CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Japan

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Japan

Hojo Tokimune leads the
Japanese Civ in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He was one of the most transformative leaders in Japanese history. Under his reign, Japan
repelled the Mongol Empire’s
invasion and Zen Buddhism
spread through the samurai class. Japan’s special ability is
called Meiji Restoration. This ability lets the Japanese
create powerful and compact
cities by giving them bonuses
for districts built
next to each other. Hojo’s forces take advantage
of his Divine Wind ability. Land units get an advantage
fighting next to the coast, and
naval units get a combat
bonus in shallow water tiles. Japan can build Samurai
in addition to other
military units. These unique units don’t lose
combat strength when they take
damage, making them
hard-hitting until the end. Samurai unlock by discovering
the Military Tactics technology. Japan also has the
Electronics Factory. This replaces the regular Factory
in an Industrial Zone, and provides
bonus production aswell as
culture to nearbycities – not just
its home city. In Civilization VI, Japan’s
power comes
from building densely-settled
cities to benefit from
adjacent districts. Their strong coastal defenses
make them ideal for settling
islands and terrain other
civs might find confining for
growth or difficult to defend. Samurai provide a powerful
midgame option for conquest,
should you need to buy yourself
further space for expansion. Follow the way of the warrior
in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Japan

  1. His art style looks a lot better than the previous leaders shown.
    Also, I hope there's a unique message for tourism for every empire. So not every empire in the world is making pop music and blue jeans.

  2. Is India there?
    Will it still be Gandhi?
    I remember when Gandhi was my neighbour, it was very pleasing because he almost never committed treacheries.

  3. Toyotomi Hideyoshi would've been a better pick if you are not going to pick Oda Nobunaga. He was the first one to unite Japan.

  4. Only Samurai get the "full power when injured" bonus.
    Developers realized how overpowered General-Bushido rushes were in Civ V. :V
    I like the coastline buff, rather unique, and gives Japan a huge edge in archipelago-type maps, while cutting it in pangea or heavily oceanic maps, while still making it relevant. I am really looking forward to the game.
    Can anyone answer, whether will units have a unique national look to them? Like, early Japanese units looking a bit more Japanese, while German ones will dress like people of their area and era? That's something I'd like to see.

  5. Japan didn't have a good naval, they were masters on land actually, as that's how most of their wars were fought during the sengoku jidai. I'm not familiar with this ruler of Japan, but the mantioning make me think he ruled during the sengoku jidai. Japanese naval forces were so weak, even though they outnumbered the Coreana by A LOT, they would loose 100 ships without taking a single one of the [some times] 15 Coreana ships (all though maybe this is more credit of Admiral Yi then Japan's fault). Also, Admiral Yi (Corea) should be at this game. If on this guys period the Japanese navy was strong, then please correct me and know I'm sorry.

  6. So Japan should make use of mountainous areas and smaller islands?

    Huh, those district adjacency bonuses are actually a really clever way of encouraging players to settle areas that reflect real life Japanese geography. Well played, Firaxis.

  7. Is Japan the ideal ICS civ then? Electronics factory and the district buffs seem to be incredibly favorable towards ICS. Cant wait to try her out.

  8. Realy?! Hojo Tokimune? Why? Who ever heard of him outside of history geeks or native Japanese? Don't get me wrong I find him interasting but … what about Minamoto Yoritomo … you know the founder of that shogunate? Or idk … Tokugawa Ieyasu? Or why not Emperor Hirohito? afraid ? 😛

  9. Japanese were REALLY bad with ships. Kinda wonder why they have navy bonuses in classic era. They should have malus in navy combat until Renaissance.

  10. Land attack bonus for ground units on the coast, sea attack bonus for naval units in shallow water? Wow, Japan got nerfed bad.

  11. Should've been Emperor Meiji or Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I wouldn't mind Nobunaga's return but nope, they had to go with hojo

  12. You think they'd pick Emperor Meiji if the fucking ability is the Meiji Restoration. I feel like they should have either chosen Emperor Meiji or Toyotomi Hideyoshi for Japan

  13. Leader Ability: Triforce – Renames the game to Legend of Hojo VI. Allows +10 Culture per turn when the Ocarina relic is placed within your Civilizations Palace.

  14. 0:54 look at the leader at the top. It looks like Cleo, but the troops aren't cleo's colors. Illuminati confirmed.

  15. Unique Wonder: Anime

    Must be built in a Broadcast Center. Campuses and Entertainment Districts in all civilizations now produce +1 culture for Japan. Population growth in cities with Campuses is decreased by 10%.

  16. Citizens of the world, the Empire of The Rising sun has risen. The day of our destiny has arrived. Do not struggle what is inevitable. – Emperor Yoshiro

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