CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Khmer

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Khmer

Jayavarman leads the Khmer in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Jayavarman VII was a devoted Buddhist and the most powerful Khmer monarch. His reign was marked by both military conquests and massive building projects for temples, highways, public rest houses and hospitals. Khmer’s unique ability is called Grand Barays. Farms provide additional food when adjacent to an Aqueduct, and Aqueducts provide both Faith and an Amenity. Their unique unit is the Domrey: a ballista mounted on an elephant. This Siege unit is stronger than the Catapult, can move and shoot on the same turn, and exerts Zone of Control. It unlocks with the Military Engineering technology. Their unique building is the Prasat, which replaces the Temple. Missionaries produced here will gain the Martyr Promotion, and it provides a Relic Great Work Slot. Jayavarman’s unique ability is “Monasteries of the King.” Holy Sites grab adjacent territory and also provide Food and Housing when built on a river. With their bonuses to Housing and the Aqueduct District, the Khmer can easily create populous cities, and their religious strengths will help them out through the first half of the game. Focus on establishing a strong core territory, make effective use of Rivers, and victory will be yours! Will the world flock to your cities, or be crushed beneath your elephants? How will you lead the Khmer in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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    What about Khmer and its leader has you most excited?

  2. Are they ever gonna do an actual DLC? Non of these civ packs I mean something to make the game less… what's the word… shitty.

  3. anyone else having issues placing Holy Sites down for Khmer? I'm ready to build a Holy Site, the tile goes green showing that its okay to build but I'm not able it?

  4. Why not vietnamese civilization? The vietnamese had the best history in asia, as the dai viet kingdom, we defended 3 times of the mongol empire’s invasion and all victorius…

  5. Instead of fixing the game and its horrible AI that cant even use air units, they try to sell us new civs. It seems the devs have their priorities all wrong.

  6. CIV fans: ''Hey we want countries like Austria, Netherlands and Turkey!"
    CIV:''Hey lets make ancient Thailand"

  7. Argggh! So close. When will they decide to add a Vietnamese culture to a civ game? I know we're communist but C'MON!

  8. i had 1 quadrireme i noticed 3 barbarian quadrireme's off my coast so i go attack them they didn't move or shoot back i sunk all 3 without a scratch. WTF ED BEECH fix your SHIT AI.

  9. Khmer maybe one of the best non-combat civ available beside Arabs and Kongo. The food bonus and culture bomb are very legit, you sure will build it in almost every city. Cultural or Religious victory are possible for Khmer.
    + Prasat for relic space
    + Belief : reliquaries and holy order
    + Mont St. Michel (for martyr and slots) + Christo Redentor

  10. I love these Asian ancient civilizations! We in Europe generally know nothing about them, ans they were so advanced at the time

  11. Hey if you are gonna make Denmark at some point, please use Elizabeth the first! I know harald bluetooth made denmark into one rule and in sence "settled" the country, but Elizabeth did some extraordinary things in an environment that wasnt welcomming to female lead, she also were an incredibly cunning and sly woman who could really use diplomacy to win over the bishops and in the end, accept her as a the first queen! She changed the whole monarch of that age.

    Her bonuses could possibly be to the alliance system aswell as extra culture boom whenever she switches her government type. She was a lady who arrived and got us out of a darkage so possibly look into giving her some bonuses or "extra help" to get out of the darkage.

  12. Jayavarman was the strongest Khmer Monarch? I find that interesting since the Khmer Empire was originally founded on Hinduism, and the monarchs drew their authority from being living incarnations of Hindu deities (Shiva, I believe). The spread of Buddhism eroded this original justification for the authority of the Khmer Throne, so it's interesting that Jayavarman became as powerful as he did. Must investigate more…

  13. What is the current country of what khmer became? and what area of the world had to ask as i'm not very familar with it. I'm suprised civs like this instead of better known ones like the Celts, or even the american indians various tribes are better known than the khmer name. No offence to their people of course I've simply never heard of them. I've heard and seen many different chinese, japanese, africain, and eurpeanian as well as north and south american civs though. Hell they made korea, so why not canada for example. It holds a large portion of land, also on the map thats like the world, with realistic starting positions teddy and the azetecs really need more competition.

  14. The taking land thing alot of these new civs annoys me. I always feel awful when I do it to another player but I know I have to because they'll do it me if I don't. It's just not fun to me

  15. I was watching Civilizations on KCTS 9 & was disappointed they didn't talk about the Khmer people so that's what brought me here.

  16. I’m so glad they used Khmer instead of Cambodian. Such attention to detail. Keep up the great work Civ crew!

  17. U shouldn’t Put A king In this man He the most Respectfull King Still Jayaraman7 face Wasn’t Like that Plus u Doesn’t have opportunity To Put His Name on the game

  18. khmer are robber . khmer are actually slave of ancient khom who are siamese ancestry. Khmer are cham colonial slave from malaysia that do not adobt islam. The first khmer king Trasok prem is cucumber gardener who revolt to thier master khom varman.Then khom move to ayutthaya ally with thai. That why since 14thcentury there are no great rock castle in cambodia when the ancient civilize have move to.ayutthaya and bangkok.

  19. I love to play Khmer Civ, but I want to make suggestion for the developer that the translation of the leader's speech is very inaccurate. I hope Firaxis fix this problem and make sure the translation is correct and reflect the way Khmer king speaks. I'm Khmer but still I don't understand the translation.

  20. Umm I want to tell u that cheyvaraman the 7 isn't bald and not fat cuz the real statue of him and the history said that he is the strongest khmer ruler in khmer history.

  21. Nice, now I know how to pronounce Khmer… xD Gonna try it sometimes for a Religious Victory

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