CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Kongo

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Kongo

Mvemba a Nzinga leads Kongo in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Most of what we know of him comes to us through his correspondence with the Portuguese. Mvemba converted to Christianity, patronized religious art, built up his capitol, and expanded the wealth of Kongo. The Kongolese ability is called Nkisi. They get food, production, and gold from each Relic, Artifact, and Great Work of Sculpture. Kongo also gets extra Great Artist and Great Merchant points each turn. The Kongolese unique unit is the Ngao Mbeba. These shield bearers get extra defense versus ranged attacks, and neither woods nor rainforest slow them down nor block sight. You don’t need iron to build them either. The Mbanza is Kongo’s unique District. It replaces the Neighborhood and can be built earlier in the game. It provides housing, as well as food and gold. As a religious convert, Nvemba can’t build Holy Sites, but he does get the Founder beliefs of any religion that has established itself in the majority of his cities. He gets an Apostle each time he finishes a Mbanza or Theater District of that city’s religion. Kongo has some unusual flexibility. It can be religious without having Holy Sites, and it can grow large cities in the middle of the rainforest. By establishing large mid-game cities in the rainforest or woods, Kongo can push toward any victory type. A Cultural Victory builds on their strengths, but with a large early population they are poised to move toward Science or Domination Victories as well. Can you combine a convert’s faith with an empire’s glory? How will you lead Kongo in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. Nice to see developers actually take time to listen to and actually respond to their fans. Thanks you guys, can't wait to get my hands on this game!

  2. I heard only nations that made an impact on History get added into an Civilisation game at all? Hell was i wrong.. Sry its the same as adding a religious group for Beyond Earth: Totaly stupid and unrealistic. Especiel certain ones that should gear down quiet a bit exept they want a total war wich will lead to their destruction (Yes i talk about you IS and your pseudo religion, read the koran for once and read it well! You would comit sepuku after it as you disgraced your own religion with that bullshit!). Ah well Religion in total should not play a role in a Civ game at all especiel in late game. Exept you want to bring the IS or the fake koran to Civ6 too, then it should play a major role…

  3. Choosing from Kongo as one of the playable nations in the game, we have to ignore the fact that there still does not exist a civilization.

    Why add to the game ancient civilizations that took the actual significance in the history of the world? Let's Add the Kongo, which only then became famous as bloody entertainment for Leopold.

    Long live political correctness!

  4. Where is the fucking cradle of civilization?
    Mesopotamia has so much civilizations and great leaders that it's never been out once.
    I hope they're not out this time because the producers sat and said :"oh if we do not put a black "civilization" we'd be racist".
    They do not own any kind of civilization.

  5. Where is the fucking cradle of civilization?
    Mesopotamia has so much civilizations and great leaders that it's never been out once.
    I hope they're not out this time because the producers sat and said :"oh if we do not put a black "civilization" we'd be racist".
    They do not own any kind of civilization.

  6. I wonder if the Zulu are still going to be in the game,
    i always loved how in civ v ethiopia songhai and the zulu always fought over the natural resources of africa, and the winner would go on to invade europe with a massive and powerfull empire

  7. Would have preferred Ethiopia or Zulu or Songhai or Mali or Morocco or even freaking Zimbabwe. Hopefully they'll put some better African civs in the DLC.

  8. Civ 6 lo mismo y mejor solo que mas cute y mas fancy y el resto de los otros juegos que los recoja petaa `y su petaa madre

  9. wtf is this horeshit. all these african empires and you pick one that literally boot licks western civilization. Their faction bonus is biting other people's culture. GTFO. Racist as fuck

  10. We now introduce the Kongo. Their passive "Culture Vulture of the White man" allows them to steal the bonuses of the white man because they have no culture themselves.


  11. i am really interested in this – what is the cultural significance of the "kongo" compared to the other civilizations? what art, music, culture, law, buildings, achievements had the kongo, if any, to be counted among such significant historical civilizations such as india, china and others?

  12. Why in the world would you use this man, he sold he fellow africans into slavery 7000 a year, thats about 238000 slaves captured and sold off my this man, so he could live in luxury. you should change this now.

  13. Start in Rainforest region + get lucky and find Relic from Tribal Village = 100% Victory, unless everybody teams you down. And always go tall with Kongo.





  15. My first reaction was like what is Kongo civ,but now i like them, pretty much brings color to the game spices it up.(literally) :)They are my favorite civ now.Still waiting march for the Ottomans tho!

  16. What they failed to say is that when you around still running around with musket men, he will have mechanized infantry; then, he will declare war on you for not spreading your religion to him.

  17. Just started a game with Kongo. The music is really soothing lol. I love Civ 6. Goodbye productivity, we were never meant for each other anyway.

  18. I felt like a quick game on a dual map a few weeks ago and picked random civs. I ended up as Nzinga while my AI opponent was Chandragupta of India. As much as I would have liked to play to my civ's strengths, I quickly realised that they had a religion, I couldn't create one, so their religious victory was inevitable unless I went for domination. So as soon as I was able, I went on the warpath, burning down every city I conquered that had India's state religion, being very careful not to let it infect my Civ.

    So yeah, multiple ways to play Kongo. In my case, it was as a merciless militant secularist.

    Funnily enough, I had a another dual map game as the Aztecs where Kongo ended up as my rival. Never thought I'd win a religious victory as the Aztecs, but it seemed like the path of least resistance.

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