CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Builders

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Builders

Claim your land and make it
better with Builders in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Outside of developing
cities you’ll want to
build improvements. These are things like farms
and mines that give you
resources or bonuses towards
different resources. Improving tiles has always been
an important part
of Civilization. In Civilization VI, building
improvements may also unlock
tech boosts, making them
valuable for progress. In previous Civilization games,
these improvements were built
by Workers, and took multiple
turns to construct. In Civilization VI, Workers are
replaced by Builders. Builders are a civilian unit
that you build in your cities,
but they have a limited number
of charges before they disband. Most Builders have three charges
– three times that you can use
them to build an improvement. You’re going to have to plan
carefully for when you use your
Builders, and which improvements
you create. But Builders create their
improvements instantly. No more waiting for
multiple turns for
construction to finish. Civilization VI cities require
careful planning, and you’ll
get to see the results of
your plan immediately. Remember, not only do tile
improvements take up space
outside your cities, but
Districts and Wonders
do as well. And the limited number of
charges on each Builder unit
means that you’ll have to plan
your expansion carefully. Builders are a great example
of how the map is more
important than ever
in Civilization VI. How will you use them to
shape your world?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Builders

  1. you lost my interest when this became cartony , civilization 5 was at its realistic peak and i thought the next one would be far better and super realistic. their are a lot more games with same concept and shit so this game has nothing new. seriously look at those tanks they look like boom beach tanks. and the tiles looks more like tele-tobies area. i played civilization my whole life since the first one came out. and every each one was better than the next one. but this one took a wrong turn.

  2. Umm… I'm pretty sure most serious players of previous games, especially V, actually didn't use automation, because it almost always prioritized making trading posts once they were unlocked, and since it was pretty easy to roll in the dough without making a single trading post, they just made either farms, mines, or lumber mills.

  3. I know that some people like these new ideas and I'm fine with it myself. But isn't one of civ's main theme the concept how things take time to finish and progress gradually resulted in the world today? Now it seems rather instantaneous and fast paced

  4. So much hate for civ 6 it seems but this is great because workers would improve stuff and then just sit around till railroads were discovered or to repair archeological sites that were dug up

  5. One thing I got from this video is they found a way for me to get the information I need for my city planning without it being utter shit.

  6. How "everybody" will use this?
    Boost research for iron.
    Spam builders and mines.
    Release the iron-build army.

  7. Oh a good time for video game logic!

    After 3 constructions, company disbands within the course of just a few months.

  8. I love the series, have them all since Civ 3. But it's still so aggravating how barebones the first game is, then having 2k sell us the full package dlc by dlc. Shouldn't you guys include everything by now such as all races or religions by now since you've already done it? I understand marketing and fulfilling salaries and such, but your reputation just remains below perfection because of that greed. I support you and love you guys but I don't support or love your business tactic.

  9. Why don't you developers just copy Age of Empires II instead of doing things like "builders", "tile improvements", and "citizens management". You need food for your city? Get a worker to build a farm and start farming it himself. When you're under attack, all the farmers have to go into town and hide or become citizens-at-arms, and your city can be starved to death (realistic) and/or your citizens can go out and fight the invaders.

  10. Will the minimalistic/low poly game graphics make it so this game can run on lower tier systems compared to civ 5s more realistic approach?

  11. Nope….Not buying this. Graphics are KILLING me, I bet nuking an enemy will look like popping popcorns.

  12. So: City production queue -> builders -> 3 x tile improvements.

    Beyond the minor tactical consideration of protecting your builders, and the ability to store up production in the form of builders, what does this extra step add to the game?

    Seems like this design of builders now makes them little more than a redundant artifact of a bygone age that could be completely eliminated, in favor of cities directly constructing tile improvements.
    This would both reduce micromanagement & unit clutter on the map.

    To be clear; I'm neither for, nor against, such a change, I'm just highlighting a potential deficiency of the design.

  13. Man this ruins the game the way i play it Ill just stick with civ V unless they have a mode where you can change it or at least a mod

  14. still a little fishy with the FOV, hopefully on release they allow camera change- if not, we can always count on the modding community :^)

  15. This kind of annoys me as I used to love having loads of workers but now it's going to be much harder to get lots of them at once

  16. Made easy for simpletons and kids. This is not strategy gaming anymore, it's playing The Sims.

  17. When somebody build a new city in a place you've already explored but is currently in your fog of war, will you still see it like in Civ 5?

  18. So is Sean Bean narrating the entire game, like the tech quotes and stuff? Like Leonard Nimoy for Civ 4 and William Sheppard for Civ 5?

  19. Looks great! I'd love to be able to use the game just to build maps (with the ability to hide some features, troops, overlay, names, etc.) for D&D games.

  20. The only thing so far I'm not too excited about. Now the game is all about multiples of 3, pillaging 1,4 improvements, settling cities with 3,6 luxuries. Previous civs had smooth curves when it came to marginal cost/benefit, now it's all a choppy mess based around multiples of 3 so you don't waste hammers for builder charges you don't need.

  21. Civilization 4 was the height of the franchise. The newer ones are just more and more washed down for a dumber crowd.

  22. Sooo… You're basically saying we're going to have to be constantly building workers if we want to fully improve our territory?

  23. Was there a big outrage over the "squares to hexagons" bit when Civ V was released? If there was, I think the conniption people are having now is comparable.

  24. Perhaps it would be good to have 2 kinds of ICBM's, based on how different agents during the Cold War build strategic weaponry. The first kind would be "cluster" type weapons, where you designate a target for one warhead, say with 2x the power and blast radius of one atomic bomb, and the ability to designate 2 other targets within a radius of the initial warhead, both of which would also be hit by a warhead 2x the power and blast radius of one atomic bomb. The other would be a "power" warhead with one target but 6x the power and blast radius of one atomic bomb.

  25. This one turn build option really has dumbed down the game, now you don't need to worry about barbs making off with your workers, nor protecting them whilst they make improvements.. Civ 6 will be like Civ BE where you build stuff then fall asleep waiting for the turns to finish to your next technology.

    They even removed fishing boats, now you just sail your building over water.. even thick people can play Civ now.

  26. Does this mean that I can no longer challenge myself to build 20 wonders in a single city on hard mode without getting killed in the process? 🙁

  27. What no more workboats!? I'm tired of having to build a completely different unit to build a sea tile improvement.

  28. This sounds awesome but also detrimental at the same time. This is gonna kill one of my favorite strategies from civ 5 which is to use workers on enemy lands. Forest in the way of trebuchet fire? Just send in a worker to cut down his forest while covering it with a warrior. Your army getting there too slow, or you need a road to the next city to help snowball your opponent? Send in a worker. But it will be nice for once to not have 40 workers clogging up roads and cites at endgame.

  29. It all looks fine, but the only thing I don't like is how if you build a quarry, you learn masonry, or if you get a boat, you learn sailing. How does that work?

  30. I hope the world generation is more biased toward balancing this time around, if this is going to be the case. Many times I'll start a game and large portions of the map just kind of suck.

  31. Ok, one thing i realize in this video and gave me a question to ask is that in civ5, we use work boat for fishing spots right? in the video I saw we will use builder for both land and ocean, since they have charges, if I use a builder to fish in a fishing spot cause him to lose 1 charge and stuck there as a fishing boat? because if so, if my builder still have 2 charges left and i made him into a fishing boat for 1 charge, i will waste the other charge?

  32. It took me a long time to realize the builder logo is actually the primitive hammer we've seen before. Maybe it's because I first saw it with the Chinese Civ, but it still looks like a profile view of a Chinese guy with a queue hairstyle…I.E.

  33. The fact that builders go away after so many uses is clever in a couple of ways. From a gameplay standpoint, you have to decide carefully how to use your charges. But from a game performance standpoint, it's also quite clever. Theoretically, the game will run faster since there won't be as many workers taking up memory for the entire game. Expendable builders allow the game to free up more memory regularly rather than maintaining that collection of objects for hundreds of turns. That's really neat!

  34. They should've included auto work as an option. Whether you think this is a good idea or not doesn't really matter. They could've made it optional. Like something you could turn on or off. We already have enough micromanaging to do without worrying about constantly creating and managing workers.

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