CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Persia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Persia

Cyrus leads Persia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Cyrus was the founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, and in his lifetime it grew to be the greatest empire the world had ever known, leaving his successors a stable dynasty of many ancient kingdoms. Persia’s unique ability is Satrapies. Persia gets a free Trade Route when Political Philosophy is unlocked, and bonuses to internal trade routes. Their unique unit is the Immortal. This swordsman replacement has a ranged attack, but a strong combat defense as well. Persia also has the Pairidaeza as a unique improvement. These tile improvements provide Culture, Gold, and Appeal, with bonuses for adjacent Districts and city centers. Over time, they’ll provide more yields as you advance through the tech and civic trees. Cyrus’s special ability is called “Fall of Babylon.” After declaring a Surprise War, all Persian units get bonus movement. Cyrus also takes less of a diplomatic penalty for declaring Surprise Wars. While Persia can be very successful with sneak attacks, this is a civ that can grow strong over time through combinations of Wonders and the Pairidaeza. You can play Persia to build up to an inexorable cultural victory, or grow rich to fund the victory of your choice. Will future generations call you the King of Kings? How will you lead Persia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. While I mean no disrespect to Cyrus and the Achaemenids, I would have preferred to see a more recent ruler, such as Khosrow I, Khosrow II, or Abbas the Great. Unless you count the fictional Scheherazade, there are two thousand years of Persian history that the Civilization series has never given any representation.

  2. I'm so glad they didn't sweat their brains out to look for an undeserving female leader for Persia. They must have fired all the feminists who doesn't care about quality. Looks like none of my favorite civs got screwed feminists in this civ iteration. Well, except France but that's ok. China, Japan, Spain, Aztec, Macedon and Persia are all safe. Only Mongolia and Maya remains. All of their best leaders are male but if Gorgo, de Medici and Wu Zetian can make it, I won't be surprised if a woman who lead those nations for 2 days ends up representing Mongolia and Maya.

  3. Why does he look like an Arab? Persians were Aryans… Iran didnt become an arab nation until the muslim world conquered it, which is way after Persia.

  4. Eh, couldn’t they at least once represents later Persia?
    Sassanids, Safavids, Nader Shah or even Reza Pahlavi.

    Same for Turks, they could be Seljuqs instead for once.

  5. All we need now is an achievement for defeating Tomyris as Cyrus, call it "Not Today" or something like that lol.

  6. Canada anyone? I know it would probably have to replace Toronto, but we need more new world civs. Europe is getting crowded.

  7. what is the point of buying a civ game when you know that you're going to be drip fed the otherhalf over the course of its life time only to be sold the sequel at the end.

  8. this DLC is Awsome!!!
    he was the founder of Achaemenid Empire which alexander destroyed it!
    and he was also the first leader who created the first human rights and freed the slaves in 539 BCE

  9. Have to say, this seems like it really screws anyone who spent extra on the digital deluxe edition, seeing at the 4, 5$ civs will be the same as the upgrade cost…

  10. shouldnt the AI and warmonger system get fixed first instead of focusing on new civs? I have over 1000 hours on Civ 4 but I have not been able to play civ 6 for more than 20 hours due to the broken AI

  11. Next:
    Canada(led by Lester Pearson)
    Mongols (led by Genghis Khan)
    Ottomans(led by some emperor) or Turkish(led by Mustafa Atatürk)
    Israel(led by Moses or David or whatever)
    Some Native American tribes: Ex.Iroquis
    Cuba(led by Castro)
    Yugoslavia or Serbia
    Gran Colombia
    Some Scandinavian Civs like Sweden or Denmark

  12. These recent ones have all been very warmongering civs. What about on the other competitive ends? Also, i would personally love to get Venice from 5, even if it would require quite some adjustment to work with 6.

  13. can we get a tall oriented civ in this game, I het that in civ 6 it's good to be wide but it's great to be tall

  14. Why put the Macedon and Persia in the same DLC? I want to buy Persia but not Macedon…wtf…i guess I'll pass 🙁

  15. Want to try Civilization VI? A free demo is available now on Steam! Go here:

  16. I just cannot understand why they portray Persians as being dark skinned. Persians are a tribe of Iranians, and Iranian literally means Aryan. Are you serious?

  17. This is so cool, Im a Iranian american who's name happens to be cyrus and I love my cultural history, GO CYRUS THE GREAT!!!!

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