to fulfill dumb feminist gender quotas.

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