CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Norway

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Norway

Harald Hardrada leads Norway in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. “Hardrada” translates as “hard ruler”, and this fearsome Viking leader lived up to his name. He solidified his rule of Norway, and was often abroad in raids and wars to gain territory and wealth. Harald’s ability is the Thunderbolt of the North. All his naval melee units can perform coastal raids. Harald also gets the Longship. In addition to having the coastal raid ability, it can heal in neutral territory. Norway’s unique unit is the Berserker. Pillaging costs 1 less movement, and the Berserker gets a bonus to attack, but it’s more vulnerable when defending. The Stave Church is Norway’s unique building. It has all the benefits of a temple, but gets an additional faith adjacency bonus from woods. Norway is a naval-focused Civ. Their units pay no cost to embark or disembark, and once you research Shipbuilding, all naval and embarked units may move onto Ocean tiles. Early access to deep-water sailing means Norway can easily explore and spread around the world. With Harald’s ability to strike hard at coastal cities, Norway can keep other civs contained in the early and middle game to give it room to expand in the late game. Will other nations tremble at the sight of your sails? How will you lead Norway in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. Jeez, after reading the comments here I finally see why we can't have a Scandinavian union… People are apparently still butthurt over things that happened hundreds of years ago when no one of us or our parents existed. Let it go ffs. Personally I would love to see all Scandinavian countries in Civ VI (included Finland <3). I get there is rivalry when it comes to sports and such but this fighting about history is just retarded.

  2. If they're going for the multiple leaders per civ thing, I'd rather they use the adjective instead of the noun for the civilization's name, like instead of Spain, there'd be the Spanish as their name, that way it would be easier to use different leaders.

  3. vikings hardly navigated the oceans. all they did was follow the shallower coastlines along the arctic and greenland. true aquatic peoples such as various polynesian cultures navigated the oceans, long before anyone else.

  4. I think the ability to access ocean titles early in the game is so OP, lol In CIV V, Polynesia had some disavantages in other fields, so the ocean exploration ended up as a equalizer for this Civ. But now the Vikings had all their military mighty PLUS access to oceans and even some religion bonus? Damn, it's just too much, lol Historically correct (after all, they discovered America), but for a game this is just too overpowered imo Who can beat them in a map focused on islands? England? In the early age, I believe not even England can face them in the ocean.

  5. did he lose to the Saxons at the battle of… I can't remember but one of the best Vikings got scuwerd in the nuts after a Saxon went down the river to the bridge he was standing on in a barrel then, stab!

  6. So King Canute of Denmark invades England, Scotland, Norway, parts of Sweden. The most successful viking ruling over a population 20 times that of Norway at this time but they pick Norway who failed to invade England and became an afterthought and vassal state to Denmark. Logical.

  7. Norway?! They leave out civs like Carthage, Persia, Byzantine empire, Mongolia, Korea, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden, Ottoman empire and Austria but include Norway?

  8. Firaxis, some advice:
    Please give them SOME cultural/faith bonus to war or warlike policies or districts should the game be updated soon instead of the coastal raid thing, seeing as they already get the embark bonus. I must say, it is rather bland to have more warlike Civs just be plain better at killing instead of getting some sort of boost from their historically warlike culture. After all, they found death by combat to be very honorable and many works of literature and a good deal of their culture and faith were based around this concept.

  9. So they decided to pick the least historically significant Scandinavian country but left out Sweden and Denmark… ok then.
    Next we know they include Canada instead of USA and Ukraine instead of Russia

  10. No Caner-dah? Come on , Firaxis. I don't care if you make it the smallest Civ ever or represent us the same way as South Park, I just want a Canadian Civ, man!

  11. Why there is pre-order option for just 8 countries,why i can't just pre-order from steam.Please civ 6 team fix this issue.I wanna get 25th year anniversery pack.

  12. I have no problems with having an awesome viking nation in civ VI I'm just baffled by choices of Civs by the developers. Norway didn't even exist as an independent nation for the most part of the known history of the region (it had good times from like 9th century till 14th century, then it became part of Denmark and later Sweden) also Kongo.. 😀
    Why don't they ever include Hungary? It was one of the biggest European kingdoms for over a 1000 years (with only a brief, and not total osman occupation lasting for about 150 years) It could fit into multiple narratives, it could be like Mongols, Huns or Scythians (horse riding "barbarians" focused on pillaging) or it could be a renessaince (Bibliotheca Corviniana)  powerhouse with the biggest professional army (The Black Army) in Europe under the rule of Matthias Corvinus, or it could be one of the 19th century advanced civs, with high culture etc with the Hussar special unit, which comes from Hungary, even when they give it to Austria, or Poland..  Yes, I'm a little butthurt 🙂

  13. Sad that his name isn't Spelled Hardroda, Hardråde, or translated to Hardrule. Either would be better than the disgrace that is "rada".

  14. I am so glad to see Norway in the game; I've always wanted to play as them. I have relatives in Sandnes and I managed to visit them there last year after many years of them visiting us. I love this country so much. Even though they don't quite fit my playstyle, I'm still going to play as them first. Skål!

  15. I'm looking forward to Civ VI – but I'm a little disappointed Norway pushed Denmark out of the game. I'm a Dane and I did very much enjoy playing – or meeting – Denmark in Civ V. It's such a small country, but we were still part of the game! And I loved hearing him talking danish. Not that Norway doesn't deserve to be in the game as well. But I am still looking forward to playing the game. It looks amazing! 🙂

  16. Why is the computer AI so incredibly stupid even on harder levels when it gets to naval combat? I've played two games on king and on deity and no other nation except for me and the barbarians built any ships… This seems seriously broken.

  17. Sorry, but how does early access to deep sea navigation make them a "late game expansion" civ? They should be the exact opposite of that; they'll be the first to colonize continents and islands.

  18. Tfw Denmark held a large rule over the entirety of Scandinavia, aswell as other countries further away, but we are just some sort of pussy-whipped dogs to these people. Put Denmark in, it's the only right thing to do.

  19. They need to do with the vikings like what they did with the greeks. Split the different areas with different leaders.

    Norway Viking Clan
    Sweden Viking Clan
    Danish Viking Clan

    Each with their own preference of winning. Or just make them all militaristic focused like Norway already is.

  20. I think the reason why the Scandinavian countries rarely gets attention bicause we basically argue With eachother in the comment section 24/7

  21. Maybe they will add an exclusive DLC for Norway down the line that gives you Brevik as a hero unit and immensely high inflation.

  22. During the viking dominance in the Middle Ages the countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark (despite their feuds) fought and raided together as one people many times. I think it's a shame that they have to exclude any of the three nations. Just form a Scandinavian civilization like the vikings from Civ 2 and 3. It would spare 1000 hate comments between Norwegians, Swedes and Danes. Like the civ-ability though.

  23. Im from America & I Fucking love all of Scandinavia & its Viking History plus the countries are All equally Beautiful & unique in their own ways ways #Facts 😏🤘🏼💯

  24. WARNING!! Instruments indicate fatal levels of stupidity and bitterness in the comments below! Do NOT enter without common sense.

  25. "A warrior does not show his heart, until the axe reveals it" 😃 Northmen ftw! Time to conquer the world in Odin's name!

  26. I would actually prefer Sverre Sigurdsson, as he was the one to end the civil war era in Norway. But to each his own, I guess…

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