CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Greece (Gorgo)

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Greece (Gorgo)

Gorgo ALSO leads Greece in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. This Spartan queen was famous for both her good counsel and her embodiment of Spartan values. She lived fearlessly and was outspoken at a time when women were accorded little social standing. Gorgo gets the Acropolis District and the Hoplite, as well as the “Plato’s Republic” ability for extra policy slots. Her unique ability provides culture every time her forces defeat an enemy unit. Civilization VI has both unique leader and civ bonuses. This allows for multiple leaders to represent the same civ. These different leaders allow players to take the civ’s strengths in slightly different directions. As with playing Greece under Pericles, you’re going to want to focus on Greece’s strong culture game. Gorgo allows you to play more aggressively. When you go to war, you’re going to want to completely destroy your enemy’s army in order to use her ability to its utmost. Later in the game, take advantage of Wars of Liberation and other Casus Belli. Success with Gorgo will mean knowing when to pursue war and when peace is the better course, but any victory should be feasible. Can you uphold the proud legacy of Sparta? How will you lead Greece in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. No offense, but how stupid can you be not to pick leonidas as leader of sparta. A ton of peopel know and respect leonidas. Only history interested people know gorgo, probably even less.

  2. I love this idea of having 2 leaders for the same civ. I hope you guys really expand on that. I'd love to see multiple leaders for the USA, Germany and Japan. Others too of course. I guess I just want this game to end up with like 60 civs to pick from.. lol

  3. So I take it that all or most of the Civs will have multiple leaders? And if so will they all be available at release or later on?

  4. I don't get it. how does the double leader thing work? do you pick one and the AI picks one of the 2 randomly if it's controlled by bots. or does Greece get both bonuses…

  5. Add in game for more unique units and buildings. More ways to win, war, religion, culture, science. Japan – samurai, ninja. In this spirit, for all.

  6. If we're going to be doing people that are more famous as nearly fictional characters than actual leaders why not have Johnny Appleseed as the alternate American leader or Santa Claus as the leader of the Arctic Empire? Or you could have Lady Liberty or Marianne if you need to fill some woman affirmative action quota.

  7. I'm okay with Gorgo, but prefixing it with saying that women in ancient times had "little social standing" is revisionist bullshit. Learn some fucking history.

  8. I am a Greek white male and I totally approve Gorgo as a leader. Never in a second did I think "why not Leonidas or Alexander". Alexander has been the leader in 5 consecutive Civilization games. That means ALL of them until now. Leonidas could also have been a great choice, but he was more of a general than a leader.

    Gorgo is a more interesting choice, because it's nice to have less known leaders. If you feel that they had to include her for political correctness, there's something really wrong with you. They included her because she was historically important enough to be included. End of story.

  9. so when you or the ai play as gorgo, do the default city names change?

    this seems like a great opportunity to represent different eras of a civilization's history without creating new civs. Numa/Brutus/Irene for the Romans. Snefru/Akhenaten/Alara for Egypt, Maria Theresa/Bismark for Germany, Alfred/Cromwell for England, John Rolfe/John Hancock/Steve Austin for US, Clovis/Robespierre for France, Hong Xiuquan/Kublai Khan for China, Hidalgo for the Aztecs etc.

    Begs the question why the Scythians? Not much you can do with them.

  10. Firaxis should make only the female characters playable in the first few weeks, just to make the antifems cry.

    Also for germany I want Rosa Luxemburg 😛

  11. LIsten here you triggered little shits, Gorgo was the actual fucking leader of Sparta and actually fucking did shit with her country while her husband went out as a general and not much else. She was the daughter of the former king and he was her husband. Leonidas was not a king, he was a warrior.

  12. Margaret Thatcher or Churchill for England please, also feel that the new government system would lend itself to FDR quite well.

  13. You know I should have seen this coming… I knew in my heart this would happen. In beyond earth ( Rising tide) they gave Suzanne the most hardcore SJW bio EVER! It talks about how she overcame Systematic Racism…….. I nearly threw up. But here we are AGAIN! With more SJW BULLSHIT

  14. This changes things. Fraxis, from all we know may be hiding more multiple leaders in the full game. Who knows? Eisenhower for America? Ashoka for India? There might be some civs housing 2 or, dare I say, 3 leaders in that civ?

  15. I like the idea and potential of having a few options within a faction.
    Adds depth, options, a richer cast, and content without a requiring a lot of work.
    I just hope they don't use this to replace adding more civs

  16. Hmm I usually hate Greece but they have the Civ V Aztec ability to get Culture on kills with Gorgo… interesting. Still wish my aztecs had it 🙁

  17. the second leader for India should be Evil Gandhi (coming straight back from Civ V) with bonuses to war and a preference for nuking as much as possible. his model would basically be the same but all his animations would be stereotype evil villein.

  18. so, are all the civs going to have multiple leaders? I hope so, I really would rather not be stuck with Teddy Roosevelt.

  19. I am still waiting on Germany to have Hitler and a Israel leader. I would almost be willing to pay double for that version of the game… Just thinking out loud

  20. This woman is a nightmare. She ended up declaring war on my early game (was playing as Phillip II). I ended up crushing her offensive and taking Sparta. Little did I know that she's not willing to cede ANY of her cities to you in the peace deal unless you crush her empire to the last city.

  21. Here I see two leaders for the same civilization, I think it would be very interesting if France had a second leader (maybe for a DLC), but instead of France have it be Gaul under the leadership of Vercingetorix. Who fought against Julius Caesar in his famous Gaul conquest.

  22. Should've axed the other Greek leader and added Canada. Of course the only two leaders you could possibly do is either of the Trudeaus.

  23. She may have been controversial to include in many folks' eyes, but I've got to say, her AI agenda makes Gorgo the least whiny of all leaders. Just finished a game where I warred pretty heavily. Out of the 10 opponents, she was the only one who never denounced me and gave me decent trade deals. (She actually congratulates you for every advantageous war you fight).

  24. "This spartan queen was famous for both – her good counsel, and her embodiment of spartan values, she lived fierlessly and was outspoken at at a time when women were accorded little social standing"

    So basically she accomplished nothing, except for being wife of King Leonidas I, who died at thermopyle (I just checked). Why did they decided to make her a leader and not King Leonidas is beyond me.

  25. The amount of men that get triggered when women show up in their games makes you swear they're homosexuals, tbh.

    We get it, you want to curl up beside Leonidas and wash all the Persian blood out of his chest hair lovingly. You can just say that.

  26. Gorgo is a Good choice but what happen to the One Spartan king who said "Sparta Shields is her Walls" or "Fine quarters, for women" and "as far as this can reach".

    Just wondering not arguing.

  27. Here is my list of the leader I want
    Canada: Justin Bieber
    China: Yao Ming
    America: John Cena
    Britain: Rowan Atkinson
    Japan: Hideo Kojima
    German: Angela Merkel
    Brazil: Neymar

  28. see comments that think Gorgo is not a good leader & prefer Leonidas frankly,i prefer to assume Leonidas is actually somewhere in the army we create. He always looks more like a general than politician. And thats what TvTropes told me.

  29. Management: We want two leaders for Greece one Spartan and one Athenian
    Dev: Sure, we will work on Leonidas right away.
    Management: His wife.
    Dev: But did she even do anything of notice?
    Management: Did I stutter?

  30. You guys had the chance to put in Leonidas the most famous Spartan ever…but instead you choose his wife who only did one important thing in history? I mean I would undestand if she had done important things and stuff but….she didnt do anything. For start we know nothing about her. What were you thinking? I know you want to put in Women so feminists dont hate on you but…there are TONS of other female leaders you could have used but instead you choose this one female leader that wasnt important at all over LEONIDAS? It is because she is Spartan isnt it?

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