CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Egypt

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Egypt

Cleopatra leads the Egyptian Civ
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Cleopatra is famous not only for rising to power
in Egypt, but for her famous affairs
with both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony,
believed to have changed the course of
history in both Egypt and Rome. The Egyptian civ’s special
ability is called “Iteru.” It allows Egypt to build
districts and wonders faster
if they’re located on rivers. Floodplains do not block
the placement of
districts and Wonders. Cleopatra gives Egypt
improvements to trade routes. External trade routes from
Egypt give Egypt additional gold. Trade Routes from other civs
give Egypt additional gold as
well, and food for
the originator. This makes Egypt an attractive
trading partner and
a valuable ally. Egypt’s unique unit is the
Maryannu Chariot Archer,
which gets bonus movement
when it starts on open terrain. Early in the game it is
best at fast attacks. Its mobility means it can
respond to wide-ranged threats. Egypt also gets the Sphinx as
a unique tile improvement. Sphinxes provide faith and culture,
and get bonuses when
built adjacent to a Wonder. The Egyptians are a
Wonder-focused civ and
especially powerful in the early
game when they
start near a river. They’re also uniquely valuable
partners to other civs,
so rather than isolating
themselves, the Egyptians
remain central to the political
landscape throughout the game. Take control of the Egyptians
from the cradle of civilization in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Egypt

  1. Really don't like this Civ at all. I mean, if they want to go for strong women leader (which I have no problem with) why would they pick the one woman leader in Egypt famous for nothing else than sleeping around? She literally did nothing to further Egyptian civilization, nor was she 100% Egyptian, nor did she live during any sort of golden age of Egypt. All she did was literally to sleep around with strong Roman leaders to save her own hide at the cost of Egypt at the same time. She is hardly a good pick for strong women leaders. If they would've gone with Nefertiti (or whatever her name was, the one married to Akhenaten) they would've gotten a strong female leader who may have had weird religious beliefs for her time, but at least someone who was an actual Egyptian, who lived during a prosperous couple centuries for Egypt, who (in her own way) tried very hard to further Egyptian civilization, and of course, isn't known for sleeping around to save her own hide at the cost of her empire.

  2. Seriousely? A single chariot archer shoots once and 4 dudes fall simultaneousely? In civ V the guy ould at least shoot every enemy unit one after another.

    Conclusion: this chariot have a magical aoe explosion arrows…

  3. yeah they put pharaoh Menes Menes sometimes writes Menas was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the early dynastic period or pharaoh my favorite Thutmose III brief history of Thutmose III Widely considered a military genius by historians, Thutmose III made 16 raids in 20 years. He was an active expansionist ruler, sometimes called Egypt's greatest conqueror or "the Napoleon of Egypt."[13] He is recorded to have captured 350 cities during his rule and conquered much of the Near East from the Euphrates to Nubia during seventeen known military campaigns. He was the first Pharaoh after Thutmose I to cross the Euphrates, doing so during his campaign against Mitanni. His campaign records were transcribed onto the walls of the temple of Amun at Karnak, and are now transcribed into Urkunden IV. He is consistently regarded as one of the greatest of Egypt's warrior pharaohs, who transformed Egypt into an international superpower by creating an empire that stretched from southern Syria through to Canaan and Nubia.[14] In most of his campaigns his enemies were defeated town by town, until being beaten into submission. The preferred tactic was to subdue a much weaker city or state one at a time resulting in surrender of each fraction until complete domination was achieved.Much is known about Thutmosis "the warrior", not only because of his military achievements, but also because of his royal scribe and army commander, Thanuny, who wrote about his conquests and reign. The prime reason why Thutmosis was able to conquer such a large number of lands, is because of the revolution and improvement in army weapons. When the Hyksos invaded and took over Egypt with more advanced weapons such as horse-drawn chariots, the people of Egypt learned to use these weapons. He encountered only little resistance from neighbouring kingdoms, allowing him to expand his realm of influence easily. His army also had carried boats on dry land. These campaigns (17 in 20 years), are inscribed on the inner wall of the great chamber housing the "holy of holies" at the Karnak Temple of Amun. These inscriptions give the most detailed and accurate account of any Egyptian king.  or ………………………………. they could put pharaoh Merneptah fourth ruler of the Nineteenth Dynasty Brief History of pharaoh Merneptah  Merneptah had to carry out several military campaigns during his reign. In year 5 he fought against the Libyans, who—with the assistance of the Sea Peoples—were threatening Egypt from the West. Merneptah led a victorious six-hour battle against a combined Libyan and Sea People force at the city of Perire, probably located on the western edge of the Delta. His account of this campaign against the Sea Peoples and Libu is described in prose on a wall beside the sixth pylon at Karnak, which states:
    There is also an account of the same events in the form of a poem from the Merneptah Stele, widely known as the Israel Stele, which makes reference to the supposed utter destruction of Israel in a campaign prior to his 5th year in Canaan: "Israel has been wiped out…its seed is no more." This is the first recognised ancient Egyptian record of the existence of Israel–"not as a country or city, but as a tribe" or people.[5]In the Athribis Stele, in the garden of Cairo Museum, it states "His majesty was enraged at their report, like a lion", assembled his court and gave a rousing speech. Later he dreamed he saw Ptah handing him a sword and saying "Take thou (it) and banish thou the fearful heart from thee." When the bowmen went forth, says the inscription, "Amun was with them as a shield." After six hours the surviving Nine Bows threw down their weapons, abandoned their baggage and dependents, and ran for their lives. Merneptah states that he defeated the invasion, killing 6,000 soldiers and taking 9,000 prisoners. To be sure of the numbers, among other things, he took the penises of all uncircumcised enemy dead and the hands of all the circumcised, from which history learns that the Ekwesh were circumcised, a fact causing some to doubt they were Greek…. the third season, saying: 'The wretched, fallen chief of Libya, Meryre, son of Ded, has fallen upon the country of Tehenu with his bowmen–Sherden, Shekelesh, Ekwesh, Lukka, Teresh, Taking the best of every warrior and every man of war of his country. He has brought his wife and his children–leaders of the camp, and he has reached the western boundary in the fields of Perire.'[4]Later in the inscription Merneptah receives news of the attack:[Beginning of the victory that his majesty achieved in the land of Libya] -i, Ekwesh, Teresh, Lukka, Sherden, Shekelesh, Northerners coming from all lands. but why always why Cleopatra she didn't do nothing for Egypt but sleep around queen Nefertiti or queen Hatshepsut would been better choice

  4. Damn, Egypt got needed hard. No more bonus production to wonders, an OP temple that is maintenance free and gives happiness and I'm betting their chariots require horses now.

  5. Does this mean that wonder building heavily favors those who reach the wonder tech first? It use to be that 1 city will spend hammers on wonders. But in civ6, whenever you get your hands on a wonder tech, you can set all your city to the production of builders, effectively direct all the hammers in your civ into wonder rushing, instead of 1 project per city?

  6. 0:24 this is seriously beautiful. Sold on the artstyle. Love the details in the jungles and how they arent just dark black tiles anymore. Love the sand, rivers, oasis. The wonders.

  7. Why are the Egyptian units so dark skinned? They should be closer to a Mediterranean or Arab skin colour.
    The Kushites weren't in Egypt long enough to justify that skin colour.

  8. Im still fucking pissed that they chose a greek as Egypts leader. Should have been Ramesses II or Hatshepsut

  9. So, why they put an green as the ruler of egypt? If they wanted an female ruler hastephut was an choice and unlike cleopatra she was actually an good leader.

  10. Yuck, Cleopatra is not a leader, and she's not an Egyptian but Greek. Hatshepsut or Nefertiti would be more suitable to represent Egyptians.

  11. "believed to have changed the course of history" – Yeah, and not for the better of her country. Her rule lead to the downfall of her dynasty and the annexation of Egypt by Rome. She's literally responsible for the end of her country. I'm not sure if she was chosen because she's well known and/or because she has a vagina, but she was nowhere near the most successful leaders in Egyptian history.

  12. Cleopatra was greek(white) not egyptian, completely stupid choice by the CIV team to choose cleopatra and not someone like Hatshepsut or Ramses II. Almost seems too stupid not to have been intentional.. or of extreme ignorance.

  13. Why do people (read: the creators of a cultural/history inspired game) not know that Cleopatra didn't look like a native Egyptian, her family has Greek/Macedonian origins for fcks sake.

  14. as an egyptian i am kinda shocked really . that is like picking a ceaser as a ruler of france . she wasn't even egyptian she was greek

  15. I feel like it’s wrong to put Cleopatra as the Egyptian leader I would like to see King Tut or a Pharaoh that had something to do with the expansion or the great wonders of Egypt’s past. Being that Civilization games already have limited African civilization I would like for the ones they do have to look Black ,when they make the Egyptian leader they always look Arab or biracial when ancient Egypt where Black people just like Sudan pre invasion. That is like making the leader of the Greek civilization look like an Arab because now they have a high mix population that has nothing to do with them in their glory days. Not being racist I’m just saying modern Egypt has nothing to do with ancient Egypt.

  16. Cleopatra is an awful choice as the leader, because in her time no wonders were built and Egypt was more or less finished. She was the last ruler of an independant Egypt before the Romans took over.

  17. All I can ask is: Why Cleopatra? She more or less destroyed her country and sold it out to Rome. I'd much rather have Hatshepsut.

  18. Kinda disappointed that they went with Kleopatra again. Not because I think she doesn't deserve recognition, but because we've seen her in Civ before, and they seemed to make it a point to have new leaders for most of the other civs in this game.

  19. Im a history student and at the end of the video i heard the voice of my prof in my head: "Egypt isolated itself in his golden ages, until ramses arrived, their greatest achievements the made with nearly no contact to the rest of the world"

  20. Why not use Anwar Sadat? I think that would satisfy everyone, and be a huge turn from an ancient egyptian theme to a modern one.

  21. Why the fuck are Egyptians always portrayed as white? Seriously, I don't like how people think it isn't a problem. And if it isn't why can't she just be mixed as her lineage shows? Since race doesn't matter! She wasn't white and her kingdom definitely wasn't all white!

    Freaking annoying. I'm not a BLM or anything like that, but seriously this shit needs to stop. It is most definitely an issue. She is only portrayed "white" for beauty, which is always the issue in colorist countries all over the world, including modern day Egypt. I'm just waiting for someone to get it right.

  22. I actually want to see Akenaten/ Nefertiti (or maybe even both in the diplomacy screen) not because they were great rulers, but because they can spread their weird ass religion to everyone.

  23. Is it ok to fall in love with this Cleopatra? Because I think I've fallen in love with this character.

    Such amazing animation.

  24. A foreign leader "famous for her affairs." I get why they keep using Cleopatra but can the secondary leader PLEASE be a leader actually from the great African country of Egypt(Kemet). I'd buy this game in a heartbeat, and promote it, if we only got that. Seti I alone would make for a great war Egypt. Would love to see something new brought to the table with this Civ.

  25. Since the new rise and fall, I've had some leader take notice of the sex of my leader. For example, Cleopatra seemed interested in seeing Chaka Zulu's big pointy spear, wich gave a +6 to our relationship, based on nothing else but my 'charm'. I've also saw Trajan dislike me for the same reason. Not much of a Trojan fan I guess.

  26. Please bring back the original dynastic leaders like Amenhotep iii, narmer, king tut with their real skin colors please Lets evolve and say the truth about ancient egypt now

  27. Guys .. for change you can made modern characters when you wanna use Egypt in strategic games, no one made this yet .. what about Gamal Abdel Nasser or Anwar Sadat or King Farouk

  28. I love playing Egypt in civ 6. The extra gold from trade routes is so nice, and the sphinx providing 3 faith and 1 culture if next to a wonder really helps with both religion and culture. Flexible and lovely civ 👌🏻👌🏻

  29. As much as I love the design of these characters, I feel like Cleopatra was added just because everybody knows her. Hatshepsut or even Ramses the great would’ve been better choices, in my honest opinion.

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