CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Poland

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Poland

yaga leads Poland inside meier’s civilization 6y vita was crowned as king of Poland and during her life she greatly expanded Poland’s territory and power through marriage and diplomatic negotiations she is also famous for her vast education or cultural contributions and her piety Poland’s unique ability is golden Liberty when Poland completes an encampment or for it inside friendly territory it gains adjacent tiles even if those tiles are held by another sieve the culture bomb is back in addition one of poland’s military policies is converted to a wild-card policy Poland’s unique unit is the famous winged hussar when attacking if it does more damage than a defending enemy unit it pushes that enemy unit back defenders that can’t retreat suffer additional damage the sukkah neat say or cloth Hall is Poland’s unique building this provides bonus production from international trade routes and bonus gold from domestic routes yeah because unique ability lithuanian Union plays on her religious strength any city that loses territory from golden liberty and also gets Poland’s founded religion as the majority religion in that city also her relics provide bonus faith culture and gold digga also gets extra holy site adjacency bonuses Poland is a strong expansionist sieve and yet vigas abilities make them a religious power house as well prioritize establishing Poland’s religion to get the best benefit from golden Liberty with extra yields from the sukkah yet say and the bonus wild-card slot Poland has a great deal of flexibility the wing to sars give you a strong military unit in mid-game if you need to defend or conquer more territory will the world recognize your claims to rule how will you leave Poland inside meier’s civilization six

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  1. Every time when I play with Poland, first thing I do is destroy germany. Later I destroy Russia with a little help from China and we have a border on Ural.

  2. I have no idea why is Poland in the game. My country wasn't a disticnt civilisation apart from the language and writing its culture and technology originated in western Europe mostly . On top of that jadwiga became King when she was a child and didn't actually do anything apart from becoming a wife of Wladislaw II Jagiello (Jogaila) and it was all his reign and even the marrige wasn't in any way her decision and a political necessity due to the threat of the teutonic order in the north. So it's not that she expanded the kingdom but the kingdom became a union with a much larger Grand Dutchy of Lithuania (Jogaila's realm) which solidified the already existing union which eventually lead to the creation of the Commonwealth.

  3. Sid Meier's Civilization… Yo…CIV. Ok 2 things.. FIRST, Ive been playing civ for years, from civ 3 all the way to now, and civ 6…. Wow omg what are you people doing ?! Its like some people (who should fired) said "hey, how about we take out all the things about the civ 5s realistic design and leader movements.. And for civ 6, we go back to the civ 4 design of cartoons … cuz Ya know , kids wont play if it looks too real "….civ 6 makes you feel like a kid , in a bad way. AND WE ALL KNOW IM RIGHT. ( if you have civ 5, look at the fish and wales. Now look at the wales in civ 6 ) TRASH!!! Why do i feel like im playing a civ app ? GET THE CIV 5 DESIGN TEAM BACK NOW !! SECOND , you civ people always have the balls to make America a civ. now you have Astralia, but evey game , no Canada! Wtf ?! Do you hate Canada? Like you have all the biggest civs in land mass. Russia, China, brazil , India, the US … But you cut out Canada. (Tbh i think you do it so the U.S has space to expand in the real earth map ) Lol oh but you need 2 Greeses.. And whatever the fuck scythia is…. JUST ADD CANADA, AND MORE AFRICAN CIVS… AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO 2 LEADERS PER CIV, HAVE ONE THAT WAS MORE EVIL, AND ONE THAT WAS MORE GOOD. THAT WOULD ADD TO THE GAME. But other than all that ^ the new things in the civ 6 game play is better than civ 5. just make civ 6 look like civ 5, You dont need a buch of movement and colour to keep my attention , im not 10 years old….

  4. I wonder why they chose her. She was a king for like two years and the only thing she did except cultural stuff was marrying a duke of a bigger country because some aristocrats made an agreement with him and she literally gave have the ruler's position to him. She didn't even participate in creating this agreement, they just told her to marry him. And she's a saint, too.

  5. I'm late on this but I just realized the winged guy's are in a tundra forest.

    Also, why is everybody saying:
    BuT cAn ShE IntO SpAcE?

  6. I Wish I had a girlfriend like her……. Pretty, powerful thinker, with good attitude. But No need to be so pious though 😛

  7. I want to get poland so I can scream “THEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED” when attacking enemy territory but I also want to get Australia cause Australia would be fun to play as as well. Any suggestions on which I should choose?

  8. I don't know. On one hand there are all these descriptions of who Jadwiga was, how educated and pious she was, and she is a Catholic saint. BUT the animations , her reactions, and conversations are all mocking her.

  9. 100 years of history, yet Canada gets to be in the game. 4000 years of history, neither Turks, nor Ottomans get to be in it :))

  10. So you can basically just build forts to passively push back all enemy territory, leaving just their cities(landlocked) thus making them 100% vulnerable. Wtf thats op

  11. Wasn't she crowned king since the population absolutely hated the man she was married to and they didn't want some sort of uprising or something?

  12. Imma play Civilization with all the powers of WWII and play as Poland, and conquer all of them just because of those hips 😱😱

  13. jadwiga (a woman) was crowned as KING of poland

    edit: i watched the video a bit more and holy mother of all that is holy is she overpowered

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