CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Greece (Pericles)

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Greece (Pericles)

Pericles leads Greece in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The Athenian orator promoted greater democracy for Athens’ lower classes, and brought the city into its greatest golden age. Greece’s unique ability is Plato’s Republic. They get an extra wildcard slot no matter which government they choose. The Greek unique unit is the Hoplite. The Hoplite gets a bonus when other Hoplites are adjacent. The Acropolis is Greece’s replacement for the Theater District. It gets higher culture adjacency bonuses for being next to districts, especially the City Center. It must be built on a hill. Culture also plays into Pericles’ ability: Surrounded by Glory. For every City State for which Greece is the Suzerain, they get a bonus to their culture. Greece is a powerful early game culture civ. By allying with City States, placing your Acropolis well, and using the bonus wildcard civic, you have the flexibility to pursue any victory from the very beginning. The Hoplite will give you the power you need to defend your territory from early aggressive civs, like the Aztec and the Scythians. Will the whole world stand as your memorial? How will you lead Greece in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. I hope the hoplite is also stronger than a normal spearman, because otherwise it's just like having the discipline policy in civ 5

  2. Why would a guy with a beard like that shave his arms, chest, and armpits?

    Question: If you have no body hair, are you really Greek?

  3. I hope Arabia will be the next civilization to be announced (I know they will be in the game, I just can't wait to see who lead them).

  4. Yeeeesss! It's always bugged me the Alexander lead the Greeks. Not that he's a bad ruler or anything, but having an actual Greek leader is pretty great. And they look strong, too!

  5. Makes more sense than a Makedonian leader. Has to be a Spartan or a Athenian really unless one goes with later history but hard to argue anyone surpassing Classical era heroes (except maybe Bronze Age ones).

  6. Ok next up Bulgaria PLS!!!!
    so many bulgarians want it in civ 6 and bulgaria had the first golden age of all times 917 ad

  7. What do you guys think about online matches with dedicated servers… Like for people that have no friends 🙁 *wipes tears from eyes* cri

  8. There is one thing that bugs me: the wildcard ability really ought to be called "polis" instead, given the fact that there's nothing random or diverse about the ideas in Plato's Republic – they're all part of it's one big coherent, laconophile, completely inpracticable whole; there was however lots of interesting differences between the political systems of the classical greek city states… Differences that actually played an important historical role.

    Great civ otherwise – I really can't wait for the game to come out!!!

  9. The hoplite getting a combat bonus next to other hoplite unit
    seems like a nice way of interpreting how their tactics worked
    in real life.  Ancient and classical Greek hoplites were basical-
    ly a shield wall that was marched into contact with enemies.

  10. He brought Athens to its golden age and its complete and utter subservience to the Spartans. Leonidas would be better, at least.

  11. So, Pericles will lead the Delian League, and Gorgo will lead the Peloponnesian League? Maybe Greece's name will change depending on the leader?

  12. I like that they included one of the greatest philosophical works from that time in Plato's Republic, but I feel the UA doesn't capture it very well, even if the current implementation seems like a balanced, nice, one.

    In the Republic, Plato describe 5 different regimes, with Aristocracy being "the best/perfect" but could degenerate to Timocracy, which in turn could degenerate to Oligarchy, to Democracy and finally Tyranny which is the worst. So not only is democracy "second worst", but there is a clear hierarchy and he has pretty clear ideas of what kind of malus the different regimes will have. So not so much a "wildcard". If anything, Aristocracy should get a bonus. Or the virtues of his Aristocracy should get a bonus, like order/philosophy/reason/education or even religion or affinity.

    Well I know these connections between real life and in game are mostly arbitrary, but seeing how complex and THOROUGH Plato's Republic is, a more direct implementation would be very interesting. But to completely capture it's essence you basically have to make a mod specifically for it.

  13. I love how they have so much confidence in the gameplay that they just randomly assigned a person to narrate these videos.

  14. Yes, of course Greece would get the ability Plato's Republic. It's not like the Republic speaks low about democracy, the form of government Pericles championed. Oh…wait…

  15. I'm ok with this. I just want the wildcards to be useful this time. When it came to governmental slots in Civ 5, a few of them felt like bargain bin picks after choosing the ones you liked, maybe that's intentional, but Byzantines also gave you an extra religion choice slot and those were definitely bargain bin picks for that extra slot.

  16. And lo one of 4 of the OG 5 to be banished from the streak will be replaced with this fine person… although not as notable as Alexander.

  17. I was thinking including Prussia in the game as a DLC might not be a bad idea Frederick II could lead them…seeing as a very popular mod for Civ V was Prussia

  18. I thought that they were trying to make each civilization unique. Why did they give Greece a bonus that is objectively better than Germany's in every single way? (Wild card slot vs Military slot)

  19. Pericles character model is very cool, I give you that. And greece being focused on culture makes perfect sense. I'm sick and tired of Civ being focused on conquest first, than everything else later. Whoever discover gunpowder first, wins -_- But I admit, I'm a big fan of the mongolians, (usually) the most agressive civ in the series. It will be interesting to see how they will adapt them for civ 6. Finally a truly nomadic super power? Or we will have the Great Kahn constructing pastures yet again, lol

  20. Please fix the arm pits and arms. He looks like an 8 year old girl. Who the frek shaved his armpits during ancient greece…

  21. civ 6: Wanna play Greece, it gives you more culture
    civ 6: Wanna play Rome, it gives you more culture
    civ 6: Wanna play Egypt, it gives you more culture
    civ 6: Wanna play Norway, it gives you more culture
    civ 6: Wanna play China, it gives you more culture

    and that sums up civ 6

  22. I don't think spartans would like to see Pericles as ruler of the the hall Hellas. Pericles, saviour of the people, champion of democracy, and head of the athenian imperialism over the rest of city states of Grece. You might be a very good politician Pericles, but that's not enough. I mean, yo are neither Leonidas neither Alexander the Great XD

  23. The narrator did an excellent job in these videos. Clear speech, concise explanations, with just enough emotion.

  24. I'm honestly really considering wether I should play Greece or Nubia as my first civ I play as, cause both seem really beginner friendly here

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