CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Indonesia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Indonesia

Gitarja leads Indonesia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The Majapahit warrior-queen led her army in person, and brought the Majapahit Empire into a Golden Age, establishing a legacy that extended to future generations. Indonesia’s unique ability is called Great Nusantara. Coastal Tiles provide minor adjacency bonuses for Holy Sites, Campuses, Industrial Zones, and Theater Squares. Entertainment Complexes give an Extra Amenity if they’re adjacent to a non-lake Coastal Tile. Their unique unit is the Jong, which replaces the Frigate. It is faster, and all the units in its formation gain its movement speed. It gets extra combat power if it’s in a formation. Their unique improvement is the Kampung. Build these in coastal tiles, adjacent to a water resource. It provides Housing, Production, and Food for each adjacent Fishing Boat. It can be improved later in the game through further tech research. Gitarja’s unique ability is “Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds.” Naval Units can be purchased at a discount using Faith, and Religious units pay no movement cost to embark or disembark. Also coastal cities gets bonus Faith. Indonesia is most effective settling many small landmasses, like on an Island Plates Map, or their True Start location. They can build up strong cities where most other civs would struggle to get a foothold. Make sure you’re using your navy for greatest effect with Indonesia. It’ll prevent your cities from being taken by water, and it’ll give you the ability to spread your religion – or just conquer the world. Can you bring your people to dominate sea and land? How will you lead Indonesia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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    What do you like most about Indonesia? How will you use this new civ in Civilization VI?

  2. It’s official malaysians. Indonesias more popular than us. The only game that mentioned our country is uncharted but hey. Maybe wait a couple more years and at least they give us a shot

  3. Where the fucking philippine the fuck sake if you want acient things then the phillippines will fit this game trust me ……
    I hear that there founder was lapu lapu on acient day the pilipinos are like muslim
    And like christian because the spanish raid the philippines costal island

  4. Well this could be time to play civ vi again I guess.. been playing civ v all this time after the "not so good gameplay of civ vi"

  5. I am inclined to bleive not ONE single perosn in the team that made this game and the dlcs knows how a fucking Asian person looks like if even the Japan Civ looks like a white wash of that guy from the Walking Dead

  6. If only indonesia is still a one gigantic hindu-buddha kingdom like thailand, would the western can still conquer us like in the real history?

  7. Finally, I got to play this civ. Wow, this kampung improvement alone is a really big game changer and make Indonesia very unique than other civs. You can make TALL empire on ISLANDS! But seriously, you can support 20 population with 1 tile island city with this civ. Well farm improvement only give you 0.5 housing but a single kampung can give you 1-2 housing (in modern tech). I wanna try science victory with Indonesia lol

  8. Malacca sultanate is far better than majapahit as they were succumbed into Islamic influence from malacca sultanate empire. Besides, malacca empire is maritime and culturally strong empire, protected by China at the first but doesn't need them anymore after that because they have powerful naval forces. Malacca empire also became the trade centre in the archipelago and the language itself is lingua franca before its fall. Malacca sultanate also repelled many attacks from siam, dutch and portugal until internal problems that sealed the empire's fate. Malacca was once became a centre of Islamisation in the archipelago and has its own law. Now how come you guys didn't acknowledge and know this?

  9. dissapointed for displaying sang maha Queen with balinese dancer attire, Shes not entertainer thats blasphemy
    its should be depicted like in these movies

  10. name who voiced this leader was Dyah Febriani (according to IMDB) , but i can't find her social media address, anyone?

  11. What are the chances That they are adding Philippines, You know their leader Lapu-Lapu or Rizal and Power People as a monument and The katutubong tao as a ancient unique Warrior and such?

  12. As Indonesian, it shall be Gadjah Mada as the naval commander of Majapahit Kingdom (Nusantara/later on Indonesia).

  13. Plus, Netherland shall come to invade us. Then Japan denounce Netherland and start a war against them. Then England + America try to save us….but they just make it up because they want to colonize us as well.

  14. The kampung buildings resemble Torajanese tongkonan which should be perching high on mountainous region not knee deep in the water.

  15. Srsly, the kampung they made is Torajan which is another culture. There is no single Indonesian civilization, choose either Srivijaya, Medang, or Majapahit (the greatest and most logical) do not mix up Indonesian cultures, because to say that Toraja and Majapahit is the same is like saying that England and Germany are the same

  16. Fun Fact:

    Leader of Indonesia from Civilization V, Gajah Mada, actually worked with Gitarja to strengthen the Majapahit Empire. I would’ve preferred Gajah Mada again tho.

  17. Erh… strictly speaking the in game kampung concept seems to be referring more towards a mix between kelong and kampung.

  18. Ratu Tribhuwanatunggadewi diilustrasikan jelek begitu, PARAH!
    Asal kalian tau, Raja/Ratu Majapahit itu keturunan Dewawarman (Aji Saka), seorang Arya, pendatang dari Pallawa. Ras Arya adalah ras manusia paling good-looking di dunia!

  19. We want Timor Leste Civilization, Unique = Speak Portuguese with proud, Ability =Dance = Wonder = small grass Huts

  20. Hello the history of the world i guess viewers, you know there was more Kingdoms than just Majapahit, there was the Srivijaya Empire, Mataram Kingdom, Goa Kingdom, Moluccan Sultanate, etc

  21. "Majapahit" means
    "The fruit Maja is bitter"
    I think it was named Majapahit because its leader or maybe a soldier ate a fruit name Maja because their army was hungry and the soldier was hungry and was trying to find food and they founded a Maja Tree and ate the fruit and when he ate the fruit the soldier said "This Maja Fruit is bitter" and they called the place Majapahit and decided to make it their name if i remembered it correctly from a history book

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