Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Sweden

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – First Look: Sweden

FIRST LOOK: SWEDEN Kristina leads Sweden in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. She became Queen of Sweden at the age of six, and is remembered for her intelligence, strong-will, and her interest in the arts and sciences. Sweden’s unique ability is “Nobel Prize.” When Sweden is present in a game, all civilizations can engage in three Nobel Prize competitions in the World Congress. Sweden also receives additional points towards Great Scientists or Great Engineers from Universities and Factories and gains Favor when they earn a Great Person. Their unique improvement is the Open-Air Museum. They may only build one per city and it provides Loyalty. It also provides Culture and Tourism for each different Terrain type on which a Swedish city has been settled. Sweden’s unique unit is the Carolean. This Anti-Cavalry unit is unlocked at the Renaissance era. It receives additional Strength for unused Movement points, and is faster than similar units. Kristina’s unique ability is “Minerva of the North.” Buildings with at least three great works slots, and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots, are automatically themed when they have all their slots filled. Also, she can construct the Queen’s Bibliotheque in the Government Plaza, granting additional slots for Great Works. The key to unlocking Sweden’s cultural power is settling cities across all terrain types, and filling them with Open-Air Museums. Be sure to attract as many Great Artists, Musicians, and Writers as you can, and you’ll be set for a Culture Victory. Sweden is also a strong contender in the Diplomatic game, and each Great Person will give them another edge in the World Congress. Will your legacy be recorded by painter and poet? How will you lead Sweden in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

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    What do you think of Sweden? Will you be playing this civ in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm?

  2. You have us a woman leading Sweden? A focus on arts and sciences? 🤢 This is the land of Gustavus Adolphus! We strike fear in the hearts of the Catholics, not read their old books!

  3. the civ games has been my favourite games for years and is the game/interest that i spent most hours of my life on but now thats over, iam simply done after this. adding that traitor to be the leader of Sweden my country of origin is just outright offensive and before a bunch of uneducated amricans start complaining imagine if they added Benedict Arnold as a unique General for America in the game or if they added The thirteen colonies with George III as a leader. Basically they went out of their way to offend any swede with any kind of historical knowledge all just to fill some gender qouta

  4. I have to wonder…. Will there be an achievement involving the Swedes AND the Russians here? Something something Poltava?

  5. I think they may have added a couple of great artists not sure I recognize all the paintings in the Queen's Bibliotheque

  6. Ad also her father
    Gustavus Adolfus or Carolus XII as more military leader similar to Perciles and Gorgo, or completely unique.

  7. Lol I like the leader choice. Thanks for the popcorn

    Also, they clearly chose her because she is a cultural figure. Gustavus Adolphus is cool, but a diplomatic Sweden makes more since being run by a monarch who isn't militaristic. "Minerva of the North" etc. etc.

  8. Didn't she declare herself King of sweden? Like wasn't that her One Big Thing before she decided she was done and switched to Catholicism and abdicated?

  9. This is one of the worst leader choices. If they wanted a cultural Sweden, why not pick a leader who actually did something for the cultural part of Sweden, like Gustav III

  10. Snälla nån, lika jävla dålig voice actor som i Civ 5. Var fan hittar ni dessa så kallade röstskådespelare? Fy för den lede, mina öron blöder.

  11. wait what's that weird feeling I, as a swede, is feeling?

    oh god

    *Plays Swedens national anthem earrape while showing footage of reenactments of Swedes killing danes

  12. The only thing Kristina is know for is that she abdicated and moved to Rome. You can almost pick anyone else and theres more ideas & impact from the leader. And Nobel peace prize?! That thing is given out by the norwegians, in norway!

  13. Love it that the background music is "Helan går"!!
    Helan går is Swedens most popular drinking song, which will come in handy since I only play computer games while drinking! Skål!!

  14. Idk. I kinda like Kristina. She was like fuck it and did what she wanted. She even claimed Rene Descartes as a great person IRL

  15. Isn't this the bitch who ran the country into a wall, bankrupted it, converted to a Catholic, and then abdicated the throne. Why not instead you pick the actually legendary Swedish leaders like Gustaf Vasa, Gustavus Adolphus and Carolus Rex, but no not having enough female leaders but be sexist or some bullshit so you had to make sure your female leader quota was filled

  16. This whole Civ is a fucking joke with one of the worse known leaders running it and being fucking cultural focused. Sweden should be run by either the Lion of the North Gustavus Adolphus and be militaristic focused (with some religion in there) or run by Carolus Rex and be entirely militarily focused.

  17. The carolean is an anti-cavalry unit? I don't know civ6, as I've only played Civ5, but the caroleans were musketmen mostly, not anti-cavalry specialists. Sure they had bayonets, but at The time, who didn't?

  18. Great, you added the traitor parasite that abdicated and fled the country to represent Sweden. I guess you just picked a random female regent. I'm sticking to Civ V.

  19. Considering the design mistake you did with Gustavus Adolphus, you should totally have added Erik XIV instead. That guy was crazy paranoid.

    Also, "Helan Går"? Thanks for replacing the awesome anthem with a stupid drunken snaps song.


  20. i don't blame them for wanting to put in a female ruler but we all was waiting for daddy Gustavus Adolphus, the son Carolus rex (Karl xii), or the holy spirit Gustav Vasa.
    personally i would like to see Birger Jarl or even sigurd ring… actually when Denmark is added Sigurd Ring needs to be both Denmark and Swedens leader
    fuckit make 3 sweden. this one, one with a more liked king (hint, hint Gustavus Adolphus), and a 3rd who shares it's leader with Denmark (hint, hint Sigurd Ring)

  21. I'm Swedish, and i'm so disappointed that they used Kristina. ffs they could have used someone cool like Karl XII or Gustav III. smh my head…

  22. CHRISTINA? ARE YOU SHITTIN ME? the biggest traitor leader in swedish history is a civ ruler? oh dont mind the fact that she wanted to abolish swedish and make latin the only legal language to speak or turn sweden from protestant to catholic

  23. wtf why not Gustav II Adolf, he was king during the time when Sweden was at its biggest. SJW bs, it had to be a female

  24. Another idea:

    Leader: Karl XII (Carolus Rex, Charles XII)

    Leader bonus: God with us!

    Your units deal more damage the more faith you generate per turn. (10+ faith = 2+ damage ?)

    : Carolean

    Doesn't lose movement points due to environment if in a snow or tundra biome. Deals more damage the more unused movement points you have.

    Not sure what the Civ ability would be, I would love to see Sweden as a religious civ, but the Nobel Prize isn't that religious tho…

  25. Excuse me, what the fuck? You wanted a scandinavian queen, and you DIDN'T pick Margrete 1st?! The queen who managed to rule all over scandinavian?

  26. I was kind of hoping Carolus Rex would be the leader of Sweden in this expansion, especially since the special unit for Sweden in this expansion is the Caroleans.

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