CIVILIZATION VI – How To Choose a Civilization

CIVILIZATION VI – How To Choose a Civilization

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI lets you rule one of the great civilizations of history. But how do you choose which one to lead? In this video, we’ll show you how. We’ve already revealed some of the great civilizations of history in Civilization VI: America, Japan, France, Egypt and China. Each civilization has unique strengths. Some civilizations are aggressive and militaristic. Others are strong with diplomacy, or might focus on growth and expansion. Experienced players often choose civilizations that complement their playing style. Choose a civilization based on your interests or its abilities. Let’s say we want to build lots of Wonders – buildings like the Great Pyramids – which grant your civilization unique bonuses. We want to build these early in the game so we can grow quickly, rather than focusing on building large armies for defense. We see that China has the ability to use its Builders to speed the construction of Wonders, and has the Great Wall as a defensive tile improvement. But Egypt has a special ability that lets it build Wonders in places they normally couldn’t go. Should we choose Egypt instead? Since China also has the ability to create the Great Wall improvement, we can use that to help out a smaller army. Egypt doesn’t have any such defensive bonus. We’ll choose China over Egypt. Eventually you’ll want to go back and play as all of the civilizations. Eventually you’ll want to go back and play as all of the civilizations.

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  1. Kinda ironic. China built Great wall to help out smaller army, in reality China Dynasty conducted the most massive army to war

  2. I've always played Rome since Civilization III. Well maybe twice I've played America, but those are the two Civilizations I've played.

  3. I'm still 9 leaders short of having won a game as everyone in Civ 5. Dido, Boudicca, Haile Selassie, Attila, William of Orange, Gustavus Adolphus, Ashurbanipal, Ahmad Al 'Mansur, and Maria I.

  4. I'll be doing a Day 1 multiplayer game, thinking about going France, since they seem interesting, though one of my friends has said that he'll be playing China… wonderspam, wonderspam everywhere… At least I'll get a buff to midgame wonder production…

  5. Or… you could like… just pick one and do your best, have fun and challenge yourself playing in a different way…. but thats just like… my opinion man…

  6. Creator of this game… Please explain how the Mongol empire isn't on their? It's the greatest in history and they demolished the Chinese empire. Even though any single Sung city had more people than all of the Mongol nation the Mongols still won. Plus Mongols developed the silk roads and allowed the first safe trade from Europe through Asia. That's how the Europeans got gunpowder. Mongols took gunpowder from the Chinese, refined it and shared it with Europe, causing some of these other empires to exist.. Such as America.

  7. Sid Meier……
    I really want this game but I don't have any money 🙁
    Can I pay through hugs and kisses?
    Pretty pleeease?

  8. No thanks. I got board with CIV 5 because the gameplay just wasn't
    interesting enough anymore. I heard the same end-game tedium exists for
    CIV 6.

  9. I went with England, because Queen Victoria oversaw the greatest empire in Earth's history. There is a reason they named an era after her and had Jubilee.

  10. I find it absurd that there is just 1 great prophet that you can recruit as great person.I think they should fix it and i dont know add different abilities on the next ones like, use and give 1000 faith and 2 envoys,temples gives extra faith,next one can buy university with faith.I mean whats the point of great person(prophet) point if its only usefull untill getting great prophet.I believe this will add so much fun to game also will boost religions importance.Right now great people prophet point is almost useless if you have a religion.

  11. *here is a game I will never play. It's always the same game, and it always cheats. Every enemy civ automatically allies themselves together, they all insta-share technology, and demand gold in tribute every single turn. Then when you finally get an army of knights together to attack them , every other nation counter attacks with tanks. Yeah, real fraking fair Sid.

  12. Why does this show the incorrect building method for the pyramid? It's been shown that redirecting water and creating elevator-like pathways was the most likely route chosen, instead of an absurdly large ramp

  13. Very nice video! If anyone is interested in more civ 6 I recently started a lets play on my channel check it out if you're interested!!

  14. Step 1) Realize you are English
    Step 2) Realize you're kinda a warmonger
    Step 3) Realize you'd feel bad if you destroyed your own country
    Step 4) Play as England

  15. Thank you for the worst Civ in the series! What a waste of money.
    In this video you don't even show how to choose CIV, as one would expect from the title. Why the F do I start with India?

  16. Now that the expansion's out… dons kilt I'LL TAK THE WORLD BY STORM!   AND THEN, SPESS!  YE'LL HEAR ME PIPES FROM MARS, YA MANKY SOTS!

  17. I went with Ghandi in my first game to pay homage to my first game in civ 5 which was random.

  18. There are two types of people: one that pick Rome and the other that lies.
    Come on everyone dreamt about conquering and unite the world under Rome

  19. Pfft. This video is a bunch of lies. The clearly superior choice is Ghandi. Not only you promote peace but with your arsenal of Thermonuclear Bombs,ICBMs,IRBMs,and MIRVs you can fucking annihilate Civs who don't like your way of peace.

    The only way to True Peace is salvation with Atom

  20. I will not support a game who disrespects history. For the 1st time they have greece and macedon apart meaning its different. In the same sense they should do it with sparta, thessaly and so on. Also take out the hellenistic from their feats to become even more ridiculous, see if they were speaking slav or something

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