CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: China

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: China

Qin Shi Huang leads the Chinese Civ in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.Qin Shi Huang united the
Warring States of Chinaand became the first emperor
of the Qin dynasty.His economic and political reforms
brought standardization andcentral rule to China, and he built
the famous Terracotta Army.China’s special civ ability is
called “Dynastic Cycles.”They get a larger boost from Eurekas and
Inspirations compared to other civs.Qin is a ruler who gets things done.His Builders receive an additional use,
and he can use Builders to boostconstruction on Ancient and
Classical Wonders.The Chinese unique unit is the
Crouching Tiger Cannon.This high-power, short-range unit doesn’t
require specific resources to produce.The Great Wall has returned in
Civilization VI,but now it is a unique tile improvement
for the Chinese.At the start of the game, it’ll provide
defense and gold,and as you advance through time it’ll
give you bonus culture and tourism.Keep in mind that because it’s a tile
improvement, you’ll have to keepdedicating Builders to the task of
expanding it – just like in history.Like Egypt, China is a wonder-focused
Civ in the early game,but unlike Egypt, China can be much
more defensive and insular.The Great Wall will be a formidable
barrier to protect you in the early game.How will you rule the Middle Kingdom
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: China

  1. This hurts both my eyes and my head. Civ 6 seems like a big step down from Civ 5 at least in terms of graphics. What this reminds me the most of is the Claymation shows. Models and animations are oversaturated and awful.

  2. I'm more of a defensive player that likes to set the boundaries of my civ early on and Lash out militarily later in the game with my accumulated Gold. China just might be my new Main.

  3. One positive thing I have to say is, at least his attire is a bit more historically accurate than the version portrayed in Civ IV.

  4. I don't mind the new art style, but putting them against flat backdrops instead of the nice backgrounds we saw in Civ V? Seems like a step backwards.

  5. My issue with the Great Wall's implementation here is twofold: it is a tile improvement instead of wrapping around your tiles as it did in Civ V, which may come at the cost of potential resources/improvements down the line. For instance, when you discover coal and a potential mine is sitting beneath a segment of the Great Wall, do you tear it down for the coal? If so, that kinda stinks. The other issue involves its aesthetic appearance (at least going by this trailer and every still capture I've seen). Every tile the Great Wall runs through looks empty and lifeless…and so far I haven't seen it crossing any hills (one of the Great Wall's most iconic features is the way it crosses undulating terrain). No forests, nothing around it but just an empty hex for every segment. I REALLY hope the final game won't leave it this way, guys.

  6. if the great wall is a tile improvement which take up a tile, it would suck as hell ! tiles are limitied! more great wall tiles mean no room for useful resource tile like food or production.

  7. The art style is reeking of a Mobile game, let's hope they don't treat it like one. However, I love the new mechanics that they've added and the new Civ Bonuses. I hope they add other factions like Sumeria, and hopefully, they choose someone different for the leader of Germany (Other than bismark)

  8. workers building the wall is historically inaccurate. just like roman roads were built by solders so was the great wall

  9. finally! it didn't feel right building the great wall in civ 5 but now that you have to "dedicate" lots of people to build it i feel like its more historically correct

  10. The Great Wall should have gone over mountains to save tiles. Although, I guess that would free up too many tiles and make China overpowered.

  11. Of all the wise and noble emperors among the Chinese Dynasties, they chose a tyrant whose rule lasted for less than 50 years.

  12. Terrible leader choice. This is the Chinese emperor infamous for burning books. Why the hell didn't they pick Sun Tzu as the leader and give Chinese military units a massive strategical advantage?

  13. the Firaxis civilization's special ability is selling bullshit on Steam, charging 60$ for an unfinished game, and then making paid DLC

  14. Of all the civs announced, China is by far the best one both on balanced/fresh gameplay and the historical setting =) It's a shame we don't have the Mongols to take down this damn Wall.

  15. But if it is a tile improvement (the wall), then that means that you have to choose between it and, say, farms? Given how much more important land is gonna be now (due to unstacked cities) idk if this is a good thing early on.

  16. I love the Chinese! Love 'em! But our leaders are not as smart as their leaders! They're devaluing their copper and gems so our iron and silver doesn't trade well! The trade deficit is YUUUUUGE.

  17. ok wait a fucking second so basically I could build one worker then build let's say 20 turn wonder, I could work on the wonder so let's say it's a 2 turn reduction, so let's include the fact the worker gets 1 more build point, that's 10 turns wtf

  18. Just wondering, who are the people that do these translations? I know it makes no difference to non-Chinese, but its supposed to be Cheen not Qin. And you see this with so many other characters as well. Is there a reason for these mistranslations?

  19. The game has a future but I have to say this version of China is completely botched.
    I bet there is not a single person in the dev team that came from a Chinese cultural background. The first emperor looks way too cartoonish and did not have the characteristics described in history, his gestures are all wrong since they don't conform with ancient Chinese decorum. So it looks clumsy and ridiculous in a bad way.
    The traits are just meh, pretty lame by all means and just weak in general.
    The voice lines are the only part that I am happy about, finally some Classical Chinese line instead of colloquial mandarin crap.

  20. They nerfed China from being easily tier 2 in Civ 5 to now being a very mediocre tier 4 civ in Civ 6……….i sense some Firaxis racism here.

  21. 日死你们这些蛮夷~哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈呵呵呵呵呵

  22. I'm Mongolian and I'm really proud of our Neighbour which has 4000 years of unique culture and history.

  23. Finally this franchise represents China with the right leader. One suggestion: China should get a bonus towards Confucianism and have one permanent bonus policy slot for meritocracy.

  24. New china: Leader: Mao Zedong. Ability: famine, you can pillage your own farms. District: Steel furnace, gives 50% production, but has a chance of failing.

  25. I love Civ but honestly, this graphic makes me feel like i'm play Clash of Clan, not building epic civilization at all!

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