CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: France

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: France

Catherine de Medici leads the French Civ
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. She was the most powerful European
queen of the 16th Century. She was skilled in statecraft, diplomacy,
and especially espionage. Her efforts to secure the crown for her
family laid the groundwork for a strong central French state. France’s special ability – Grand Tour –
gives them a bonus when constructing mid-game Wonders and extra Tourism from
all the Wonders they construct. The Garde Imperiale are the
French unique unit. They get a bonus for fighting on the
starting capital’s home continent, and Great General points from kills. France also gets the Chateau as a
unique tile improvement. It must be built adjacent to a river,
and provides culture with special bonuses for being near Wonders. But what Catherine specializes in
is espionage. By using her network of ladies-in-waiting
(Catherine’s Flying Squadron), she gets extra diplomatic information
from every Civ she meets. Once you research Castles,
she’ll receive an extra spy. France is a good choice for the
culture-focused player. Egypt and China might focus on building
early-game Wonders, but in midgame France can easily
catch up in the Wonder race. Once their unique abilities and
improvements are in play, they can quickly race up the Civics tree and
establish a strong Industrial Era army, or go for a Cultural Victory. Regardless of whether you go for war or
peace, France will stay well-informed about what’s going in the world,
thanks to their excellent espionage. Are you ready to show the world the glory
of La Belle France? How will you lead the French in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: France

  1. Yeah no, I'm not keen on most of these leaders so far…my hype for this game is waning. Hopefully the gameplay will good at least.

  2. Louis IX (Saint-Louis), Louis XIV, Napoléon, Francis 1st, Charlemagne, Clovis 1st, Philippe Auguste….. and they choose Catherine de Medici………This one I really don't agree.

  3. Watching this again made me realize they haven't really talked about culture victories much yet. Will they be the same tourism system from Brave New World, or will we hopefully get so much needed tweaks to that? The system was great for single player but garbage for multiplayer because it was reliant on set building to maximize tourism. So other players would simply ignore you and there was basically no other way to get usable cultural artifacts like music/paintings without trading. (Seriously why the hell can't we steal artwork during war?)

  4. I think Charlemagne or even Charles de Gaulle would have been better choices, but hey maybe there will be new leaders for each civ.

  5. why is France represented by an italian woman? Isnt there a huge choice of badass rulers like Louis XIV, Napoleon, Philippe Auguste or I don't know who?
    This woman isnt in the top 30 of most influential people in French history common

  6. Someday, some Civ game we will get the actual best French King, Francis I. He was tolerant for much of his reign, a patron of the arts, a skilled diplomat and tactician. They came so close, even touching the same century. As a descendant of the Huguenots, it offends me that Catherine would get the slot. She was a monster. I suppose Francis was a monster too in his later years, but I've always had a soft spot for the Big Nose.

    This is not the game for Francis. Shame.

  7. I love how everyone is trying so hard to be 'historically accurate' when this is a game about rewriting history. Have Japan found Christianity, become the worlds biggest military tyrant as Ghandi. That's part of the fun.

  8. These Italians… Guys Italy didn't even exist as a country prior to the 19th century, plus it was unified by the French!

  9. This so unaccurate historically. Just conveying some current retarded stereotypes on France and French people. Let's just rewrite History as usual, pathetic.

  10. I think France's special ability should have been "surrender." With this special ability, you automatically become the vassal of whichever civ marches a military unit into your borders

  11. WTF is it me or the devs are pulling the "femenism" bullshit. (Like what they did with the new Ghost Busters.) What was wrong with Napoleon? Are they just trying to put as many female leaders as possible in the game?

  12. what? this women! yes her espionage service was great, same as her diplomacy due weddings, but she ruined valois and literaly start protest-catholic war, also later robber state treasure…true leader of civilizition, nonsence…

  13. So many butthurt frenchies. They flee from every recent war to only battle online over their perceived superior previous past leaders in a video game. Trump 2016.

  14. I don't understand how you can please France with their agenda? How can you pay attention to their espionage activities? Can somebody explain?

  15. How could choose this particular French leader? Developers, you crazy? She was guilty of St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre and the long civil war in France! In the history of the French was so much great kings as Philippe Auguste, Francis I, Henry IV, Louis XIV. I think she was chosen because she is a woman.

  16. I wished they'd have Napoleon Bonaparte (is that how you spell it?)
    Also, I want Sweden!! We need Sweden in some game.

  17. So what if she was born in Italy, the european royals were one big family anyways, she considered herself french and I am sure she got french citizenship, so stop whining. I like her, she is pretty much the mother of the french cuisine, which is easily one of, if not the biggest achievement of France in history, also she built a cool spy network.

  18. game looks pathetic. is there going to be new Age of Empires soon. not going to waste my money on a glorified cartoon game.

  19. yes she was italian. unfortunently, most princesses were married off to forreign lands, so its hard to find a female regent that was born in the nation she ruled. Firaxis is derermined to split female and male leaders 5050 and France drew the short end of the stick.

  20. I think why they picked Catherine has more to do with what she represents.

    You don't hear "Napoleon" and think "Sabotage, spying, espionage". Same goes for Louis XIV, Charlemagne, Joan of Arc, etc.

    As for those complaining "she's Italian, not French"; Napoleon was Italian as well.

    And those who just hate her because she's a woman; don't ever ask why you don't have a girlfriend. Ever.

  21. To be honest guys those who are saying that she does not deserve to be a civ6 french leader well suck it because I'm happy that the De Medici's are finally getting noticed She is one of my ancestors and your not happy with her being the leader of France well I'm upset that you all wanted someone different besides the De Medici's did some good things even made the renaissance happened without them we would not have art and as for you guys who don't care this is from a guy who is descendant of the DE MEDICI Bloodline so this is what i want to get out of my chest for a long time because i am happy she finally gets noticed The De Medici's need to be in video games more often because i don't see any history teacher talk about them!!!!!!

  22. The perfect chance to see a flamboyantly animated Sun King topped off with apropriatly exagerated voice acting, but we get an italian lady nobody knows. Fucking hell.

  23. So many great historical figures from France and you choose a nobody… hopefully we will get an alternative choice in the future

  24. This witch betrayed me after half an in-game century of peace and alliance.

    . . . So I completely wiped her off the map. You don’t stab the Bull Moose in the back and live.

  25. It makes me a little sad to see the comments about Catherine de Medici. I did some research on her a few years ago, and from what I remember, she was so fucking badass (well, for a queen, anyway).

    I almost want to play Civ 6 cuz she's in it, but that's a little much.

  26. I've come to realize that the people involved with Civ games are simply history fanatics, not at all scholars. If you're wondering why Catherine de Medici is in this game there was a video of a person confessing someone skimmed over French history, saw  Catherine de Medici, and said "heh, this is cool" and now she's in the game. No more, no less.

  27. Her espionage bonuses are pretty decent I guess but in this game France is still seen as inferior compared to slightly op civs like England and Macedon. In addition to her "nossy-ness" Catherine was also historically known for her penchant for overly-extravagant amusement and was a patron of the art herself during her time in the court of France. Why not allow the French empire to have more than 3 slots in the art museum and extra amenities from other buildings? I'm pretty sure this would boost up this civ a little.

  28. Catherine is the queen of denunciation. She did this almost every 10 rounds. Its really annoying. Thats why i hate her now.

  29. I'm all for making France be represented by a woman, but why de Medici ? Why not Madame de Pompadour ? She didn't rule per se but she was arguably one of the most important women of french history. And, you know, she's French

  30. Catherine Demedici wasn’t a queen, she was the concert. How do I know this? Oh because of reign. The show by CW.

  31. GARDE IMPERIAL?! NAPOLEON COMMANDED THEM! (Not himself, he was not their colonel, but France was not an Empire at time of said Queen, nor Garde Imperial, existed at the time.)

  32. An Italian leading the French hahahaha!🤣 That's just like Catherine the Great who was German leading the Russians hahahaha 😂

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