Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Phoenicia

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Phoenicia

FIRST LOOK: PHOENICIA Dido leads Phoenicia in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. After fleeing her home city of Tyre, this refugee-turned-ruler founded and led Carthage to greatness. Phoenicia’s unique ability is ‘Mediterranean Colonies.” Embarked Settlers receive additional movement and sight, and all coastal cities founded on the same continent as Phoenicia’s capital will always be completely Loyal. Their unique district is the Cothon. It replaces the Harbor and grants Production towards naval units and Settlers in the city in which it is built. Also, all naval units within this city’s borders will heal completely in a single turn. The Bireme is Phoenicia’s unique unit. This Ancient naval melee unit is faster and much stronger than the Galley. It also provides protection to embarked Trader units nearby. Dido’s leader ability is “Founder of Carthage.” She can move her original Capital to any city she controls which has a Cothon by completing a unique city Project. Also, the Government Plaza increases Trade Route capacity and provides additional Production towards building Districts in that city. Spread Phoenicia’s empire quickly along the coast, and use Dido’s ability to move your capital to a more optimal location to shift your Loyalty pressure throughout the game. Phoenicia is a flexible civilization able to adapt to the ever-changing state of the world. They can be a major contender in any victory type. Are you ready to embark on a course to victory? How will you lead Phoenicia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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    What do you think of Phoenicia? Will you be playing this civ in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

  2. I love the route they are going making every new Civ extremely uniquie. Most of the new Civs have some crazy ability no one else has or a totally different playstyle.

  3. Looks like this civ will be unkillable. Instantly healing naval defenders and if somehow you manage to take a city it won't be the capital because they can move the capital somewhere else

  4. The fully healing ships seems a bit op. You could make a blockade around your city of zombie ships that never die cutting off any naval invasion possible.

  5. It's sad they haven't included Sikh Empire the lone empire in India which had invaded other civilization and also gave tough times to English Colonials by having similar defence structure

  6. My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I
    Got out of bed at all. The morning rain clouds up my window. And I can't see at all. And even if I could it'll all be gray, Put your picture on my wall,
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    It's not so bad

  7. I always thought the Great Cothon would make a cool wonder but I reckoned it was too obscure. But damn turns out I was pretty close with that idea after all.

  8. Nice! Now when someone is going for a religious victory I could just move my capital if the original one was converted!

  9. I honestly hate Dido, she always made an attempt to destroy my empire. Every time Dido is in my game, I make it my primary effort to destroy her.

  10. Next time you made another expansion for civ VI, put latinamerican leaders like Porfirio Díaz or Lazaro Cardenas (México), Tousaint Louverture or King Henry Cristoph (Haiti), Carlos Manuel de Cespedes or Fidel Castro (Cuba), Joseph of St Martin or Jules Argentino Roca or Angelica Perón (Argentina), Simon Bolivar or Rafael Reyes Prieto (Colombia), Ramon Castilla or Andres Avelino Càceres (Peru), Bernard O'Higgins or Joseph Manuel Balmaceda (Chile), Gaspar Rodriguez (Paraguay), and Getulio Vargas (Brasil).

  11. Carthage lead by a woman. Phoenicia lead by a woman and Egypt lead by a woman. Enough of these useless leaders… Give us mighty generals like Hannibal to lead these civs instead…

  12. Every single civ they've released so far has been better than the bottom-tier Civs from the base game. Looking at you, Norway.

  13. Last night, the crying of the children kept me awake, and I had a terrible vision; I saw the fall of our city, bleached bones under a harsh sun. Carthage. Gone.

    Why would Baal send such a vision? He is not cruel… We have had victories in war aplenty. Our merchants sail to all corners of the world.

    And yet, I fear, I cannot help it. We are the envy of lesser peoples. They tell terrible lies about us! They do not understand so they lie! But the Romans, they are the masters of falsehood!

    War will come, I am sure of it. So I will have no more visions. And I think the children will be quiet tonight…

  14. I really love Dido's look – they made her more historically accurate, with olive skin and mediterranean appearance, instead of that non-realistic doll from civ5

  15. Amazing so many great female leaders used to rule the world.
    Oh what's that? They didn't this is just far leftist ideology trying to pretend reality is one way, when it's actually another way.
    Attempted mind control and enforced extreme ideology via entertainment.
    Science fact, women and men are different. Given a free choice men are more interested in leadership than women. This is just a fact, how about making your game reflect reality rather than some bizarre extreme San Francisco ideology?
    I dare you.

  16. I didn’t realize how much of a forward settler she would be until she started settling cities on the 2 hex wide gaps between my full size cities

  17. Didn't she pronounce her name "Dee-Do"? Also yes, this is the same Voice Actress who played her in Civ V, Julie Fainer.

  18. "Americans" and "Australians" as civilizations (for a total of 3 times the English civilization, since everything about these factions comes from modern-age colonization and native extermination), but no Hebrews or Portuguese (there are Brazilians but no Portuguese, WTF?)… I love the game, but some decisions are coward or just too illogical; there are strong-aligned to Islam civilizations, but not an islamic historical prophet.
    On the other hand, all the new elements of the expansions are great in my opinion.

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