CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Russia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Russia

Peter the Great leads Russia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Peter was a modernizing, absolute monarch, also famous for his tour of Europe in the age of the enlightenment. Russia’s special ability gives the civ extra territory when they found their cities. They also get extra faith and production from Tundra tiles. The Cossack is Russia’s unique unit. Cossacks are stronger than the Cavalry they replace, and can move after they attack. Russia’s unique district is the Lavra. When you use a Great Person at a city with a Lavra, you add a tile to the city’s culture border. Peter’s ability is “The Grand Embassy.” Russia receives Science or Culture from trade routes to more advanced civs. Russia is a civ built to expand and take territory. Their ability and the Lavra mean you can constantly add new land to your empire, grabbing up space faster than your rivals. The Grand Embassy ability means that you can rely on trade to help you with shortcomings in science or culture. Got a friendly and smart neighbor? Have them help you out. Can you civilize your subjects and conquer other nations? How will you lead Russia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. Hey Firaxis. Have you ever considered making Capitals expand to 4 tiles instead of 3? Except for D.C. which is designed to be small historically Capitals far outstrip any city in that country.

  2. Ruska city look like a German or something 🙁 It's a shame. Well, at least laurel as laurel. And finally in the Russian cities to create given additional territory. As it is logical.

  3. I told myself "I will preorder if Peter is the Russian leader"
    Now Im happy, thnx Firaxis

  4. An extra tile to your city. just the 1. A whole extra 1 tile. God i was so excited for Russia, not only does Peter remind me of captain hook from peter pan, the bonuses to this civ are a massive let down.. they dont seem interesting at all. only by the fact they can gobble up an extra tile..

  5. I still hope to see turkey
    they all making new persons to other country
    I dont think there is ottomans
    if there is a ottoman
    it may be the Fatih sultan mehmed (who taken istanbul(constantinie))

  6. Seems like it's a Civ meant for rapid expansion and playing from behind, which limits it quite a lot. Perhaps it's better if one of the abilities balances the civ for playing when ahead as well. Lavra seems a bit underpowered, as well.

  7. Ok I was waiting for Poland ..and there is non so SCREW YOU SID MEIERS ! ! ! BOYCOT this shit ! I WILL NOT BUY your fucking GAME !

  8. I have an idea, The Statue of Liberty wonder. Can only be built on a coast. Gives plus one population for the 3 closest cites and the city it was built in. If there are two cities equally away it will give the last population bonus to the one that has the lowest population or food.

  9. From what I've seen so far, with:

    Cities being population locked due to housing
    Cities having independent happiness (amenities?)
    Settlers not slowing down growth
    Space being important

    I am getting the feeling that going wide rather than tall is more encouraged in this game. :3 But who knows. I am a big fan of the local happiness though.

  10. Russia seems severly underpowered. If things are as we expect them to be, then Tundra tiles are bad tiles. Making bad tiles better isn't a helpful power. You want to make good tiles great. The Labra also seems underpowered.

  11. "Russia is suitable for those who want to expand their territory .."
    Yes Bitch! It all Russian suit, a-ha ha !!! we all want to expand their territory .. haha. and cough ..
    Oh, sorry .. this is so is not politically correct ..

  12. Russia will definitely be a late game superpower since they will have so much territory to expand into and resources will never be an issue like building nukes

  13. all the fucking teenagers whining about Stalin clearly have no idea who peter the great is or what his achievements were.

  14. Is't a easter egg when they show us the traceroute page and one of the citys is called Stockholm. Sweden confirmed?

  15. WTF? Russia, cossaks? really? Read wikipedia at least before publishing this shit… special unit cossaks for russia shame on you!!! Russia was fighting with them!!! even Catherine II was fighting with them how they can be a special Unit of RUSSIA???? Learn history of atleast please read wiki//// shame…. democratic and protectin cossaks is russian unit its ridiculouse… U take a parts a pices of Kyivan Empire not russian!! Kievan Rus is NOT Russia!! it's more than one thousand years diffrence/ Ok Just check it at least in wiki what is Kievan Rus, Cossaks, and your lovenly empty russia!!! And Lavra shame fuck!! Check OLDEST lavras WERE THEY WERE CONSTUCTED!!! IT's NOT RUSSIAN!!!!

  16. Its so weird- Petr 1 and Lavra TOGETHER… The Great Emperor restricted the power of church, he even liquidated the institute of Patriarchy and built secular schools for all estates.. And yes- you made Russia boring, very boring. And St Petesburg, I hope it is not a harbinger of Kiev, and Ukraniane nation in DLC?

  17. Интересно, почему ни в одной стратегии нельзя поиграть за Украинскую цивилизацию?) Ах да, потому что главный принцип стратегии – расти и развиваться.

  18. Isn't their ability terrible? You get bonuses from civs that are more advanced than you…doesn't that seem like you are always playing from behind? And if you are ahead, then their special ability does NOTHING. Seems pretty garbage to me.

  19. Wonder why everybody whines about not having Stalin as a leader in the comments under First Look: Russia , but nobody whines about not having Hitler as a leader for Germany? Hmm where do all these little millenial poser communists come from? Is it concidered edgy and cool to like Stalin, but a little too edgy to like Hitler? Then again quintessentially these fanboys/girls are the same kind of people.

  20. I hate stupid communists in comments that complains about Russia in Civ6 isn't Soviet Union. Russia actually is not Soviet Union!!! I hope Russia will never be a communist country!

  21. Stalin, and The Soviet union:
    1. Gulag: district which replaces industrial zone for Soviet union's capital, and every unit which is defeated within your home tile, creates a worker and + 1 production to the gulag for 10 turns
    2. Automatically gets communism when reaches modern era.
    3. Joseph Stalin:
    Special unit for Soviet union which replaces tank.When created Passive + 25% strength in home tiles for all units (cannot stack), and +25% combat strength to all units standing on adjacent tiles to the Joseph Stalin(can stack)
    4. Unconquerable Lands:-10% strength to enemy unit when standing next to the capital, or on tundra tiles, +100% strength to all units when capital's HP is under 40%
    5. Stalin isn't available for Russia if you are not at least in the modern era, and some perks won't be available for you, if you don't have all russian wonders(for example:you won't have the Joseph Stalin if you don't have the Ermitage), if you have, you have the option to change Your leader to Stalin.
    6. Stalin: Changes Russia to Soviet union.
    What do you think about this guys and that few girl who plays civ6?

  22. Please put a wonder that gives more yield on snow and tundra,like petra.Call it Winter palace o StPetersburg.

  23. I love this game and playing with my friend but he takes so long on his turns he even pushes the time limit so he loses his whole turn it's a great game though

  24. Maybe in a future Civilization game or expansion, Russia can use Cathrine the Great. She was an effective leader, look her up.

  25. Стоп, а почему они использовали тему Америки в видео про Россию?

  26. I can't wait to fucking kill you korea and indonesia. I will raze your cities one by one and let you beg for mercy as a raze those cities, but I won't show you mercy. We were once friends, all I wanted was to not go to war with anyone. My kingdom was perfect, golden ages every era. First in culture, second in religion and third in science. All happily using their production to develop my kingdom but that has changed when you both declared a surprise war, only a turn apart. I asked for help from my friends but they never did anything. It's ok I said, I don't need troops, I can just be friends with them, 1 warrior and 1 archer that I trained from the amcient era is already enough I said, how naive of me. You invaded moscow, an emergency was called but no one came to aid me. Where was my loyal city states that I'm a suzerain off. Ooh yeah indonesia and korea has extra envoy and use them against me. You pillaged my pagoda, my temple, my lavra, my university, my library, my campusp and everything, I will return the favour by razing your entire fucking empire. From focusing on culture and science I will know focus 100% of my production on war. Korea, indonesia and those who did not help will fall into my great empire. I will know focus all of my tech tree into researching more advanced units. Civic tree will be focus on military policy cards and the ability to form a corpse. The great russian empire will rise again and dominate the whole continent. Friends, not friends, enemies, city states, every last one of them, I will put every cities in my continent under my rule. May you hope that the war won't get so prolonged that I would've researched the Manhattan project.

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