100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: The Art of Civilization VI

  1. I really like the new art style and I think Civilization VI has great graphics. A game doesn't need to look realistic to be beautiful and enjoyable.Keep up the good work!

  2. I know it's kind of just a small request and isn't overly important, but going with their idea of putting in the small things and especially since they are going with the "age of exploration" and modeling the main gameplay screen after old maps, then my question in this wonderfully long run on sentence is this, will we be able to name and label things on the map such as mountain ranges, rivers, forests, plains, deserts etc? Was really one of the only things about Civ Rev I liked. It really helped me feel like I had more involved in that world.

  3. Great job guys. I always felt that the visuals were too busy in Civ V. This art style reads at a glance and is gorgeous to look at. bravo

  4. A little off topic, but I just noticed something interesting at 2:54: on earlier videos, as some pointed out, the districts and parts of the city looked disjointed and all that– there were some on opposite sides of rivers and they seemed completely disjointed. But now (at 2:54-56), there are lots of buildings between the districts and bridges over rivers and… well, it feels like its all part of the same city. Not really relevant to the subject here at all, but I found the progression interesting.

  5. Sorry this looks awful in terms of art design comparison to V, absolutely
    awful. And somehow worse graphically. What is going on with the
    textures, water and specifically ground. Looked like they picked bucket
    tool, selected green, and clicked.

    Is it going to be going to console or Ipad maybe? Compare 2:11 to this http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/68998071589926923/5D5D2A573F3ACC9B5B4B4049AF04801F0ED73094/. 5 year old game… Oh better explosions and simple ground deformation. Yup well worth it.

  6. To me the art style is perfect! It will make the game at least for me a lot more fun as everything looks much more alive like it did in Civ 4. To me creating a beautiful empire full of wonders is what I loved about Civ 4 and bringing it back adds a layer of fun and charmed that seemed to be missing from civ 5 for me! Great job guys! Can't wait to play it!!

  7. The game looks childish. I want realistic graphics because I'm sure I'll get more pleasure by looking at tees that look like trees and mountains that look like mountains than the great new gameplay adjustments.

  8. Honestly didn't think you guys could top Civ 5 but this game looks incredible. I can't wait to play it.

  9. Not particularly fond of the art style used for units and the revealed map.
    Absolutely adore the fog of war's cartography look and everything else though, and it'll take more than an art style choice to put me off buying a Civ title.

  10. With the game's graphics polarizing fans, here's hoping that it will be easy to mod upon release. So that fans who want an improved version of Civ V's art style can put together a graphics mod right away. Also please bring back 3D backgrounds for leaders!

     Love the new fog of war though, having liked Shogun II Total War's take on that aspect of the game.

  11. The game is pleasant to look at and the colors chosen with the graphic resolution won't hurt my eyes during long sessions of game play. We all get sucked into the game mechanics, which are really what make a game a great game, and graphics aren't usually what makes us stop playing a game, it's the mechanics. All those 8-bit indie games that are hugely successful prove that just like all those AAA games with amazing graphics but shite gameplay prove it. I think they're doing an amazing job with the art for this game.

  12. People have been complaining, but I like the art style, it looks simpler, and clean and I do think that the work looks animated (love the lighthouse beam).
    But, I hate the combat explosions we've seen so far, the ones when early game units fight, I hope they're placeholders or that we can at least turn then off. I also hope that the map style advances with technology, it will feel weird playing in a modern era with parchment maps.

  13. For the same reason that the art style was changed for map clarity I can't fathom why fog of war would be changed. Yes it's cool and I love it's implementation but it completely distracts from the clarity fog of war is supposed to provide. I only hope there is an option in menu to change this to previous fog of war.

  14. i like the new graphics but i wish there was less space between everything and more thickness in the forests, otherwise the world looks like a vast, flat green and beige expanse with random buildings

  15. one benefit of the new art style is that it will make the game feel different than civ 5 which is important. If i wanted the game to feel like civ 5 i would play civ 5.

  16. Приятно видеть, что вы уделяете внимание русскому языку) Надеюсь в игре с русским дубляжем будет все нормально.

  17. The art style is a little off to me, but this is coming from someone who overplayed Civ 5, nuking Alexander( 3 times so far), and watching Nepoleon wage war with a guy while I grab resources. Not saying it's bad. I'm just going to lose hours of my life in yet another Civ game! Everything is so new!

  18. I'm immensely hyped about this game! However, i wasn't too fond of the new artistic approach but that's my opinion. Nevertheless. CIVILIZATION FOR LIFE.

  19. Графически игра выглядит не плохо, но вот эти дешевые спецэффекты, просто ужас!

  20. I've got a question for you guys at Firaxis. The German Leader that you lot have, Which Sadly isn't Bismarck, or even Frederick the Great… Is Frederick I of Swabia. More known as Frederick I Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. He did also Conquer Italy and Burgundy, so he was crowned King of those two countries. But… When you think Germany, You think, Frederick the Great, Bismarck or even Hitler…

    Overall, I'm just trying to figure out why you decided Frederick I (Barbarossa) Over the other three who seem more significant and more well known compared to someone I hadn't even heard about…

  21. 3 minutes of talking about the fog of war – I get it, it's awesome! However what about the Pixar art style? I understand that people think it look nice, but personally I don't want to conquer the world with Wall E units. It takes a lot of the fun away and you have to understand that. I wouldn't enjoy Battlefield if it looked like borderlands (Battlefield Heroes…). I get the new art design is a natural follow up to the high number of tiles and their use, but seriously this could have been done just as well with a realistic approach.

  22. This is all so amazing I love it! But plz PLZ I'm pre ordaining this game so plz make Babylon in the base game, Its all I know how to play as! If its dlc I just cant wait!

  23. Carefully avoids the question of why they went from realistic to cartoony lol. I'm not hating on the change, but I think they should say why it happened to hopefully appease the butt hurt fans. Unless the reason is a marketing one, then people will be really angry.

  24. I really hope that some glorious person makes a great mod that changes the god awful art style because it is just so disgusting. Between the "fog of war", the disgusting looking leaders, and the rest of the bloody artistic parts of the game.

  25. Civilization's art style has always been cartoon-like and a little animated. I don't see the complaints. The textures, models, and effects are gorgeous.

  26. If gameplay is good, I can get used to this.
    Simple or cartoony graphics don't bother me in strategy games as long as the UI is clear and easy to navigate.

  27. I like and dislike the map at the same time. It looks great, but it kinda makes it look like the units/cities exist in an unexplored bubble. The way explored areas are hidden in almost exactly the same way as unexplored ones makes the game/view seem so.. "small". Not the best way to explain it, but hey.

  28. I feel that the art style is a nice change and definitely pleasing to the eye, but I noticed that the tiles were a bit bland. I the realized that the tiles were missing some details such as grass or maybe even flowers. Please Firaxis, if you see this please take in consideration this comment and maybe add some grass and potentially flowers to the tiles to add some detail and convert the tiles from being a bit bland to something more. I love your games and I always will, can't wait for the release of this one!

  29. I really do not agree with the graphics style, this game is a hypothetical simulation of the real world so the art style should match. Also I don't want to play a game where i can't see anything. Just suggesting though because I love civ games but the graphics are just really off-putting with this one. shame :'(

  30. I like the new look of the game. I think when people actually play the game, they will appreciate a more vivid and less gritty map than Civ 5, due to the new districts and more things on the map.

  31. If all the bad people can say so far is "OMG! Horribad graphics. No buy." then this game must be amazing.
    Actually, this happens every time when the new title comes out. Personally, havent seen or heard anything bad so far.

  32. I know it would be a lot to ask for, but it would be cool if each civilization had 2 or 3 leaders to choose from. For example you could choose France to be on the map with you, but Napoleon if you want him to be militarily aggressive or King Louis if you want to them focus more on culture and internal development. For the USA, Ted Roosevelt if you want the USA to be a aggressive, or JFK if you want him to be more reasonable. Etc.

  33. Когда я впервые услышал, что графика в 6 части будет более мультяшной, я первым делом подумал что будет что-то на уровне 4 части, благо из-за видео я теперь думаю что рисовка вполне себе не плоха

  34. I was hoping the civilization franchise would be one that would stick true to its roots and go for game depth over throwing all their money on how the game looks, and honestly it looks like god damn Civ Revolution now which is sad.

  35. In my opinion visual style is passable, the only thing that irks me is all non-jungle forests being coniferous, this sucks and I hope they will fix it.
    What matters the most is gameplay, its complexity and depth. Beyond Earth had great visuals yet was shallow and uninspired, and it would be sad if Civ6 goes the same route.

  36. You can"t please every one. But they could fix this a little by giving people advance option set up to choose civ 5 artstyle or 6. I would prefer that over a mod. Mods are fun but they sometimes crash too much.

  37. I actually love everything about the graphics. It is really easy to see where everything is and the map pops out at you. I think the fog of war looks amazing, and it is easy to tell where everything is. Overwatch has cartoony graphics but it is still a "fun" game, so why should Civilization be any different? Why should graphics determine how good and bad a game is? I think things in Civilization 5 don't really meet the eye, and they don't pop out at you. Yes I love the graphics, like this comment if you agree

  38. I don't like the cartoon style graphics. Civ 5 looks newer by comparison. The leaders look great. Cartoony and ultra real looking. It's odd but looks cool. It's the map graphics I don't like. Maybe they did it to pull in more casual gamers. We'll see how many normal players they lose because of it.

  39. Can't wait to NOT spend 60 bucks on this, and wait a year for any sales, and several DLCs that have features that should have been in since day 1…

  40. At first I was kinda depressed by the new graphics, but those adds like the tiles that can be destroyed by war, the new fog (I hope it's a blank card but when you discover the tile you have a little art who say what is on this tile, something like that I don't know how to say it.

    The building process of wonders is great too, I'm curious to see if Armenia will be in there (hope); and I'm really curious about the culture in this game. I've finally managed to have a culture win on Civ V three month ago, and it was the greatest party I've ever done.

  41. It didn't take them six civs to find that artstyle, it took them six civs to copy it from countless games that have already done it. I like it, but don't pretend it's original.

  42. Have to admit, I was sceptical at first. However, seeing it all together really helps see what they are going for. It is growing on me immensely!

  43. You guys should also make it as we can change our capital. I mean I don't know about others, but I don't want the same city as my capital for 4000 years.

  44. Civilization games have evolved with every release. And with every release, there is this onslaught of disgruntled people hurling accusations about "fan base" and "too simplistic" among many other things. But, the great thing about this series is that it always seems to pull out ahead with a strong product. People complain, then adapt, then grow to love the game. Thus, this hopefully is just another step for the game. (And us.) That being said, the art design scares me. It looks terrible from most of what I've seen, and it unfortunately takes me out of the historical context of the game. Like others have said, it looks like a damn mobile game.

    Will it look and feel differently once we get our hands on it? Probably. Will we adapt like we always have and find an addictive, long-term gem in this current title? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that a video with a bunch of schlocky marketing types smiling egregiously while trying to convince me with high fives and self-aggrandizement that my inherent ability to judge for myself that something I'm looking at with my own eyes should be judged differently because these guys like "sea dragons" on old maps is certainly going to have the opposite effect. They are clearly avoiding the criticisms. This is always a bad sign. It's intentional deceit. Intentional deflection. They hope by talking about other things, we'll not notice the very obvious GIANT "sea dragon/elephant" staring us directly in the face.

    So if you love the new art design, good for you. This may be your introduction into what has been in the past a great, addictive game. If you loathe the new art design (as I and many others do), I suppose what you get out of this video is, well, the bearded guys who made the game like it, and like sea dragons, so FU?

  45. хахахаха если вы уж сделали 6ую циву в мульятшном стиле то жду седьмую в анимешном стиле аххахах

  46. the cities look so fucking childish. why are so many people defending this kiddie art? the graphics and landscapes were so beautiful in civ V. why fuck it over. nooooo

  47. This art style breaths new playful life into a serious that some people get can sometimes take too seriously. Personally Cleopatra and constructing wonders are my favourite additions and i have watched the videos multiple times admiring the body language and art design. Thank you. (PS can we please have those leader backgrounds as wallpapers?)

  48. This looks rather awful, artstyle as a throwback to wacky Rev, hoped for third add-on for Civ V at least.

    Thus said did they FINALLY made Egyptians speak Coptic?

  49. One thing that I've noticed is that western European civs (France, Britain, Spain…) have the same architecture as America but America has a sort of capitol and the European ones a palace. But America only appears in the videos in the Modern or Ancient era and the western Europeans in Renaissance and Industrial with the palace and Medieval with a castle. So does it mean that America and Western Europe will have different architecture or is it just that they appear in different eras in the videos?

  50. It's turn based, and that makes me think of cartoony graphics. It makes things easier to see. It's not like you are going to be running around down on the map in first person… looks awesome to me!

  51. I think they have made a great game! The art of this game is so rich and meaningful. Civ 5 art is more elegant, but civ 6 has something special that remind us of civ 4 in some way. I like the decision of not change the hexagonal tiles. It turns the game more strategic in terms of surrounding an enemy unit.

  52. Absolutely loving BNW. But this reminds me of Civ 4 more than what could have been built on Civ 5. I am sure a lot of Civ fans feel otherwise but I am sticking with BNW for now. The map and fog of Civ5 just works for me. Maybe this is an improvement which I might realize once I make the expensive purchase. Or maybe I wont and would still get back to another 1000 hours on Civ 5.But for now, Kamehameha is winning a cultural victory and I need to get back NOW !!

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