CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Rome

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Rome

Trajan leads Rome in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He ruled Rome at the height of its territorial expanse, built many public projects, and is remembered as one of the Five Good Emperors. All Roads Lead to Rome – which is also the name of Rome’s special ability. Not only do all cities start with a Trading Post, but new cities within trade route range of your capital also start with a road to them. Your Trade Routes earn extra Gold for passing through Trading Posts in your own cities. Rome’s unique unit is the Legion. Although more expensive than the Swordsman it replaces, it is stronger and can function as a military engineer to build forts and roads, but keep in mind there’s only a limited number of times that they can build. The Baths are Rome’s replacement for the Aqueduct. It provides Amenities and more Housing than the Aqueduct. Trajan’s Column is his special ability. All cities start with one free building in their city center. Most of the time this’ll be a monument. To make the most of Rome’s abilities, you’re going to want to establish cities quickly, then head for Engineering as a technology to take advantage of their Baths. After that you’ll want to expand quickly across the world. While this might lead you into conflict with other civilizations, don’t be afraid to rely on your mighty Legions. You’ll have early access to Forts to help you hold your territorial gains. Can you lead your people to an age of peace from your eternal city? How will you lead Rome in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. So, Legions are the only unit in the game that can build roads that do not (necessarily) link cities together? Somehow it feels like this could become very strong with some testing on how it affects the game. Might even be worth stockpiling them if you end up with a lead in the early game and don't have too much to build in the early-mid game.

  2. Here's my analysis of all the civs so far.

    Dom: Japan, England, Scythia, Rome, Norway
    Cult: America, England, France, Greece
    Sci: China
    Rel: India, Spain
    Gold:Egypt, Spain, Rome
    Flex: Aztec, Brazil, Kongo

  3. I thought trade routes was made automatically when you used a Trader unit. If so, how come the Legion can also build roads? At first guessed that they could build a road to the fort it built, but that does not seem to be true based on the video.

  4. That last animation with Trajan holding the sword, LOL:

    "Now why did you have to go and declare war on me?  I wasn't trying to do anything offensive,
    was I? You know you'll come out of this looking mighty stupid if this doesn't go your way."

  5. Re: Trajan's Column, shout out to all Romanians whose ancestors defended well enough that the Romans ended up building this exquisite monument to that specific conquer.

  6. Romans had their gladii on the same side as their dominant hand, not as depicted here.

    Bonus fact: It was drawn this characteristic way because it's easier to draw the sword in a cramped space this way, IE the famous roman formations.

  7. So Rome is the ultimate liberty player. On pangea he would be absolute hell to deal with. Rapids expansion with powerful troops that can build forts.

  8. From the footage i've seen from the press builds, the legion can't actually construct roads :O I wonder if they removed it or it's going to be in the final version.

  9. Another cool thing about the Legions is that they can chop forest and give production to the nearest city. If you find you have a bunch of Legions laying around with spare charges and they're about to be upgraded to Musketmen, you can chop a nearby forest for a quick production boost, then go upgrade them

  10. would be cool if the legions changed based on your tech to allow them to keep up with late game units

    Rifleman legions would look pretty cool.

  11. I once literally had over 30 trade routes and 5000 gold on turn 100 because I was spamming Harbors, Commercial hubs and Encampments ( Carthage makes each encampment give you +1 trade route )

  12. Where the heck are turks as you promised one year ago,its almost past 29th may,so where are turks/byzantines?

  13. We need ''Emperor'' Marcus Antonius, his face and personality will be the same as the tv show called Rome………
    That would be a nice leader…….

  14. GOD i just finished a game with this dude and he planted like 22 cities and took over everyone. He won a religious victory though…

  15. Am I the only one who finds it funny that the only cover that had real aqueducts like the ones in the game has a replacement for the aqueduct.

  16. Still need Eastern Rome/Byzantium at some point. In which case, should consider one of their later rulers, to really distinguish them from Rome. I'm thinking one of the Komnenoi, or one of the two Basils.

  17. +Legions can repair improvements, so you can more easily pillage simple improvements and then just repair after capturing

  18. Why isn't this county called Italy ? Italy is a (far) better name than Rome beacause Rome is more of a city than a country, and even if Rome was a country, it will only be a city state much like Monaco. So why ?

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