Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – June 2019 Update

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – June 2019 Update

Hello Civ fans, We’re back with another update for Civilization VI. The team has been working very hard on the many exciting new changes going into the game very soon. As always, thank you for the valuable feedback you provide on the Civilization Twitter and Facebook pages as well as on CivFanatics and Reddit. We don’t always get the chance to talk to you directly, but we’re always listening to what you have to say. Now let’s go over some of the changes heading to Gathering Storm. What you build will make or break your civilization. Because this part of the game is so important to your success, a significant portion of this update’s overall balance pass focuses on Production. First up, we’ve provided more diverse ways for you to earn Production. We’ve increased the output of quarries, pastures, and lumber mills throughout the game so that they have similar output to mines. And once you’ve discovered Mercantilism, you can build lumber mills on Rainforest tiles. We’ve also rebalanced buildings so that even if they come late in the game, they will justify the Production investment: We’re decreasing costs of late game buildings by about 20%. Citizens working on district tiles, like the Campus, now increase in effectiveness with late game buildings. We’re buffing the effects of many mid and late game buildings like the Food Market which provides 4 Food or 6 when it has 1 Power. There’s a new Power Lens to help you keep track of the Power sources all across your civilization, including the ranges of your Power Plants. With our focus on Production, we also wanted to revisit a few Civ bonuses: England’s “Workshop of the World” now helps powered buildings generate an additional 4 yield, and their Iron and Coal Mines will extract an extra 2 resources each turn. Additionally, they get 20% production towards Industrial Zone buildings and their Harbor buildings increase Strategic Resource Stockpiles by 10. Wilfred Laurier’s bonus “The Last Best West” now synergizes with Lumber Mills which give an extra Production and Camps which give an extra Food. Finally, we wanted to revisit the pacing of Techs and Civics so you can make better use of their unlocks. Our production rebalance should help with this, but we’ve also slightly increased the costs of Techs and Civics from the Medieval to the Atomic Eras, by about 10%. We’re also adding Apprenticeship as a requirement for Stirrups and Replaceable Parts as a requirement for Chemistry. We hope these new tweaks to Production encourage you try out new strategies, Civs, and city buildouts. Gathering Storm saw the return of the Diplomatic Victory. Since its launch, we’ve received some great feedback that it was coming into play too late. To help with this, we’ve made changes to diversify where you can earn Victory Points, how early and often players earn them, and how many points are required for victory. For starters, we’ve introduced more sources of Victory Points while increasing the number of points required for a victory. Most of these new points will come from normal sessions of World Congress. Now, when a Resolution passes, every player who voted for the winning target-option combo will receive one point. This means you’ll need to spend Favor more evenly throughout the game or look for chances to vote alongside other players. New UI elements will let you know what option and target are likely to pass. Points have also been added to all of the Scored Competitions, including a new one: the Military Aid Request, which another player can call when they’re being bullied by a warmonger. Like the normal Aid Request, players who join in will send gold to the target player in a competition to claim Favor and Victory Point rewards. To give World Congress a bit more variety, we’ve also added in 3 new Resolutions. Espionage Pact – All spies function 2 levels higher for the target Operation or the target Operation becomes unavailable. Military Advisory – A target unit promotion class gains +5 Combat Strength or loses 5 Combat Strength. Public Relations – Target player and all players who interact with them get double or half grievances. This should lead to a diplomatic victory that ends up feeling more “diplomatic.” Tightening up our established mechanics in each update is incredibly important to the team, but we also want to make sure we’re offering new ways to enhance your personal strategies. A number of systems are being updated with new or rebalanced choices. Starting with Dedications, we’ve added Automaton Warfare, which focuses on everyone’s favorite Giant Death Robot in the late game: During a Golden Age, it instantly gives you a Giant Death Robot unit. It also grants 3 Uranium per turn, and your Uranium mines will accumulate 1 more resource each turn. During a Normal and Dark Age, it grants +1 Era Score for each non-Barbarian unit killed with a Giant Death Robot. There are four new Dark Age Policies, available in the late game: Flower Power which boosts your Rock Band Tourism with civs you’re at peace with, but also increases the cost of other units. Cyber Warfare which grants +10 Combat Strength against units from the Information and Future Eras, but Grievances against you do not decay. Automated Workforce gives your cities +20% Production towards city projects, but -1 Amenity and -5 Loyalty per turn. Disinformation Campaign grants 3 Favor per turn for each Broadcast Center, but -10% Science and Culture in all cities. If you’re having trouble keeping track of all those unit bonuses, we’ve added a Unit Abilities tooltip. Here you can see the many smaller bonuses that a unit has, outside of their normal promotions. And on top of all those new changes we also have two brand new map scripts for you to try out. 7 Seas will put you in a map with lots of land connected by numerous small seas instead of big oceans. Small Continents is a returning fan favorite from previous Civilization games. Compared to a normal Continents map, it has more numerous but smaller landmasses. Give these new additions a try. We’re interested to hear what you think! WorldBuilder’s Basic Mode is ready for prime time. Civilization VI’s custom map editor can now be found in the Additional Content menu by default. You’ll no longer have to activate it by going into the game’s files. On top of this change, we’ve been busy doing additional polish work to enhance the UI overall. Our goal is to make WorldBuilder as easy as possible for you to use as it’s your tool to play Civilization VI exactly how you want. Check out our WorldBuilder how-to video for an introduction on how to create your own maps. That’s just a taste of what’s coming into the game for our next update. Check out the full patch notes we’ll be releasing very soon for every single last change that we’ve put in. Now stay tuned to the Civilization social channels, we’ve got more work and surprises we can’t wait to tell you about. Until then, thank you for being an amazing community and keep on taking one more turn.

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    So, what do you think of this update? What are you excited for most?

  2. The longest civilization in history is still not added in the game (Portugal) how the f is this possible? anything against us?
    not to mention it was pioneer in maritime discoveries and divided the WORLD in half with spain…

  3. Civilization V looked so beautiful, unlike this game. I could never get past the ugly landscape graphics and oversized building icons that clutter up the map. Even worse that they're hardcoded in a way that modders can't improve them. It sucks because in every way except graphics, Civ VI is superior, and the range of feautures in the base game is very generous – making the expansions feel creative and fresh

  4. Finally won't have to focus mainly on mines all the time glad to hear that rainforests can have lumber mills now

  5. Production has been Civ VI's biggest weak spot from day 1, thrilled to see a fix. (Still would have liked Civ 4 workshops, but still…)

  6. A great patch that solves a lot of problems! It would be great if you add civilopedia in main menu just like in civ V.

  7. Is there a solution comming for the big CO2 Problem of GtS? Or is the only way to stop other nations from poluting the earth still killing them? I built all the tec to lower my co2output to zero but i cant do anything against global warming if 3 AI Player just huffnpuff it away like there is no tomorrow.

  8. The thing I need in the game is Byzantium one of the greatest empires not added and I dint like giving Constantinople to the ottomans

  9. Please make text patch notes in the future as well. I like to peruse them while talking with people or listening to something. Plus, it's easier to reference back to.

  10. Faster production and slower tech? This is exactly what I’ve wanted! Granted this may make my mod obsolete, but I’m happy nonetheless!

  11. 5:09 The disinformation campaign has similar effects on your civ as the real world example set by CNN and MSNBC has on the USA. LOL!

  12. First thing I'm gonna do is start a game with Brazil, geht Chichen Itza and get it rolling with lumber mills 😀

  13. Love what you did with the diplomatic win
    BUT it destroyed a game we had already running. We are beyond round 200 and my diplomatic points were set back to 0 even though I had already built wonders especially for diplomatic points (and of course we now need the 20 dipolomatic points for a win so this is extra sabotaging). That's really annoying and made the amazing multiplayer game we had going for days unplayable. please consider giving the option to keep the old version for ongoing games in the future so that the update will only be valid in games you start after you got the update since a civ game takes just so much time.
    Very unfotunate!

  14. Thanks for your work. My minimap and map lens aren’t working now that I have the update installed. Anyone else having this issue?

  15. The experience points are earned too slowly. Can play a through a whole game and never promote a single unit past the third level. What's the point of having experience points if you can never earn them and upgrade your units. Sad. Disgrace

  16. Я покупал дополнение для дипломатической победы, роботов и тд, а мне говорят что это теперь бесплатно??!?!

  17. The world builder is broken. You cant set starting locations. Edited maps do not appear in the map box. Why release something broke?

  18. Definitely agree with the numerous amount of people that the World Congress should let you pick what you want to propose, and have it effect leader relations that way. Someone said it perfectly, it feels too much like a slot machine. I hope you guys will consider taking the time to make it a more enjoyable system. I just bought Civ IV and put 8 hours into it today, I’m loving it so far but my biggest grievance is definitely World Congress.

  19. How about you fix the game so it stops breaking map mods with patches, you don't proved large enough maps as it is /sigh

  20. Thanks for the continued work on the game. Looking forwards to playing on the small continents map. Always liked that one.

    One thing I'd love is better future military tech and lose the giant killer robot unit. Personally, never into that. Would like to see something realistic for the future related to air, land and sea combat. I always felt the robot was just a cop out.

    Otherwise, great job. Can't wait to play again.

  21. I can't believe it over 6 months and two updates and still no fix to battleships. They still do no damage against city defences, thats ridiculous. And will Iroclads forever be faster then destroyers and why?

  22. to sum up , i can say that 1)the opportunity to use allies' airports is very important thing for adding 2) the icebreaker ( nuclear) like icebreaker Lenin in ussr

    3) gold mines like in australia scenario

    4) special file with the info about army , population , GDP and etc
    like in civ5

    5) new nations and leaders ( Portugal , Maya , babylon )

    6)You can also make a coat of arms on the sails of ships

    7) intermediate units, because too fast transitions from swordsmen to musketeers

    that is all i want to see in the game

    what do you want to see?

  23. couldn't have took the time to brush up your hair – did you guys pull this dude off the corner… wtf

  24. My screen is experience a little bit of flickering when i start up the game now, anyone else has the same problem with this update ?

  25. Now if only you could make the default UI not so completely frustrating that it requires mods to be tolerable…mods that you relentlessly break with every patch.

  26. to sum up , i can say that 1)the opportunity to use allies' airports is very important thing for adding 2) the icebreaker ( nuclear) like icebreaker Lenin in ussr

    3) gold mines like in australia scenario

    4) special file with the info about army , population , GDP and etc
    like in civ5

    5) new nations and leaders ( Portugal , Maya , babylon )

    6)You can also make a coat of arms on the sails of ships

    7) intermediate units, because too fast transitions from swordsmen to musketeers

    that is all i want to see in the game

    what do you want to see?

  27. they are still off with the scale. Don't like it when one city takes all of europe. Liked it better when I could build empires with 20+ cities…haven't bought it since civ3…

  28. why giant earth map is not working yet? Are you f***ing mad? Contact Gedemon mod team and fix this you morrons !!!


  30. Some constructive criticism, have your team relax a little on camera they look super nervous. Itd be nice to see some more passion while theyre sharing awesome new additions to the game. Other than that great vid!!

  31. Diplomatic stuff kills the game, so boring – should be able to disable the whole thing. I just skip past the screens and never bother looking.

    How about a simplified old skool version like the earlier games.

  32. " we've got more work and surprises we can't wait to tell you about " thank you From France <3

  33. @firaxis: do you think p0kiehl deserves a huge shoutout?! This update is basically their modlist. Also, sorry mate, uninstalled your mods – thank you though!

  34. Please add a notification when you need to recommission a nuclear power plant, it becomes tedious to keep track of it yourself, especially with a lot of cities.

  35. I think civ vi could benefit from a mechanic found in some paradox games, where there is a massive cost penalty for going too far on the tech tree.

  36. No built-in turn based mulitplayer, a deal breaker for me. Is it that hard to implement turn-based multiplayer with steam/email/whatever notifications when it's your turn?

  37. If you disable all victories but domination the AI keeps on aiming for other victory types… so the game is extremely flawed and it just shows how narrow minded these video-boyscouts are.

  38. I was able to play Civilization 2-5 alone and enjoy it. Now with Civilization 6 things get complicated. Too much. I cannot handle myself to manage all the things in game. So I have gathered all my family around the computer to assign each of them some tasks to manage in game. That was not enough. I searched between my neighbors for extra help. It wasn't enough either. Now I am seriously thinking to hire some accountants to keep track of all my assets in the game, maybe this way I can go further.

    Dear game makers, we have our jobs where to get tired, bored or stressed. Please just make games fun!

  39. i think that they can add more nations and leaders because a lot of old civs are not done ( Portugal , Maya and Babylon and etc)

    also it is very important , there are many bugs and some problems with AI.

    If we speak about mechanics , i think that it could be cool to add the oppurtunity to use airports of allies

    Moreover they can add icebreaker because sometimes we have maps where one tile of ice close the traffic.

    Some things from scenarios – epidemic or gold resourse

    Intermediate units because now we have too fast transitions from swordsmen to muskeeters in compare with civ5

    maybe more interection with city states not only envoys.

    And of course some visual effects ( coat of arms on the sails) or something like this

    more use for iron and nitrate

    because at the end of the game they just lie idle

    AND !!! in the last part I really liked advisers, military, diplomat, etc.

  40. I think all of these updates were needed and its so awesome they are working to improve this! Look forward to whats next!

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