Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Eleanor of Aquitaine

FIRST LOOK: ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE Eleanor of Aquitaine leads France… And, Eleanor of Aquitaine leads England… In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. The duchess of Aquitaine ruled as both Queen consort of France and England, and left a major impact on the culture and arts of her time. Both in her lifetime and over the next 600 years, a great rivalry existed between these two powers. Allegiances shifted quickly as local rulers pledged their loyalty to one nation or the other. As Eleanor of Aquitaine, expand your influence by attracting new recruits to your kingdom through the power of the arts. Eleanor of Aquitaine’s unique ability is Court of Love. Whether playing as France or England, Great Works in her cities reduce Loyalty in foreign cities within range. Also, any city that leaves an empire due to Loyalty loss, but receives the most pressure from Eleanor’s empire, will join her civilization outright. This is the first leader in the Civilization franchise that can be used with two different civilizations. This allows you to utilize her abilities in situations that play to the strengths of England or France. When you choose Eleanor to lead France, your bonus toward building mid-game wonders will be particularly useful as you collect Great Works and increase your Loyalty pressure. When you choose Eleanor to lead England, converting cities from around the globe will add even more resources and power to your ‘Workshop of the World.’ Surely the sun will never set on Eleanor’s English empire! Eleanor of Aquitaine is a prime candidate for a Culture Victory, but picking up extra cities will help with any victory. Will you earn the loyalty of the world? How will you rule as Eleanor of Aquitaine in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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    What do you think of Eleanor? Will you use her as leader of England or France in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

  2. How about you make your AI capable of interacting with all gameplay mechanics in meaningful ways? All the effort is wasted as long as the AI stays as dumb as it currently is.

  3. I know civ 6 keep shoving in female leaders which I disagree wihbcause some of the ones they’ve chosen are very shoe horned in

    Eleanor is actually cool and I wouldn’t mind her for England as she did basically depose Henry II, put Richard I on the throne and stabilise John for a while.

    However making her a French ruler is dumb

    She was never a “french” noble

    She was an Angevine noble

    Thenlogic of making Eleanor a frenchbleader would be like making George I/III of England a Germany ruler

  4. One thing I've always wanted in Civ is none aggresive conquest with the ability to wipe out the entire planet via strategy instead of power. This actually gives it to me. Im almost positive Ill play this civ more than everyone else… Except maybe Marui.

    For real though, it would be nice if you could somehow pressure other civs into selling you their cities with all playable characters.

  5. Other ideas:

    Luis I, King of Hungary/Poland
    Mary Queen of Hungary/Poland
    Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria/ Queen of Hungary/Transylvania

  6. Zzzzz… stop trying to milk your dumb fans on civ 6. It released, reception was poor as civ 5 was better and still is even with all these DLC cash grabs. Move on to making civ 7 and learn from your mistakes instead of wasting time

  7. Ok, this may sound very controversial, but i‘m still curious:

    What do you guys think of including Hitler in a Civilization game?
    Ok, look, i am not a Nazi or support Hitler, but also don‘t forget that creating such an empire requires more than just luck.

    Also, don‘t forget that Stalin was also in a Civilization game and he was just as bad as Hitler.

  8. Ok let me sumerize the gameplay video…. Elenore can capture cities, even capitals, by culture and this doesn't generate any grievanve at all. If you have been stupid enough to make an alliance with her you can't even attack her. This is ridiculous!

  9. Victoria: This is a loaded handgun, and what we are going to do now is kill ourselves because this is horrible.
    Catherine: Can't we just set the game so that we are-
    Victoria: Too late.
    * B A N G ! *

  10. I have another idea.
    -Gublai Khan for China and Mongolia
    -Charlemagne for France and Germany
    – A habsburg family member (maybe Charles V) for Spain/Italy/Germany/Austria

  11. Stalin leads Russia
    Stalin leads Lithuania
    Stalin leads Latvia
    Stalin leads Estonia
    Stalin leads Ukraine
    Stalin leads Moldova
    Stalin leads Belarus
    Stalin leads Georgia
    Stalin leads Armenia
    Stalin leads Azerbaijan
    Stalin leads Kazakhstan
    Stalin leads Uzbekistan
    Stalin leads Turkmenistan
    Stalin leads Tajikistan
    Stalin leads Kyrgyzstan

  12. We need an option for custom leaders. This feature would be a game-changer! I'd love to be able to create a game with all the leaders of historical Rome and let them battle the way they did in real life. Should at least be able to change the names of leaders so that we can duplicate leaders and then differentiate them.

  13. Come on guys, we all respect women same as you do, pls, add some really important and great rulers

  14. Kinda sucks that England in general has been taken completely out of the culture game. If you think about it, Eleanor’s abiliity is more related to conquest than tourism, even if the tourism gained is a side effect of the great works they collect.

    No more awesome +300% from scientist on completely themed 6-slot archaeology 🙁

  15. Is it just me or does it feel like she was made with Create-a-Sim? I just cant decide if it is Sims 3, Sims 4 or Sims Medieval.

  16. >The only two leaders of France aren't even french as one is Italian and the other is Occitan
    Incredible how France doesn't even have an actual French leader

  17. Tch. What next? Will you be able to use certain Great Generals to become new leaders of nations? Boudicca of Scotland/Celtiaen(sic)? Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden? Napoleon of France?

  18. Eleanor of Aquitaine Birth 1122 First husband Louis the 7th Birth 1120 Children Marie countess of champagne Birth 1145 Alix of france Birth 1150 Second Husband Henry the second Birth 1133 March 5th Children William Ix Count of Poiters Birth 1153 August 17th Henry the Young King Birth 1155 February 28th Matilda Duchess Of saxony Birth 1156 January 6th Richard the first Of England Birth 1157 September 8th Geoffrey Second Birth 1158 September 23rd Eleanor Queen of castile Birth 1161 October 13th Joan Queen of sicily Birth 1165 October King john of England Birth 1166 December 24TH

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