CIVILIZATION VI – How to Build a City

CIVILIZATION VI – How to Build a City

Cities are the engines of your empire in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Here’s how you can keep them running at their best. Food is a resource used to grow your cities. The more food your city gets, the faster it will grow. Some tiles provide food and you can increase food production through building farms as tile improvements, especially on Wheat or Rice. After you earn a certain amount of food, you get an extra population in your city. That new population can be used to work around the city and the more population it can support, the more it will produce. You can assign population from a city to work as Specialists in a District. If you choose to optimize a city for a particular yield, the game will assign these Specialists for you. You can also manually assign these Specialists if you aren’t optimizing for one specific yield. Cities have a soft limit to the number of people who can live there, called Housing. If you don’t pay attention to Housing, you may miss out on some of your city’s fullest potential, giving you fewer workers and smaller yields each turn. Cities with access to fresh water start with more Housing than cities in other locations. You can add Housing to your city through buildings and Districts, especially the Aqueduct and Neighborhood, as well as Policies and Religious beliefs. Appeal affects how much Housing a Neighborhood can produce. Tiles near undeveloped forests, natural wonders, and national parks have higher Appeal than others. Place Neighborhoods here to get the best possible Housing out of them. Amenities keep your population happy and are also crucial to grow your cities. You can get Amenities through developing luxury resources, building an Entertainment Complex, and certain Policies and Religious beliefs. Some civs, like Brazil, have special ways of gaining Amenities. If your population doesn’t get enough of these, they’ll become unhappy, and may even revolt. Civilization VI has the 1-2-3 rule. For every one population in a city, you’ll need one Housing to keep growing.
For every two population, you’ll need one Amenity to stay happy. And for every three population, you can build a new District in that city. Keep your citizens well fed, housed and happy, and your empire will flourish in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

59 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – How to Build a City

  1. Can someone aid me in how to with the egregious district penalty when you have founded new cities ? It would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  2. Seriously, nobody give a damn about "How to Build a City" two months after the game release. Give us an info about the patch and two DLCs we can clearly see Steam achievements for.

  3. Finally, I've been waiting for this video. I've been playing this game for about two months and I couldn't figure out how to build a city. Thank you!

  4. lol i thought this would be useless but that 1 2 3 rule is gonna help alot. 1pop = 1 housing needed. 2 pop = 1 amenity needed. 3 pop = 1 district. easy to memorize, thanks guys!

  5. Im getting civ 6 for winter solstice. Any tips since the only other civ game I played is Civilization Revolution? Oh and fuck you gandhi

  6. How about fix multiplayer teamplay! I already stopped playing because of that.. Longer you let us wait, less chance anyone will still be playing it..

  7. >Building Hanging Gardens at all when you are housing capped
    >Building half of Huey
    >so many Holy Sites
    >no Petra in Vegas
    >no Industrial Zones

    Damn, Firaxis, at least show decent cities in "How to build a City" video, you lords of mischief

  8. Still feel like alot of basic things are missing. For one, when a city grows. TELL ME. I shouldnt have to look at all my cities eatch turn to be able to keep track of it. Give us a pop up like civ 5. So we can make adjustments. I actually lost a wonder due to this in the mid game. Also do we really need to get bombarded on the screen with information from delegations? ALot of the information is not warrented to be on the middle of the screen.

  9. Bro, if you don’t know how to build a city in the 6th installment of a game based in building cities then maybe look into other games.

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