CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Spain

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Spain

Philip II leads Spain in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. He was king of Spain at the apex of its golden age. Philip was a champion of the Catholic faith and a patron of the arts and culture. Spain’s special ability is called Treasure Fleet. Their trade routes between continents give extra yields. They can also combine ships into fleets earlier than other civs. As defender of the faith, Philip gets the special ability “El Escorial.” Not only do his units get a combat bonus against players following other religions, but his Inquisitors can remove heresy one extra time. Spain also gets the Conquistador Unique Unit. Conquistadors get a significant bonus when there is a Spanish Missionary, Inquisitor, or Apostle on their hex. If a Conquistador is adjacent to a city when it is captured, it automatically converts to Spain’s majority religion. The Mission is a unique improvement that provides faith. It gives bonus faith when built on a different continent from the capital, and it gives Science if built next to a Campus. Spain’s religious strengths allow it to control other religions and spread their own around the world. Bonuses tied to different continents will give you a strong incentive to spread cities across the globe or take them for your empire. Will your prudence bring your enemies into the fold? How will you lead Spain in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

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  1. The Nation Which conquer the big empire in History was not present in other Civilization until Expansion disc what a joke, after Spanish were Mongols and British. Don´t forget the three biggest empires in History..During XVI Century Spain and Portugal became one, the king Philipp II had an Austrian Royal Family too, Belgium mid Netherland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Philippines all South America including Brazil and Florida, California, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Ohio, Arizona…. and old Portuguese posesion in Africa.

  2. I gotta admit I was pretty skeptical at first but Civ 6 is starting to come along pretty nicely, im liking the added depth in civs and the better more fleshed out diplomacy system, i just cant be sure till i actually play it and see if it all comes together or not.

  3. After watching some of those vids the hype has reached me.
    It seems like those civs play enormously unique and diversified – gotta play them all!

  4. While I think they did an amazing job at designing Philip II, is anyone else bothered by how his sword holster clips?

  5. I like how a bunch of these nation's abilities make it really important to get out and explore early game.

    Should encourage more early game conflict.

  6. God Philip will be my new Alexander, and I couldn't stand that douche bag, frikin frat boy Alexander has his new douchie replacement

  7. Awww that's a shame when units stack they don't merge models (so 2-4-6 for cav and 1-2-3 for ships as an example), guess it will speed up war in multiplayer but would've been nice to be able to see your armies grow as you merge them.

  8. Narrator: Spain's special ability is called treasure fleet which allows Spain to fuck up all foreign indigenous people's home and culture

  9. is this a joke? conquistadors? why the hell would you choose a bunch of opportunistic assholes when you could have chosen the tercios, literally the best european unit of the time, deemed invincible for over a hundred years and part of what made the spanish empire soldiers the most powerful military of all europe during the XVI and XVII century? this is like using an arquebuse when you could be piloting the deathstar.

  10. FINALLY, an spanish king who actually ruled all the Spanish Empire and not just A kingdom of the Spanish Empire (Cough cough… Isabella…cough, cough).

  11. So Spain is the only Civ I have any serious worries about its design. It is almost completely dependent on founding a Religion, and yet it gets no bonus to doing so.

    From what I have seen, the civics tree is the key to founding a religion, since it is a civic that unlocks the ability to found holy sites? You then need to build the holy site to start accumulating points. The final factor is great prophet points.

    This means any civ with a bonus to culture early on has a head start in founding a religion. This includes:
    Greece (although possibly too late)

    Building the Holy site will be quicker for at least the Aztecs since they can expend builder charges to build it quicker. Is Norway going to get a faster Holy site because it's special building goes in the holy site? I also vaguely recall something about either Japan and Brazil getting bonuses to build holy sites but I am unsure about this?

    The last factor for most civs will be a great prophet. With the free wild card slot, I'm going to say Greece is a sure bet for founding a religion as you can go straight for the mysticism.

    And there are still two more obstacles!

    Stonehenge- both China and Egypt get a headstart on this wonder due to faster construction speed, granting them a free great Prophet:

    And now Arabia will automatically get the last Religion!

    That's 7 civ's who have bonuses to founding religions, the most religious dependant civ doesn't have any bonus to doing so!

  12. I am not happy wit the portray of Felipe II, he looks pompous and extravagant and as far as i know he was very serious, reserved and pious. Also tall and thin.
    Also I think all spanish are getting tired of the monothematic religious focus about the inquisition. Not an spanish invention, wasn't only aplied in Spain at the time, just Spain had more territory and more enemies talking crap about them at the time.

    Some of the most important monastic orders were spanish, like Knights of Santiago and Calatraba. Would be refreshing to put a templar knight as special unit.

  13. I can already imagine the co-op:
    AI : Gosh, I'd never expected the Spanish Inquisition…
    (Player sends missionary)
    Player: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  14. King Philip II had blonde hair and blue eyes, but I understand that would be too confusing for Americans…

  15. Philip II was the first king in history to have possessions on all continents. "In my domains the sun never sets" I'm sorry for the French, the English, the Dutch, the Ottomans, etc …

  16. I've always wanted to have a more modern version of Spain as well, I'd like a modern leader like king Juan Carlos with a boost to economy through tourism, I think that would be quite realistic. Somehow generating money in proportion to the tourism out put.

    I love this btw, but some not colonial version of Spain would be awesome, and I think tourism is the best option to boost to represent modern Spain 🙂

  17. What I've noticed is that the Netherlands has a really crush onto Spain XD. Seriusly guys, get over it, it was more than 400 years ago, here, in Spain, we don't care about it, like seriusly, when you ask us about the netherlands the first thing we think of is weed, not that battle 400 years ago
    Also, why didnt Spain get a special naval unit, we have been known to have the best hydrodynamics boats in history, like right now, the best ones in that aspect are the Spanish fragatas.
    And please civs, as a spanish, please dont ever put Felipe Segundo again, he is the reason why GB won versus the Armada Invencible, you see, the admiral died a few months earlier to the conflict, and this "magnificent king" decided that puting a land general instead of a subadmiral (basicly the rank below admiral, not sure if that's the proper name) was a good idea. And it happened what it had to happened, GB came in with the good old strat of burning up some of your boats, send them to where you know they are docked, becasue this general choose the most obvius place to dock. And with that and a little bit of weather's help you win THE army of the time…

  18. I'm surprised he doesn't come with a "Spanish Armada" ability where he sends ships to invade England but gets defeated by the weather

  19. Spain needs a buff exactly like the Zulu.Corps and armys faster with more combat strength,but this time fore fleets and armadas.Spain is not a naval civ now its way too weak.Like this so the Sid crew will see the comment.

  20. Why did Civ 6 decided to portrait King Philip II as a burly cheeky man with black haired beard and hair?
    Didn't you bother to look at his biography? There are plenty of paintings of him. He was blond haired and had gout, that's why he spent most of his time working on his desk or praying.
    You decided to make him look like a typical Spaniard, with looks and personality which is very racist by the way, but you thought it was okay to change completely a historical character to make him look like a stereotype of his nation because it's an European country and no one cares about racism if it's chaneled towards Europeans.

  21. The mighty king Philip the second, a champion of Spain. Building the largest armada the world had ever seen. King of one of the strongest country in the world. Yet he wasnt able to defeat some rebel scum from the Netherlands 🙂 🇳🇱 Plays Wilhelmus

  22. Can You stop about conquistador You could use the fucking global Navy or tercios but no conquistador, fuck me Spain had a lot of good generales and admirals stop doing the same crap, Spain fucking saves Europe agaisnt ottomans and still all the fucking games use the same shits

  23. Nobody expects the Spanish Expedition.
    Neither do they expect them shouting "PLUS ULTRA!"
    Not convinced? Just check what is written on the Spanish coat of arms.

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