Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Canada

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Canada

FIRST LOOK: CANADA Wilfrid Laurier leads Canada in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. He was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada and is remembered today for his charismatic personality and his focus on Canadian unity and expansion. Wilfrid Laurier’s leader ability is “The Last Best West.” Farms can be built in Tundra and, after researching Civil Engineering, can also be built on Tundra Hills. The cost of purchasing Snow and Tundra tiles is reduced, and he receives double extraction of all consumable resources, such as Iron, on Snow and Tundra tiles. Canada’s unique improvement is the Ice Hockey Rink. It can only be built in Tundra or Snow, and only one may be built per city. It provides Appeal and Amenities, plus Culture based on adjacent Snow and Tundra tiles. Unlocking Flight adds tourisms and unlocking Professional Sports adds production and food. It also provides culture if adjacent to a stadium building. Canada’s unique ability is “Four Faces of Peace.” They cannot declare Surprise Wars, or be the target of one. They also receive extra Favor for successfully completing an emergency, and additional Favor based on their Tourism. Their unique unit is the Mountie. This Light Cavalry unit has the ability to create a National Park. It also receives a Strength bonus when fighting close to any National Park, and an even higher Strength bonus when fighting near Canadian owned National Parks. As Canada, you can take advantage of the icy landscape that most other civilizations will ignore. But should you fall under attack, your Mounties are powerful defenders. Canada is built for a strong Culture victory, and can make a good run at a Diplomatic victory as well. Be sure to join as many Emergencies as possible to take full advantage of their Diplomatic strengths. Will you guide the world with your sunny ways from the Great White North? How will you lead Canada in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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    What do you think of Canada? Do you plan on trying this civ in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

  2. Civ Special Ability:

    "Wilfrid Laurier University" – suppresses dissenting opinions by chastising wrong-thinkers before their authoritarian safety council until they cry…

  3. As a Canadian, I never knew I lived in the tundra! Guess I'll go back to my igloo and cook up some whale blubber, eh!

  4. Building farms on tundra may be better than Russia's ability. with Russia you get production and faith from tundra but always lack food. Canada effectively gets food from tundra but it costs a build charge and won't be that great until the later game when farms give you their adjacency bonus. Mother Russia gets you the bonus from turn 1 but it gets weaker as the game progresses.

    Russia: Tundra give Production/Faith w/ early game bias
    Canada: Tundra give Food w/ late game bias

  5. As a Canadian, I'm glad to finally see my country in the game but it is yet another modern civ. I think the Inuits would have made a more original addition to the game for the exploitation of the Great North.

  6. >Australia gets in:
    "Australia isn't a civilisation, it's a British Colony!"

    >Canada gets in:
    "Oh wow! We've been waiting forever to see this civ!"

    Good to see consistency here, guys.

  7. "When 2 bordering cities that are also connected by a road has a hockey rink each there is a chance for the derby event to occur. The derby event causes the loss of one citizen in both participating cities and greatly increases gold and culture gain."

  8. Yay Canada!
    The mountie was an obvious choice. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I had the coureurs des bois in mind when thinking how Canada could be added to the game.
    Nobody builds a farm in the tundra. That's just stupid. But I'll take the extra resources from the north I guess. It should definitely include furs and deer.
    The whole entertainment thing in Civ 6 is weird to me, and the ice rink isn't any different… I might have liked sugar cabins! But ice rinks definitely reaches more Canadians.
    I love the no surprise war thing.

  9. i was thinking about a super small detail, him speaking english to everyne but in French when you as a player play as the Catherine de Medici

  10. Go fuck yourself, you should have put Québec and puting in English is really horrible, this should be Great Britain. Who the fuck thinks that Canadian have a culture

  11. How the heck does an ice hockey rink produce food?

    At 3 food, it produced as much food as a farm does?

    Like, how does that even make sense e

  12. So our Mounties get attack bonuses when near national parks?

    Aren't national parks Teddy's specialty?

    Good God, Canada and America make great allies in these circumstances. Feels appropriate.
    Well done.

  13. I hate the fake Canadian stereotypes (do love the Tim Hortons ones) but I'm glad Canada is finally in a Civlization game after so long. That wasn't so hard to add, was it? People make it sound adding Canada into any game is world-ending, or something; Taboo. I'm just happy, yet wish to encounter more Canadian references to their WW2 navy, or something. They were the best during WW2 with HMCS Haida, tried to make Avro Arrow, among others. I do hope their aviation is awesome. I'll look into this more.

  14. As a certified Canadian, this made me feel a warm fuzzy feeling in my bunny-hug knowing I can finally recreate Vimy Ridge in Civ.

  15. So the one time you add my country to the game you fucking ruin it? Thanks guys. I pray some mods fix this – or at the very least remove the awful hockey rinks…

  16. They're so underpowered its just silly. Also they can build on uber shitty tiles like tundra and just make them shitty…how is that good? lol It's like a shittier version of russia.

  17. Should have been Lester B. Pearson, not Wilfred Laurier. Pearson won the Nobel prize for brokering peace during the Suez Canal crisis, he kept Canada out of Vietnam, extended language minority rights to French minorities, federalized universal healthcare, and is even responsible for the maple leaf flag, which Laurier is sporting on his lapel.

  18. Well I broke 5000 hours on Civ5. Now Im working on 6000 for Civ6. Thank you for adding Canada, I know I harassed you guys enough and I made some good points. Hope my messages helped wit this decision.

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