CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: The Development Team

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: The Development Team

What’s up everybody? I’m Greg Miller and I’m here
in Maryland at Firaxis Games to find out all about Civilization VI. Is Civilization VI the best one yet?
No pressure. Civilization VI builds on
everything we’ve done before Is it the best one yet?!
Yes or no? Yes! That’s what I like to here. What we’ve done with this is
taken just the best of what we had in past
versions of Civilization, we brought forward all the great systems
everybody loved to play with before and then piled a lot more on top of that. It’s really exciting to have a chance to
kind of put our own stamp on the series How do you come in to Civilization VI
wanting to tweak things, change things but not change it into something
completely different where people are alienated? We have a rule at Firaxis: you can add 33 percent new stuff, 33 percent stuff that you tweak. But the last third should stay pretty
much exactly the same you know, and if it ain’t broke
don’t fix it. What’s the most interesting
aspect for you? I would say it comes down to the core
tenet of the game, which is unstacking the cities. In Civ V and Civ games all the buildings
and all the sort of economy stuff you have in your city is all kind of
crammed in this city center tile. And the idea with districts that Ed had
was to take some of that and put it out on the map. And so each city kind of takes on its own
personality. So it’s very clear what that city does. You can see I have a library,
I have a university or I have a temple. It changes just about everything. Every time you plop down a settler you’re
not just looking at the resources, you’re looking at everything around it as your city gets specialized based on
what you’re seeing on the map. and not just aesthetically
but in terms of the game play. I’m reading the map in a way
that I have never done before. We have chosen our leaders this time in
order to come up with the people who are the biggest personalities we love having Teddy Roosevelt as
our American leader. Welcome to the United States of America We have a whole new diplomatic system for
our leaders so that they can bring those personalities into the game. And we call that the Agenda System. So we look at what that character did in
history. And so for Roosevelt, it is the Big Stick diplomacy policy. And he was going to build up the American
military to be strong enough that it was just like “hands off of the Americas.” He looks at the continent around him and
if anyone’s mucking around starting wars there you’re on his list. Gotcha. We’ve talked a lot about you know
Civilization VI is doing this, it’s going to be great,
it’s going to be great, all these things are going to be
great – we get it.
00:02:29,566 –>00:02:32,026
But like what I want to know is what is
the riskiest thing you’ve done? We rebuilt the game engine entirely. We have all these things working in CIV V
and we just like…out the window. And it actually has worked out well
enough that when we get to talking about mod-ability people are going to go nuts with how much
power we’re going to put in place. Civ V came out, critically acclaimed,
everybody likes it. But they’re like well, I feel like I’m using military more than
I’m ever using diplomacy. And then as the expansions come out, it feels like you guys are addressing
those concerns. Is that how you guys develop: based on what people are saying and
seeing how people play the game and move it all together that way? We absolutely spend more time than the
fans think reading those forums. Cut to you guys crying at the computer. What is the secret to Civilization? The fact that it’s been around 25 years. The way it just spans throughout time
allows just a limitless amount of ideas to be bolted onto it and have it work and become a whole new
game while keeping that same foundation. There’s just an amazing amount of stuff
you can do with it. Civilization VI comes out
October 21st, 2016. Until next time, it’s been our
pleasure to serve you.

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: The Development Team

  1. I want the Ottoman Empire run by Sulieman the Magnificent. They would be aggressive, but also good at maintaining cultural diversity and unity in their empire. Perhaps they should have less of a naval focus, as I think the Ottomans had many more successes with their land armies then with their fleets. Mansa Musa for Mali would also be cool. He should be good at building religious, cultural, and science buildings, and making lots of gold with caravans. Mansa Musa was known for his gold production, and as a great mosque building ruler.

    I'm not sure how they would implement these ideas, but it's what I think they should try to aim for 🙂

  2. only thing i dont like about it is how bright it appears/how much the colours pop out. and that may be my only complaint about this game ever.

  3. ThIs is great! And i hope that civilization 6 become the greatest one and best of the strategy game as always ! Waiting to see Russia in game)))

  4. New civ that I think would be fun to see:
    Finland – Switzerland – Netherlands or Belgium – Pakistan – South Africa – Mexico – Canada – Argentina.
    Sadly Greenland and Iceland have such tiny populations that they (in my mind) wouldn't make sense as civs whatsoever. Plus they're both kinda under Denmark.

  5. I'm super excited for this one. The thing that's always made CIV for me is the unintended realism- those moments when the interaction of the game mechanic and player dynamics lead to accidental recreations of history in everything from political backstabbing to warfare tactics and city-state relationships (I still laugh about the time two city-states went to war because their ally nations did… and when the allied nations signed a treaty, the city-states kept warring it out for over a hundred turns, bungling things up for the parents… hm…)

    With the unstacked cities and agenda system, I'm hoping we see a lot more of these- I'm on the edge of my seat for this one!

  6. I liked it when different civs had different leaders, hopefully some mods come in and will give some different options.

  7. Three things I'd like to see in this (but doubt that it is in it )
    1. a future era tec of Hive cities (warhammer style) build districts up not out.
    2. Forming diplomatic unions, like the U.K. or E.U.
    3. I like to play infinite games with no victories, supporting this style of play would be cool.

  8. At 1:58 you can see in the top left corner above Teddy Roosevelt's head is an angry looking Asian dude. Possibly that's the Chinese leader? Maybe it's the guy that was their first emperor I forget his name.

  9. Please make the diplomacy in multiplayer the same as in single player, that would have made civ 5 better. Or just give the option to enable interactive multiplayer AI

  10. I don't really mind how Teddy looks, but I just wish someone would comment about why they chose to make him look like that.

  11. 2:47 on the wall in between the 2 people talking you can see the portraits of Civ VI leaders. Reddit is already matching the portraits to see what Civs and Leaders will be in the game.

  12. one of my wishes for Civ VI is for it to have a prayer as its intro music like its predecessors not only because it soothes the soul but i also find it funny that i get embroiled in wars afterwards. looking forward to Civ VI!

  13. I reckon add a New Zealand civ. Although we aren't big at all, it would mean a lot for us to be included in something like this.

    And don't just chuck us in with crossover civ with Australia. We're independent and would like to be treated that way.


    But seriously, I can't wait for all the future civ leader announcements.

  15. I imagine there are nukes in this game like in the old ones?
    Do they do more harm/damage in this installment, than in the older games?. If I remember correctly the nukes where pretty environmentally “clean” and didn’t really feel like the big bad weapons they really are in CIV 5.
    I would like to see the animation for it also, if at all possible. Well can't wait for the game to release, one of the few games I've actually pre-ordered.

  16. Think I spotted a few leaders from that poster


    And all others revealed so far

  17. I am shocked they could pull Greg Miller away from jacking it to Sony products to talk about a PC game, consider how intensely he's shown scorn for the platform.

  18. I guess I can forget the art style and the hexagon borders since the gameplay is so good. Even though none of my wish lists is in the game.

  19. Please choose a good Persian leader from like Sassanids this time. Nothing above that Dynasty. I wouldn't mind another Achaemenid leader either but Sassanid is something I want to see. There a only a few leaders that could be considered good past that. The last one being the first King in the Pahlavi Dynasty.

  20. my first reaction to the presenter : AHHHH NOOOOOO!! ( i just like it when it's the devs being honest and not cheesy with a lot of ppl just saying baseicly lines

  21. Great! let's wait for Summer sale when the game's not $60

    i just hope we don't have to pay a lot for the expansion packs. i'd hate to wait for next year's Summer Sale just for it to drop to 50% (like what happened to Rising Tide)

  22. As a lover of cultural win, that screenshot at 0:45 made my heart flutter >< It says 'portrait', does that mean paintings are separated by genres now? Or is that how Great Works we own are displayed? Or is it the interface for exchanging Great Works with other Civs? Or is it the screen for inserting Great Works into our cultural buildings i.e. museums (There are two slots there, and probably we'll browse the works with the arrows and drag-and-drop them into the slots?)

    And in the diplomacy screen, there's 'Warmongering +50%'written under the 'Declare Surprise War' option, does that mean these stats are going to be visible to the player? And is it going to be our permanent stat, or would it be different to each leader?

    And it seems that Tea is going to be a resource! I am pleased beyond measure. And colorful! Terracotta Army, like it's supposed to be~

  23. Wait…this isn't another CIV….give me another civ!! Let me see how unique they are even more!!! I want to see the Byzantines!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. Please bring back the random events of Civ 4. The city-state missions of 5 were alright, but it was a VERY poor subsitute.

    If you doubt the power of random events look over at Paradox games. Their Clauswitz Engine is mostly just a random event generator on a timer, yet those moments of interaction like that make them soooo fun.

  25. Supper excited about the new CivGame! I have plaid them all from the first one is 1991. The one things I have always wished for, is more details, and so far with each new game you guys delivered. Thank you! In particular, I wish to see more art details portraying every civilization. Not only should the general cities' outlook of asian civilizations look different from Europeans, but also the units and the building built inside these cities. For example, libraries in Egypt and China shouldn't look the same, so far it is has been a greek/roman style look. Same goes for a basic warrior unit. I am looking forward to see the new city building system, looks like a great step forward to make a board game feel much more realistic!

  26. fuck that piece of shit greg miller… why of all people would you have ign interview you guys? greg miller is nothing but a ass kissing fuck boy that will write and give you a score of what ever as long as pay him for it. fucking weasel. dont tell me you guys just paid him for a positive post or what ever.

  27. Walls.. one of the issues I have with the new civ is that walls are built in middle of nowhere, can be destroyed in a single turn by targeting them as a tile improvement.

    Walls when built should encompass the entire tiled area of your overall city, they should block enemy entry into all of the improved tiles until destroyed. Destroying the improvement should take several turns. Walls are a key element to attacking a City in Civ, if the city has them, you'd triple the attack strength of your army. In Civ 6 they are pointless. 1 turn gone.

  28. Will you be able to crater (pillage) tiles with aircraft and ships/artillery the way we used to in Civ IV?

  29. Isn't Greg Miller the huge PS-fanboy that completely shit talks PC-Gaming whenever he has the chance? Remind me again why he is in a video for a PC exclusive?

  30. I'm surprised Greg Miller was able to take Playstation's cock out of his mouth long enough to ask questions at all.

    Seriously, wtf were they thinking getting this guy to do a video on a PC game, when he is so OPENLY anti-PC. Fuck that guy.

  31. Will we be able to build canals finally? we have roads but, not canals never got why. So please add canals I have a lot I want for the game but, Canals is the most basic thing I want added.

  32. Add to the culture mechanic also a sports thing so you can have the politics play out what sports will be at the olympics when that comes around.

  33. The Ai is shit in this game and Ed Beech is a shit developer trying to baffle people with his bullshit ai. Fire Ed Beech and get someone who can put out quality . Fuck you ed beech

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