Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Mali

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Mali

FIRST LOOK: MALI Mansa Musa leads Mali in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. He may have been the richest man who ever lived, and used his wealth as a tool to enrich his empire. Mali’s unique ability is “Songs of the Jeli.” City Centers receive additional Food and Faith for adjacent Desert and Desert Hills tiles. Mines will provide less Production, but a significant Gold increase, and Commercial Hub buildings can be purchased with Faith. Mali’s unique district is the Suguba, which replaces the standard Commercial District. This district grants a discount to every Faith and Gold purchase in the city in which it’s placed, and receives a major adjacency bonus for Rivers and Holy Sites. The Mandekalu Cavalry is Mali’s unique unit. This Medieval unit receives Gold from kills, and provides protection to nearby Trader units. Mansa Musa’s unique ability is “Sahel Merchants.” Golden Ages increase Trader capacity, and Trade routes receive extra Gold for each Desert tile in the origin city. Though Desert empires typically struggle to grow, Mali’s focus on Gold and purchase power will give you what you need to keep up with – or surpass – civs settled elsewhere on the map. Money may not buy happiness, but you may be able to buy victory as Mali. With this much Gold – and Faith – in his pocket, Mansa Musa can go for any type of victory. Will you store up the treasures of this world and the next? How will you lead Mali in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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    What do you think of the Mali and its leader, Mansa Musa? Are you excited to try this civ in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

  2. In the left corner you see how he earns 266 Coins in one round this is amazing when you see what the normal standards are.

  3. Mali and their leader is cool and all, but where's Kekistan? Can we please get some Kekistani represantation? Oh and of course make sure we're led by President Big Tyrone.

  4. Mali's leader sent me email yesterday saying I need to give him a small loan of a million dollars and I will receive 4x back once he gets back to his kingdom.

  5. Great as always! Can i ask you to put Lithuenia Civ or August I the Old as new Poland leader? Lithuenia could have perk that makes their cities grow faster, and unit that replaces setlers with bonus movement and city basic population or basic city tiles. August I the old could have cheaper military units ( in production and in gold) and bonus gold from destroying barbarian camps ; it could be called "The Manager King" and Lithuenian perk, "What isNot taken, is mine", or mybe their perk would be instant city founding in a place of conquered barbarian camp? What do you think about it?

  6. I can't express just how excited I am for GS. All of the Civs revealed so far look amazing. Can't wait for Feb 14th!

  7. How many desert tiles are there actually in a game? Seems like most of your cities aren't gonna be using the buffs at all

  8. Чи добавлять в civilization 6 різних тварин(вовків,акул,медведей) крім варварів як civilization 4?

  9. Does the additional trade route capacity happens every time you enter a golden age and last permanently? If that’s not true than this civ doesn’t have a lot of growing potentials beyond industrial era.

  10. We wuz Venetians and shiiieeett…

    I hope Venice comes back though… or some civ that does the 1 City challenge.

  11. Aww.
    Mali's cool and all, but I was hoping for tge Rozwi Empire.
    I mean, you have a wonder in the game that belings to them.

  12. Developers, kinda wish you used the Israelites as the new "Desert Civ" with King David. It would have made sense considering the 40 year exodus and so on…You did use Sumeria and Gilgamesh as a Civ.. Anyways, that's my two cents.

  13. Mansa Musa from the images we have was not fat but a man of great faith who fasted often and became known world wide because of his hajj which was a religious pilgrimage … this is so inaccurate … we have an image of him and you were not faithful to it

  14. 0:50 so when playing as Mali, you do the German cross but with holy sites instead of hanzas? Guess Mali will be a strong money making machine

  15. they changed the gold yield from trade routes. now it's +1 gold for every desert tile the trader passes over on the route.

  16. "Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary but competition for limited resources remains a constant." -CEO Mansa of Mali Industries

  17. This guy was so rich, he went on tour to show the world how rich he was.

    “Wow, this guy’s rich” says everyone.

  18. I'm not quite sure why being surrounded by desert should increase a city's food capacity. Also, the civ did not mention that there is a 30% penalty to production of buildings and units. In the old game, money could buy diplomatic favor. Not quite sure how to leverage all of that gold, but It's worth a try.

  19. It's funny how Civ VI devs are trying to be politically correct and all and then they make this guy one of the leaders. He and his family are probably the biggest reason the trans-Atlantic slave trade existed. The Mali Empire made their riches from selling slaves to Arabs and Europeans for centuries. Europeans especially couldn't get slaves any other way because at the time going into the depths of sub-Saharan Africa for them was a death sentence due to the various diseases and wild life.

  20. King Soloman was the richest man in the world. Estimated to have 2.2 trillion dollars, while Mansa Musa had an estimated of 400 billion dollars

  21. I love playing as Mali. Almost every AI Civ likes him. But, if someone is stupid enough to attack him, he can just outright buy armies. SURPRISE! Not so defenseless as you were led to believe. It's not uncommon to be making 600-800 gold per turn by the mid game. And he is great in conjunction with the Financier. That Spaceport is going to take how long to build?? Screw that, I'll just buy it.

  22. Mansa Musa was so rich, he bankrupted a few major cities in the Middle East by going on a casual shopping spree and crashed the price of gold in the region for a decade.

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