CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Unstacking Cities

CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Unstacking Cities

For 25 years, cities have been the
engines of your progress in
Sid Meier’s Civilization. Civilization VI brings an innovative new
way of managing cities by allowing you to build out from your
home tile and across the world map. Each city will still consist of one home
tile, but there are now districts
surrounding the city. Districts are specialized for different
tasks, such as research, growth, culture, or production. There are many different kinds of
districts in Civilization VI. Some Civs will have unique districts
only they can construct. Each district contains buildings
that support its role. The Campus is used to boost the science
of a city. After researching Writing as a technology,
you’ll be able to construct a Campus
in your cities. The Library is the first building built
on the Campus. Later, during the Medieval Era, you’ll
research Education and be able to
construct a University. Finally, during the Modern Era, you’ll be
able to build the Research Lab once
you’ve discovered Chemistry. Each time you build a building on the
Campus, it will increase the amount of
Science that city is producing. The location of a district is important. Districts can be built in a valid tile
outside the city. A district can be given a bonus by
placing it next to certain features. Our Campus, for example, gets a bonus
when it is built near a mountain
or rain forest. Other districts will have their own
adjacency bonuses. Wonders, too, require their own tile for
placement, and may have requirements
for where they can be placed. The Pyramids, for example, must be
constructed on a floodplain or desert. Theater districts benefit from being
built adjacent to a Wonder. The Great Library can only be built
adjacent to a Campus. Spread your cities across the land as you
master districts, a major new addition in
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

100 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Unstacking Cities

  1. So will the map sizes in Civ VI be at least double than that of Civ V to compensate for city districts? The map may get really cramped late game with all those improvements and districts…..

  2. Hmm, just an observation: I'm noticing a distinct absence of the hardwood forests from Civ V. Just pines and jungle shown so far. I hope Firaxis addresses this; I realize the art style has changed (and I'm fine with that; I'm sure modders will inevitably create more realistic maps), but from both a natural realism as well as potential resource perspective. Example: hardwood forests could produce different lumber than say, redwood (pine) or jungle (mahogany).

  3. This is a pet peeve of mine, but personally i hate those borders. I really wish they stuck with civ 5 border style rather than beyond earth style.

  4. This game looks amazing and seems very well thought out. Really exited to play this game when it comes out! Keep up the good work

  5. It`s looking better now that I understand how things work. Still not sure about the art design, though. I`m sure there`ll be mods to incorporate the map and unit types and leader screens from V into VI though.

  6. Look buddy, if you don't change it so that we can build our pyramids on a coastal tile we're going to be very disappointed.

  7. Seeing a notification like "A rifleman has attacked your campus!" is going to be a bit unfortunate.

  8. I hope Egypt doesn't get an annoying bonus (the construction speed boost for wonders) like they did in CIV5. That was really annoying. Especially early game

  9. Not a fan of the graphics, but I am a huge fan of the new game-play mechanics……and that is why I will be buying it :-).

  10. Why id Civilization 6 included in the real time strategy topic? Youtube really needs to improve its topic categorization.

    Also, Civilization 6 is looking more and more awesome.

  11. What happens if you build a wonder on a tile, and then discover a strategic resource on that tile down the line? Do you have to choose between keeping the wonder and mining the resource?

  12. I don't know if it's the music or the visuals but the new Civilization VI is just dreamy. Please let it be the greatest Civilization ever!

  13. Civ 6 dev's great job on making yet another year defining game! I love the districts, agendas and every other game mechanic shown so far. I can't wait to see a video that explains the government card system! #OctoberComeEarly

  14. I like how the district appear colour coded to the resource they provide, makes it clear what each city does at a glance, instead of having to search through menus.

  15. Oh my god. The did it again. I am sorry but graphical styling, GUI and general style looks like something pulled out of tablet game for preschool kids. Disgusting to look at really.

  16. What I don't like is how they demonstrated how roads are built now by AI Traders paths finding. So in other words you can no longer build efficient road systems or just build intercontinental, outpost roads, etc. my favorite thing was building outposts/forts in civ 5 to give my civ a early warning. Now it seems I won't be able too because there's no reason for a trader to go there.

  17. I hope this game will be able to run on my computer, unfortunately, I wasn't able to play your last game because of the way it ran. I'm way too hyped for this game and can only hope for it to run.

  18. Ok this game has some cool ideas, but why did they make the graphics so shit? Its worse than civ 5 and everything looks like its made of clay.

  19. I'm a very casual Civ player (if such a thing even exists), so, while sprawls look daunting, I'm actually excited for it; I always measure a city's worth by their growth, so it's nice to actually see that growth in detail and it's been a bit hard to do so since Civ 3.

  20. I have liked all Civ games I have played, and I imagine I will like this one. I played Civ V until I got bored with it, but that was 1000+ hours of playing it. I didn't play Civ BE as much, but I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing more of this, and maybe buying it

  21. The ending of this game is always very anti-climactic. You get a few second video followed by the title screen again. You think they would put more effort into better endings. Civ 5 endings were garbage – just one picture…

  22. still excited for Civ VI but the art design is of right now the only feature that deters me. I hope Civ VII will try to go for the more realistic art design like Civ V

  23. I need this game!!!!! Take my nukes take my pearls and my whales I'll give you 9 gold per turn!! I will give you all my cities except my capital!!!! I will give you anything just give me the game!!!!!!!

  24. So what you're telling me… is that now cities will be the size of small continents now? I mean it's a really nice idea but that is just so immersion breaking and unendingly annoying that they are just so absolutely fucking HUMONGOUS!

  25. I love the new art style but I wish we had the option to make units smaller and more condensed, I love the Red Mod pack for civ 5 it just makes your wars feel MASSIVE!

  26. I like how this is going. It will certainly change things up not having a city full of a dozen wonders. I'm still curious as to how it will play out with enemies attacking though. Previously they could only have a minor effect on your cities by razing tiles – usually lowering production, food, or income, but now will a random pack of barbarians be able to destroy an entire district?

  27. After the initial, I wouldn't say shock, but definitely surprise, I am starting to really dig the new art style and I appreciate all the fine details, like the doves above the religious district or the flickering torches around Stonehenge.

    However, please remove the explosions when units fight, those are horrible.

  28. Sid Meier's Civilization . I love this district stuff. I can't wait to geek out to Civ for days!!! long live Microprose!!

  29. But what about Island cities with only 3-4 tiles available? This is especially a problem in Tiny Islands and Archipelago maps

  30. My dad still plays civ 3. He has mastered it, and now just wins over and over and over again flawlessly on emperor.

  31. wow ! I like it. hope soon you can rotate the view or the map into 360 degree. a total 3d version of civilization game. but for now it's ok and I like it. 🙂

  32. Talk about copying from endless…But I'm still going to buy this one for sure. There's nothing wrong with building on a good idea!

  33. Every gameplay change seems good but I still can't get over the graphics, no matter how many videos I watch… aaaaaaahhhhhh help!

  34. I want CZECH REPUBLIC !! with this leader ( for more possibilities ) Karel IV, Sámo Great, Jan Žižka, Václav I, TGM > JUST DO IT !!!

  35. Germany and France should have their unique "Refugee districts"
    that generate gold per turn but also generate global unhappiness and have chance to spawn a hostile barbarian squad

  36. will different districts build things simultaneously or it will be one at the time within the city? Because the first option woul be very interesting (and slightly OP)

  37. I am so disappointed in the graphics style for this game, it's way too cartoonish and naive looking…

  38. I was scared at the beginning that the game would be oversimplified, mainly due to the graphics' style which reminds me of mobile games. I'm very glad to see that this isn't the case and that they are trying to renovate the gameplay mechanics. It has me very interested. I would love if they also added more than one leader for each nation, to add different gameplay styles in the same nation.

  39. Still not a fan of the art and some of the animation, but the district concept is a game changer, as well as something that should've been in the previous Civ. It was kind of discerning that our cities didn't have any adjacent towns growing. It felt like the population were subjected to just be in the city. I like this idea.

  40. no way in the world I would pre-purchase any Civ game after facing Civ 5 A.I . Awaiting to see improvement.

  41. It's an interesting and innovative idea, but I'm just not sure it will work as it's currently presented. I don't like the cartoony look of the game at all and I think it makes the map look more like a board game than ever, especially as there doesn't seem to be any natural transition between hexes with improvements/districts.

  42. Does this replace improvements? Can you build more than one of a district? This sounds like a big change, gonna be interesting to see.

  43. fucking hell so cranking they released footage for this so early, getting me so hyped for a game in October i fucking hate waiting xD

  44. I've been playing unstacked cities in Endless Legend and I'm not as trepidatious about it as many others. The system in Civ6 seems to be very similar.

  45. When I first heard of the district feature I was actually upset. I didnt like the idea, felt overly complicated. But the more I read and see on it, I really love it. Actually makes it seem like a city is growing when building buildings as you get a viewable representation of it.

  46. To be honest I'm not sold on the idea of having to place wonders on tiles, it just seems an unnecessary waste of a tile which could be better used for something else

  47. I'm glad everyone was wrong about this game being shallower than the other games. It's great to see a developer moving forward with their franchise instead of stagnating or even dumbing it down. I'm hyped to play this now!

  48. I'm liking how this looks – it appears that it'll encourage expansion as opposed to turtling, which was always a big issue with the previous versions.

    Anyone got a time machine that can jump me forward to 22 October to find out? Please? I'll take a flux capacitor as a substitute!

  49. So will settlers be generally easier and more abundant? I see many more cities in snapshots and photos in these videos than I usually do in Civ 5.

  50. absolutely hated civ 5. still been playing civ 4 as my go to game (2016 still love it) just my normal practice to wait a while to see wrinkles flatten out, as long as unit stacking and other practical things are done here I'll be picking up a copy for the holiday season no question.

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