CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Brazil

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Brazil

Pedro II leads Brazil in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. His nickname was “The Magnanimous,” and he earned a reputation
as an enlightened monarch. He corresponded with scholars
around the world and pushed for the abolition of slavery. “Magnanimous” is also
Pedro’s special ability. After recruiting or patronizing
a Great Person, he will recoup some of the points cost. Brazil can build a unique District. The Carnival District replaces
the Entertainment Complex. Once constructed, the city can build the
Carnival city project, turning production into extra Amenities. When the project is complete, Brazil gets
additional Great Person points. The Minas Geraes is Brazil’s unique unit. This is unlocked through the
Nationalism civic. It has improved defense and
ranged combat values. Brazil also gets additional adjacency
bonuses for building districts adjacent to rainforests. Players will have to make some tough
choices about whether to develop their rainforests, or leave them alone
for the extra bonuses. If you like Great People, then you’re
going to love playing as Brazil. Plan well around rainforests and you’ll
have cities capable of producing gold, culture, and faith, which you can use to
drive a steady stream of Great People. With Brazil’s unique Carnival district,
you’ll keep your people happy and continue to recruit Great People. Great Person generation is valuable for
every victory type, making Brazil a flexible civ whose legacy
stands on the shoulders of giants.
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Will you be Brazil’s next Great Leader? How will you achieve victory in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. Pedro II had blond hair and beard, not dark. You probably based the Civ leader from the painting by Victor Meireles which is on Wikipedia, but that version is quite dark. You should correct that, honestly.

  2. Am I the only one that wanted the Brazilian leader to be Jetulio Vargas? He is considered, by many brazilians, to be the best president Brazil ever had, others think it was JK, with Vargas in second. I would like Jucelino K. too, he could have an ability to facilitate building cities (maybe start with a settler) (he built Brasilia)

  3. really nice!! they should get Colombia one of these days! it'be nice if they have Simon Bolivar leading Colombian… representing a lot of South America at once… 😉

  4. Great people generation? lol Is this a joke? My country had it's fair share of great historical personalities like St. Dumont, the true father of aviation (suck on that wright brothers). But… tbh, tourism is the strongest suit of Brazil, not great people. By the way, this new Civ have tourism as a core gameplay?

  5. For all the people hating that Brazil is in this game, remember that South America got a grand total of 1 Civilization in this game, so rest easy, Firaxis is just as racist as you want them to be. Also, I would ask you that if you take out the mass murder of conquest and subjugation, what exactly are the "accomplishments" of the European Civs. The Germans and Norweigans didn't build any great civilizations, in fact, for centuries, all they did was destroy them. The Spanish did nothing in history aside from commit massive genocide and global scale larceny in north and south America. The Scythians also contributed zero to human civilization aside from conquest and pillaging. Also, age isn't a factor in the importance of a Civilization. If it were you would take out the United States right along with Brazil. Firaxis has one Native American civilization, one South American civilization and one black, sub-saharan African civilization as opposed to almost 10 European ones, 4 or 5 of which have never contributed a thing to the advancement of civilization and people are still complaining. Amazing, smh.

  6. Without being too critical before seeing them in action, I really feel like Brazil got the short end of the stick AGAIN as they did in civ 5. I'm glad to hear they at least got something that'll help them out early game what with the bonuses for adjacent jungle tiles rather than directly on them but I still fear other civs will simply roll over them, since most of Civlization games tends to revolve around a good start then snowballing out of control.

    I hope to be proved wrong though. Since I'd love to see a mass-great people strat actually be effective in this game and feel like that'd be pretty fun.

  7. its kinda bullshit that they don't have persia, one of the only civilizations in world history to have almost controlled half of the world population. :/

  8. peter the second was totally against the emancipation of slaves. Slavery was only abolished because of popular pressure and it was his daughter princess Isabel that signed the emancipation proclamation.

  9. If I weren't emperor, I wish to be a teacher. I don't know no greater and nobler mission than to direct young minds and prepare the men of the future.
    -D. Pedro II

    (sorry for my bad english)

  10. Do you pick a country and then play from stone age through to modern times? or does each country have a different starting point?

  11. nice as it looks, I really loved Pedro II's Civ V look over this one, BUT! I love Roosevelt's design! one of my all time favorites of a jolly college professor look 😀

  12. Couldn't be a more innacurate depiction of Brazil. Associating this nation to knowledge and influential people is like associating Russia to heat.

  13. Thank you for putting the imperial Brazil in the game, and the Brazilians clowns who are here doing jokes I just have to say: Sorry by this things!

  14. +Sid Meier's Civilization Heeeey! Dom Pedro II a antislavery, stoic, scholar and awesome monarch! Thanks for giving justice to this great leader from the past!

  15. Nice try, but our "carnAval" is not the same as what peopel overseas call "carnival", and has nothing to do with tents, merry go rounds, shooting stands, etc. LOL

  16. I think some foreigners need to learn what is respect by the hard way. If they knew what Brazil did to France, UK, USA, Germany and Paraguay they aren't saying that stupid things.

  17. Nem deveriam ter implementado o país no jogo, só se vê o butthurt dos gringos. Tá bom que nosso país é uma merda, mas esse circlejerk dava raiva pra caralho.

  18. I would like to know why Brazil was added, an Portugal wasn't, since Portugal pretty much discovered the whole world with Castille, we even divided the whole (unchristian/uncatholic) world with them in 1494 with the treaty of Tordesillas… like if it wasn't for Gil Eanes passing the cape bojador (modern day western Sahara) in 1434, its very likely that the age of discovery (or the age of European naval imperialism, whatever you want to call) wouldn't even exist!!
    You see, although Spain gets more fame because of the discovery of the Americas in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, many people seem to forget that the real goals of both the Catholic Monarchs and the King of Portugal at time were reaching the Indies and discovering the legendary Christian King Prester John, both achieved by Portugal, in 1498 with Vasco da Gama discovering the maritime route to India, and the discovery of prester John in Ehtiopia in 1507, (although the 1st Portuguese (and probably the 1st European) to get there was Pêro da Covilhã, in 1489, although he wasn't able to return to Portugal, since he was stuck there until he died in the 1530´s.)
    And when we finally reached the Indian Ocean, for 15 years we were pretty much unstoppable force, and won many asymmetric battles against the Muslim and Hindu powers that had already been there for centuries, one of those battles bieng none other than the Battle of Diu (1509), led by the Vice-Roi of India Francisco de Almeida, and it was one of the most decisive Naval Battles in the History, with some historians even comparing it to the more famous naval battles of Lepanto in 1571, the "defeat" of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 in terms of impact, since in that battle, the Portuguese were able to decisively defeat and destroy the joined fleets of Gujarat, Egypt and Calecut (Kozhikode), (with the later ones also being indirectly helped by Ottoman soldiers/engineers and Venetian engineers for the construction of their Ships and cannons), and with only 18 vessels on the Portuguese side (with 1500 Portuguese men-at-arms with the help of 400 Hindu Nair Warriors in those ships) against a fleet of around 100 vessels, manned by around 6000 men.
    After that victory, for about 100 years, the Portuguese would dominate the Indian Ocean, and the rest of the West (i.e the Dutch and the British) would follow suit, and even to today, the Indian Ocean is dominated by the 5th and 7th U.S fleets, with India and China trying to change the this western hegemony in the Indian Ocean at all costs, with the later even building today artificial islands in the South China Sea and establishing a military base in Djibouti (Horn of Africa).

  19. I absolutely love that the best leader brazil ever had is portuguese
    Just goes to tell what we are all thinking
    And Im pretty sure that he should have portuguese accent.Oh well

  20. to all Brazilians who read this message, know this, we will not leave the Legacy of Dom Pedro II of Princess Isabel and all his struggles for Brazil for the struggle against slavery, AveGloriaAveImperio #Voltamonarchy and a live to his imperial and royal highness Dom Luiz Pio Januario Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga of Orlens and Bragança

  21. Pedro II was more lighter haired than that. He was the son of Pedro I (son of Portuguese King John VI) and of the Austrian Archduchess Maria Leopoldina, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor.

    From the photos, he was a bit between the more mediterranean/iberian Pedro I look and the blonde germanic look of Maria Leopoldina of Austria.

  22. In Civ 7 let's put things more realistic to be even more difficult?
    1 – Brazil only goes from Ancient to Industrial-Agricultural era ( as it is today, in the Information era… ridiculous, but it's true…)
    2- Brazil will only Export Iron Ore, Fruits and meat, Heavy minerals that can cause the biggest ecological catastrophe of the world but it's a minor crime and none cares about, and debt.
    And it will import almost every technology from other countries, while paying pitful load for researchers and educators, so riches can explore the land until it dries out, and let the poor people with the rest.
    3- Not only you have to deal with other countries, but also, if you don't have alliances on the congress, you won't improve your country at all. Also, if you're planning to improve something, you'll also need to form a scheme with private companies giving consession to them while they put a enourmous overprice on that service, so you, others, your political party, and the company can self-sustain your pockets.
    4- Also, if you're trying to improve something, try doing something without 5 months of burocracy and heavy loads in papers ( seriously, i needed 10 official copies of mine documents, and i was charged with 20 dollars, 1copies with a watermark costs 2 dollars each, and their production is something like… less than 5 cents… also, not to mention but, this money goes all to the government).
    5-At the end, if you're adored by the people, media and politicians will hate you. If you're adored by the politicians, media and people will hate you, and if you're adored by the media, everyone loves you, because the media manipulates the mass and politicians are so egoists and dumbasses that they will follow the media and not their own convictions.

  23. D. Pedro II o único líder verdadeiro desse país. Não vou sair da era imperial nesse jogo pra não dá merda o país.

  24. For americans, now i understand why he was so popular in US back in time:

  25. It's so funny all the germans making jokes about the 7-1. Damn, we lost just a football match, it's not like it's a world war.

  26. Parabéns vocês só fizeram um grande estereótipo do Brazil não foram nem um pouco afundo na nossa cultura, geografia e história

  27. Still waiting Juscelino Kubitschek as the secondary leader. Or Cunhampebe, leader of the Tamoio Confederacy

  28. Qualquer brasileiro de verdade quando estuda uma história do Império do Brasil e uma vida de Dom Pedro II se emociona

  29. 💚💚💚💚💚💛💚💚💚💚💚

  30. Brazil: gets added
    Literally everyone: Time to play as the symbol of corruption and poverty because all of the other countries in the world are totally stable and don’t have political problems!

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