CIVILIZATION VI – How to Generate Science

CIVILIZATION VI – How to Generate Science

Science drives your progress in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Science is one of the major resources in Civilization. It is used to unlock new technologies, which give your people new abilities and units. The more science you produce, the faster those technologies unlock. Initially, science is generated by your palace. You can also get science from certain resources, natural wonders, and the Campus District. Eurekas are boosts to specific technologies, and you can earn them through different things you do in the game. You don’t need a Eureka to complete a technology, but they can speed your scientific progress. For example, settling a city on a coast automatically completes half of the sailing technology, which helps you improve sea resources. Discovering another Civilization boosts Writing, which allows you to build the science-producing campus district. The Campus District is the best way to generate science. Build Campuses next to Mountains and Jungles to get the highest adjacency bonuses. Libraries, Universities and Research Labs on your Campuses will further increase their science output, and allow you to assign your population to this tile. Great Scientists are legendary people your civilization earns. You can accumulate Great Scientist points each turn, through your campuses and social policies. You will earn a Great Scientist after enough great scientist points are obtained, or you can patronize one with gold or faith. Each Great Scientist has a unique and powerful effect. Wonders can also help with science. The Great Library boosts all Ancient and Classical Technologies, and Oxford University gives 2 random free technologies. Certain policies and religious beliefs can help as well. To Win a Science Victory, you’ll need to be the first Civilization to establish a colony on Mars. First, Research Rocketry. This will allow you to build a Spaceport district and launch a satellite. After that, researching Satellites will allow you to land a human on the moon. The final step requires researching Robotics, Nuclear Fusion and Nanotechnology. Sending a Mars Habitaion Module, Reactor, and Hydroponics component will complete the Mars Project and a Science Victory. Be aware, these projects require tons of production, so try to build spaceports in cites with Industrial Zones. Or you can always get help from a Great Scientist. Will your civilization reach for the stars? Master science in Sid Meiers’ Civilization VI.

52 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – How to Generate Science

  1. I fucking love this game, i have already passed it with all civilizations, and with China, Russia, USA and Japan in Deity difficulty!!!

  2. The tech tree need some rework imo. I don't Understand how you can go from medieval era to modern era with only 4 tech (from Education; 1.astronomy 2.scientific theory 3.sanitation 4.chemistry) and obtain At-crew that fast! Every game I play on diety, the AI do this, it is annoying, I try to attack them, but well shit I have to wait until I have them or infantry to beat them and win the game. There is like no medieval to industrical war in my game, don't know if i'm the only one to have that issue.. Also, you can research, flight or even robotic before the Wheel!? The tech tree need to have more "link" (I don't know the correct word in english) between techs like civ V imo.
    Anyway, i'm still in love civ vi thank for the game firaxis!

  3. Is it just me or does everyone else only get the same natural wonders in a game i.e. Pantanol, mt. Kilimanjaro, crater lake and great barrier reaf

  4. Eurekas are OP imo. Especially since all the early ones are pretty much given, so they become part of the background and not so much intentional choices. I would suggest balancing them a tad to be a little less powerful. Like you would have to accomplish them by a certain date. or they decrease in value as times goes on. or just drop them to 25% to make life easier

  5. Thanks for the help, guys. I was trying to play Civ VI but this one civilization kept kicking my ass. This should definitely help.

  6. Actually you just need to bomb everyone else back to stone age and they won't generate a thing and you'll be fine…. What… Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not a warmonger.

  7. Civ 6 wins an oscar for nice design concept, good music and Sean Bean. It wins a Razzie for diplomacy and rubbish AI…. if you like any sort of challenging game and are still wondering whether to buy the game – then save your money for now and wait for at least the first major upgrade.

  8. Please revamp the tech/civic tree UI to be less wasted empty space. I can't see which techs lead to each other, since they don't both fit on the screen at the same time! I elaborate in this Reddit post:

  9. the great libary comes too late to have any effect. it seems to only be a catchup for people who neglect science and went the culture route. and culture comes so late that it have no catchup effect… please balance this wonder and your current underwhelming civs.

  10. Finaly some clear advice.

    i had difficulties with CIV V even though I was given simple advice on how to reach Scientific victory.

    I managed to win a game with the Prince difficulty in CIV VI for the first time in all CIV. But when I try to do King then it's complicated cause my foes havec always the upper hand from the beginning. They are more advanced than meI dont know how they manage their resources I can't see what I'm doing wrong. Once I settle (preferably with loads of food around and one luxury resource albeit luxury resources are less important than In Civ V) I go for a slinger and make my warrior scout the area.

  11. This is my favorite victory. And lemme tell you the Arabic civ is the most effective in achieving science victory.

  12. Quick question. Lets say a civ is really advanced in science and has all the rocket stuff ready for winning the science victory. Is it possible to defeat them and take all their progress?

  13. I think the religious victory is an interesting addition to the game, but there can be more!

    I have an idea: the economic victory. It still has room for change, but my current thoughts are that to achieve it, you need to become the sole owner of 5 different luxury resources.

    Reply if you have any suggestions!

  14. very cool game, its one of those games ppl will play for years 🙂 just one wish i have is that make politic actions more complicated so we have more varieties of choices to get enemies or allies!

  15. ok i suck at this game in the warlord difficulty i was playing as america and russia had 10 times more weapons than me and it was 2 eras ahead 🙁

  16. these videos only show us things we can allready figure out while playing the game. I fail to see the point of making these videos

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