CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Scythia

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Scythia

Queen Tomyris leads Scythia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The legendary Tomyris was one of the greatest queens of
antiquity. Although we know
little about her, early historians describe her as a formidable warrior ruler
of steppe nomads. Queen Tomyris is legendary for
having killed Cyrus the
Great of Persia. Her armies get a bonus when
they attack wounded units, and heal a little when
they defeat an enemy. As people of the Steppe, the Scythians create 2 units
instead of 1 when they build Light Cavalry or
their unique Saka Horse Archers. The Saka Horse Archer
is highly mobile, and it doesn’t require
Horse resources to construct. The Scythians can
field a massive, mobile army
very early in the game. Scythia also gets the Kurgan as
a unique tile improvement. This provides faith and gold, and gets a bonus for
being built near Pastures. It can’t be built on a hill, and you can’t build Kurgans
next to each other. Scythia is one of the
strongest military civilizations of the Ancient
and Classical eras. Fast moving, hard-hitting, they should take advantage
of their Kurgans for early Pantheon beliefs and use those to reinforce
their civilization’s strengths. Tomyris is an honorable warrior who hates surprise
declarations of war. Think very carefully
if she’s a neighbor and you’re thinking about
starting a fight, or you might just find yourself facing the wrath
of her horsemen. Will future historians
speak your name with honor and respect? How will you lead Scythia in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Scythia

  1. THERE'S NOT ENOUGH ROOM IN THIS TOWN FOR TWO HORSE-RIDING NOMADIC EMPIRES! Scythia is stealing Khan's thunder. Their abilities should go to the Mongols honestly. along with trading perks (silk road) and maybe religious buffs (historic religion tolerance)

  2. Niceee she is a turkish legendary leader add shan yu also from mulan movie(kürşad) another old turkish leader legend.

  3. There is a great difference between civilised humans and nomad humans,
    nomadic is the opposite of civilization.

    although I love the history of the Scythians people according to my readings of Herodotus history.

    but they are nomad tribes and don't belong to the humanity's long journey in the road of civilization, and surely they don't belong to this game.

    Bad choice " Firaxis Games ",
    Bad choice " Ed Beach ".

    Please be more careful in the future during the creation of your desing,

    or maybe I will not buy your game ; ) .

    ( just employ Sid Meier as a consultant and he will know what I meant,
    we've already lost many good games that have long history,
    please don't be a another wonderful game gone to oblivion).

  4. It would be fun if Firaxis imagined weird and funky advancements in the industrial and modern age for civilisations that are defunct. Be creative.
    Like for Scythia, we could have StealthSteeds – Invisible horses with low-flying altitude capability carrying satchels of nuclear weapons. Ahem.

  5. Good job i want 2 play scythians(saka)!Btw Tomris mean in turkic'iron''.As a Turkish i can say still using Tomris name in Turkey.

  6. nomads building cities? Why does their capital has Russian name? maybe because THEY HAD NO FUCKING CITIES! THEY'RE NOMADS!

  7. Покровка? Ахахаха! Неужто увидим скифские города с названиями Усть-Каменогорск, Семипалатинск, Большая Малиновка? :))

  8. How does a horse unit not require a horse resource.

    Did the Scythias learn how to grow animals out of the ground or….

  9. Pokrovka? Seriously?))) lol its one of the main historic streets in Moscow and a common name for a village in middle Russia, but definently not a scyth city))

  10. Although she is an irrelevant leader who failed of an irrelevant empire her skin color is below the quota and has a vagina therefore important!

  11. It's weird to see turks in game as Scythians, not ottomans or Seljuk empire but it's a great thing that civilization VI makes the game fresh by not putting the same civs every game

  12. Been happily taking over the wold with Tomy 🙂 She's great for both military and religious victory. Spreading "Goddess Tomyris" religion is especially satisfying >:)

  13. These are all turkic words: Tomris means "iron" and used as a female name even Today in Turkiye (Turks were originally ironsmiths from Central Asia). Kurgan means things that you build/setup/protect, comes from the verb kurmak/korumak (=to set up/ to protect). And most importantly Tengri originally means "sky" in turkic languages, and it always refer to God as the sky was literally the god for turks. Check these links out if you are interested:

  14. Sad to see so many people saying, "never heard of this Civ, what's the point?"

    If you only research what you already know, then what's the point? I've had a pretty interesting time reading up on the history of Sumer, Scythia and Kongo, for example, which Civ 6 spurred me into doing.

  15. Hi! She was born on Constanța area that is now known. Is basicly a city on Black Sea she lived there a large period also had a vast empire of nowdays UKRAINE, TOURKEY ROMANIA and Bulgaria and some parts of orient. But please be informed that she was more Thracian than Scyitian… How can I explain… Scytians were based on North-East Europe with theyr creators beying nowdays Moldovans and Ukrainians. Thracians are Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Greek(big part of it, almost 50%) old Macedonia etc… Croatia also. She indeed was one of the largest dominant lady ruler in the known history.

  16. Does not require horse resources to build a cavalery unit? Are their horses just two guys wearing a horse costume?

  17. Just got done with a domination victory.

    & in that whole Game, Scythia was without a doubt the toughest one to conquer. In the early classical era, getting past her endless hordes of calvary made me seriously reconsider my invasion.

  18. Lol, I hope the people complaining about Scythia's inclusion in the game were ten years old, because Scythia is pretty well known for anyone with even a passing interest in ancient history. They were the original horse-centric "horde style" army and dressed cool af.

  19. First of all Tomyris wasnt scythian. She was the queen of Massagetae. She being scythian is just something historian spit out of their ass. Massagetae and scythian are completely different people. The Massagetae, or Massageteans, were an ancient Eastern Iranian nomadic tribal confederation, who inhabited the steppes of Central Asia, north-east of the Caspian Sea in modern Turkmenistan, western Uzbekistan, and southern Kazakhstan.

    About killing cyrus the great. There is no valid proof that she killed cyrus the great. Cause some say she killed cyrus and some say cyrus died peacefully.

  20. I was playing civ 6 today and i was in reinessance era and didn't meeted her yet because she spawned in a different continent,then when i was using a builder to build something that i don't remember in the ocean i came across one of her boats i discovered that while i only had 8 cities at the moment,she had 18.I quitted the game.

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