CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: England

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: England

Victoria leads the English Civ
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The British Empire reached its
widest expanse during
her 63-year-reign. She remains one of the most
popular and iconic rulers
of England to this day. The English special ability is
called British Museum. Archaeological Museums have
extra artifact slots, and each
museum gives more archeologists. England gets two unique units
to help secure their
overseas holdings. The Sea Dog is a unique naval
unit that can bully weaker
naval units, and capture
enemy ships. In addition, they get the
Redcoat Unique Unit. Redcoats are stronger when
fighting away from the
capital’s continent. They can also disembark without
using a movement point. For this powerful overseas
force, the English have
a unique district in
the Royal Navy Dockyard. It provides bonus movement
for naval units built there,
bonus gold for Dockyards
on other continents, and
`Great Admiral points. The English can be an aggressive
and expansionist Civilization,
but they can also switch
towards a cultural victory if
they set up their museums
and send their
archeologists abroad. May the sun never set on your Empire
as you lead the English to
Victory in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: England

  1. thye always get England wrong, they go for renaissance boats and musketeers, which weren't unique to England (and which England essentially stole from others and used mostly as pirates), when the Industrial revolution and divide and rule diplomacy were the key defining features of Victoria's reign (which was the height of English imperial power) – maybe also Ironclads.

  2. For some reason I feel the Civs don't have enough distinction between them. The bonuses are often really small, they get a custom building and one custom unit and that's it? so Civs differences are 80% aesthetics?
    It wouldn't hurt them to have two unique units instead of removing the old ones…. 🙁

  3. Not to be picky, but the Empire's height was in 1921, after nabbing the German colonies and Ottoman lands but before the breakaway of Ireland.

  4. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales should all be separate nations with separate leaders. I am an Englishman, and I resent the messy hodgepodge of the British Empire being referred to as England. These islands have so many different peoples and cultures.

  5. If you read this Firaxis, its about time the 'English Empire' was renamed the British Empire, especially if you're going to use British Union monarchs as leaders and provide special units and buildings called Redcoats and the British Museum

  6. Why is she the leader for England and not The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland? The saying is not "the sun never sets on the English Empire", It historicall yrubs me the wrong way.

  7. Anybody else here hate how they chose a Queen of the United Kingdom to rule England exclusively? They should make either make a Great Britain nation ruled by Victoria or a Scotland faction to go with an England faction. It would be like having Adolf Hitler be leader of the Holy Roman Empire or… sigh Frederick Barbarossa ruling Germany…?

  8. I just read that Saladin is going to be the leader of Arabia, which makes me want to have Richard the lionheart instead of Victoria

  9. No Longbows? Really? Nothing to bring attention to the weapon that changed the history of Western Europe and brought an end to undisputed dominance of the mounted knight? Just people wearing red coats'll do.

  10. The Magic museum makes no sense, the only reason they have it is because they took alot of things from other countries when they were in their peak but in this game it makes it look like they first had these epic museums…

  11. I don't know if it's like this in Civ5 since I don't have battle animations on, but is it just me or are the animations in Civ6 more brutal? In this video you see a redcoat stabbing an enemy and then knocking him way back with his rifle stock, and in the America video you see a spearman stab an enemy through the heart and swing him up.

  12. Seems firaxis is a bit confused between England and the UK, the leader, UB and UU are all post unification. I despair for American schools

  13. For some reason everytime I see the portrayal of Victoria I think she must have been modelled on the actress Laura Carmichael
    Strange – I wonder?

  14. England a small Island, rose to defeat the world and create the Biggest Empire known to Man, rich, powerful and fair. We joined the EU, went to shit. Overrun by Immigrants, schools that don't speak English, SJW's reducing our culture, no jobs, lack of education, failing NHS….. etc etc. Why do people tell us WE NEED the EU? We did fine before and without them and went to shit with them… it's clear to me which is the right choice.

    Now let the left wing socialist rich kids who all went to Uni and came our with Marxism rage…

    Voted Brexit and Proud. At least i can look in the mirror, Call myself British and Honour my ancestors. Remainers can't say the same. they defiled our country, our culture and our people and spat in the face of it all.

  15. AI very seldom builds boats. Even on higher difficultes I've actually NEVER seen AI build ONE boat. And I've NEVER seen AI building an aerodrome or using planes.

  16. Victoria but with Georgian redcoats someone could have least have spent the time and done the right type of redcoat


    Australia : declares war on England

    India : "I have nukes now :D" declares war on England


    France : "You ok m8?"

    England : "Just. Focking. Great"

  18. One of the most fun things you can do in civ is play as Germany on a huge map and use the U-Boats to pillage British trade routes, you know, the only thing keeping their war machine going.

  19. Hears "Victoria is leading the English civilisation", Checks he looked at history right and Victoria was empress of the British empire no of only England, Why do you guys think England is Britain and Britain is England?

  20. Can we have Winston Churchill in the next Civ because he is my favourite leader of all time (Or maybe we could have a way of choosing a leader e.g For England you could choose between Victoria ,Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill etc)

  21. You’d think that if you’re building a grand strategy game and including all these obscure, scarcely mentioned societies, you’d at least manage to learn the difference between England and Britain

  22. What I do not get is why is there USA in this game or anything similar because Why would they not call it Britain or the United Kingdom

  23. I bumrush the English quickly if they are in my game. Should they make it to the modern era I usually nuke their cities and exterminate them wholesale.

  24. I find it ridiculous they changed England’s ability for gathering storm, the extra archeological slots made a culture victory so much easier. Now it’s focused on military engineers which no one even uses unless your Poland and want the culture bomb effect.

  25. I thought that the British empire reached its widest expanse after the First World War (due to the acquisition of German colonies, resulting from the Treaty of Versailles). Not during the reign of Queen Victoria, as stated in the video.

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