CIVILIZATION VI – How to Prepare for War

CIVILIZATION VI – How to Prepare for War

to prepare for peace you also need to prepare for war in sid meier’s civilization six were becomes more consequential overtime and can affect the way other sibs you and trust you when you go to war you’re going to want to avoid a long drawn-out conflict the warmonger penalty affects not only how other cities view you and how willing they will be to cooperate with or oppose you but also the happiness in your own cities in the ancient era you will not gain warmonger penalties but as the ages progress going to work becomes more and more frowned upon by other nations declaring a surprise war may be an effective way to get the jump on your opponent but don’t be surprised when no other nation in the world will trust you sometimes a sieve just won’t like you maybe your agenda conflicts with theirs or maybe they’re just aggressive when another nations accusations or posturing becomes too much for you to tolerate denouncing them is a formal way of declaring to the world that they’re in your sights after 5 turns you may declare a formal war eventually you’ll unlock casa spell I like liberation or colonial work which reduce warmonger penalties but require certain criteria to invoke Wars also cause war weariness which reduces amenities in your cities killing units in foreign territory fighting wars without just cause or dropping WMDs add the war weariness to your city this negative effects can cause your cities to work less efficiently or at work make your citizens result against you and spawn partisan barbarians to pillage your tiles managing war weariness and warmonger penalties should be part of your strategy when you do go to work a capture city is a valuable spoil of war if you raise the city you’ll destroy it but the rest of the world will be shocked and you’ll gain extra warmonger penalties you can occupy a city and claim it as your own but the city won’t be at its full potential until the war ends you can also liberate a city if it belonged to someone else originally and also gained a huge diplomatic bonus for your generosity once the war is over you can settle diplomatic Lee returning the city you captured to an opponent as part of a peace deal might get you some golden resources keeping a captured city will make the original owner upset with you are going to want their city back an opponent that feels you’re significantly stronger than them will offer more generous terms than one who thinks they can still fight back or who just ate fielding in war war mongering and war weariness both DK slowly over time so even the most aggressive players early on can be forgiven later on in the game but if you want to win by a domination victory you probably aren’t going to worry about any effects to your opponent’s capitals hard with speed and ranged weapon village their districts with your bombers and if that doesn’t work you have some more dangerous option after completing the manhattan project you’ll be able to build nuclear weapons which are counted as resources and can be used by bombers nuclear sub and missile silos built by your military engineers they destroy anything and everything in a one tile radius of their targets if that’s not enough destruction you can always research nuclear fusion which will allow you to make thermonuclear devices after completing the operation ivy project take out a 2 tile radio but using these powerful weapons will not only make the world unite against you they’re likely to make your own citizens deeply unhappy as well whether necessary evil for a means to victory go to are prepared in sid meier’s civilization six

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  1. What the title really means is…"How to Play Civilization VI" One thing i have learned is that in civ VI it is IMPOSSIBLE to be friends with more than about six people. Even if you try to be friends someone will hate you. I love agendas but seriously, come on! AI's need fixing and the game needs help. Maybe an expansion, or three. What a great game but until you guys fix your ai i shall stick with V. Thank you.

  2. There is this one situation where a Civ after i have been friends with him, decides to stab me in the bk :), when i kick his behind and decide to take his capital everyone starts to hate me. I mean what the hell, he starts a war with me and the minute i take his capital everyone thinks i am a warmonger. I was just going for a culture victory, just trying to be friends and this guy betrais me, and everyone decides i am the bad guy. So, i think this needs some work, i liked Civ Vs, UN methods of imposing sanctions on a Civ that is too agresive, denided him resources and every UN member agreeing, really slowed the civ down in his expansion, i think you should implement that thing back …

  3. Hello, new to Civ. VI. Why can't I get a horseman? Got "Animal  Husbandry" and "Horseback riding" but the horseman is darkened out. Oh failed to mention, I've got a horse tile and it's been pasteurized. 🙂 Everybody and their brother has horsemen, even Barbarians! Please help, this is not my only problem but it's an important one. I suppose my biggest problems lie within the Civipedia and the manual.  They're both extremely lacking in detailed information.

  4. live peacefully,an aggressive civ declares war on you,launch nukes on your cities,enslaves your people,rapes your womens,kills your children,after some turns you get upset,you reply with a bad word,he starts to cry,and you monster receive an warmonger penalty.Welcome to Sid Mayer's Civilazion VI,doesn't matter what you'll do,for everyone else you will be an horrible person as well,in a world where Ghandi nukes the crap out of you in order to reach the Nirvana.

  5. My domination strategy. Play as Gilgamesh and produce only war carts on a pangea smallest size map against someone with no bonuses in the ancient era.

  6. "… Or they are just aggressive!" *shows Germans * 🙁
    There you have it. We have that reputation as warmongerer forever. In this regard Civilization 6 is very accurate by never letting you get rid of your warmongerer status.

  7. I find an AI and then they are like hey lets make peace. I accept it and then 10 seconds later, "We shall crush your petty army. PREPARE FOR WAR!"

  8. Yes, the way warmongering penalties are done in this game are astonishingly stupid. In one game I declared only one war. I believe it was in the classical era. And I took only one city. For the rest of the game all of the civilizations were denouncing me as a warmonger every couple of turns because, I had another Civs city. 1) Over a couple of generations the population of that city would become my population and that resentment would fade. 2) No civilization can maintain hatred for any other over thousands of years. 3) Warmonger penalty, realistically, is mitigated if other civilizations have a benefit by benefiting from your; trade, support etc. This games diplomatic balance on this issue is completely out of whack.

  9. I started my first game of civilization 6 and civilization in general and had all but one friendly then I went to war with Toronto and became public enemy #1 😄

  10. Civ 6 in a nutshell
    Did you spawn near a barb camp? If yes, start over.
    First Civ you meet-"Hey buddy, want 25 gold?"
    Me-"Sure, why not. Here, have 25 of my gold as well as a sign of friendship =)"
    Same Civ-"Fuck you bitch, THIS MEANS WAR"
    Me-"what? O.. Ok I guess"
    Everyone else-"This fucking disgusting warmongering shit, lets declare war on him too. That'll show him."

    The only way to play single player is to build a massive military and shit on everything around you until you're strong enough to chill and do what ever you want.

  11. War weariness needs another look at. In its current state, it is crippling. Even if you win defensive wars, it can set you back a long way. As it stands, war weariness is not specific enough and damages innocent playstyles and nations.

  12. I don't ever worry about what other civs think. They can call me a warmonger all they want. When they denounce me, I simply use it as an excuse to declare war on them and stay at war with them until they're d.e.d., dead. It is not at all uncommon for me to be at war with every civilization in the game. I often use mods to permit "ludicrous" sized maps and play as many as 18 civs at a time. It is rare that I'm not the dominant power in the game. I usually play on "king" level which is the highest level the air plays before it gets unfair advantages. I would like to play some human players though. I suspect strongly that things would not go as well for me – and that I might actually have to do some work… 😉 I love playing civ and have been playing since civ1. Civ3 with the "double your pleasure" mod I think is probably my all-time favorite, though I really liked the "call to power" game that came out for Linux a few years ago. Whichever one it is though – civ rocks!

  13. Then there's my favorite. Go to war and then make peace with a city-state. 30 turns later Get denounced by Germany for being a Warmonger.

  14. Warmonger penalty = Never even raise just a finger against anyone , under no circumstance. Ever. If you do , everyone will hate you more than Hitler for all eternity.

    They just have no idea how to make this mechanic work. Better to just get a mod to disable or greatly reduce it. Then just RP your own house rules about your warmongering.

  15. Peter : Hey, help me to fight barbarosa
    me : Okay buddy

    3 turns later

    Peter : You are a warmonger for fighting german! I will declare war on you
    Everyone (except me) : You are a warmonger

    shitty game, i wasted my money just because this game!

  16. Them Arabs always declare war when I settle, its like chill brah, give me a minute to relax and we can nuke each other

  17. Love the game but half the civs always hate me for no reason. I play a peaceful game if I can, I give them free amenities, money. Whatever I do it doesn't work and seems to be a bit broken. Sort it out hey?

  18. You know how to prepare for war , press end game and play Civ V instead. This game is the G rated version of Civilization. It's the sanitized Christian version for delicate people. Look at those combat graphics…horrendous. This is Civ VI and Firaxis is actually PROUD of it? How pitiful.

  19. 3:04 "if that's not enough destruction you can always research NUCLEAR FUSSION" But it is actually nuclear fission which is the formula to make thermonuclear bombs

  20. I like playing this game…but it sucks..the denounce system is shot, warmongering is outa control..ehh they should update and fix…but they won't

  21. I made the mistake of making a really really long, droned out war, lasting over 300 turns. Me vs the world. Think of f it as my last stand. As i watched my cities fall one by one, and realized that i was going to lose, i made a last ditch attempt to salvage my once great empire. I sent my units back to my mainland, abandoning my cities on the other continent, and made a defensive line. It worked for around 50 turns, but was eventually overrun.😢

  22. War gets annoying after a while. Every other civ just never likes you, every fucking game. I won once, and it was a domination victory, no other victory seems possible because everyone wants war. Even Gandhi. Pleas fix your AI its been a year!

  23. Just saying late game just get a huge navy capable of taking out coastal defenses and cities then just destroy everything in range of the coast, then right behind them a huge group of land troops to all disembark at once overwhelming your enemy in other words 3 aircraft carriers 5 missile cruisers and as many rocket artillery and modern armor as possible and a city is yours

    Also if you have your fleet of nation murdering across the world and your neighbor declares on you just nuke everything except one city and make a peace deal to take that one city along with a ton of gold… then come back for the full thing once they recover

  24. So can the players buy Gold, Food, Culture, Science, etc. with real money yet?
    $2K games. I haven't checked 6's DLC list for awhile. I can only imagine the horror.

  25. It would be nice to know when I can denounce a civ – or at least counter-denounce when they do it to me.

    I haven't denounced a civ once 'cause they keep beating me to it…

  26. Almost all information from the Devs is completely wrong.
    Better to go to Civfanatics or Online Groups for information.
    These Devs never play the game like the Pros.

  27. Me when I start a new civ game

    : ooh boy I can't wait to be a leader searching for peace and being friends with other leaders.

    Me after I've played it for more than 5 hours

    :burn em all with my nuke france, poland, india, china and spain wage war against all of them.

  28. The diplomacy system in civ 6 is actually better than the previous civs. Usually when I play the game I get 2 to 3 friends out of the 12 civs you get as default from a huge map and everyone else of course hates me for reasons of not meeting their agendas or not having the same gov't which is basically almost the same as the real life anyways, you don't get to be friends with everyone even if you are peaceful and do nothing to them. BUT they never declare war on me, and I think the reason behind that is because I always make sure that I have a strong military and I never leave it behind even when my focus on the game is towards cultural victory or science victory. So basically strong military = no bullies. let the civs denounce you, you still get to be able to send trade routes to them anyways, And you don't really have to be all that friendly to them too, 3 to 4 friends should be okay to survive.

  29. > Befriend with Greece
    > Befriend with England
    > "Greece denounce England"
    > Greece hate me coz I friend with England
    > Later on he declared war against me
    > wtf?!!

  30. Chooses Germany
    No military
    Aztec Empire declares war on me because they want my weed
    Be Germany and have 2038092384872390856 production
    Make the strongest army in the game in 3 turns
    Fight Aztec army, never lose a single easily replaceable soldier
    Raze all Aztec cities
    Classical Era
    EZ game

  31. It feels like the diplomacy mechanics hasn't been tested yet, it is totally beta right now. Other civs can settle right on your borders and take your land and that is not a casus belli, you can just ask them nicely not to but they just say "what are you going to do about it?" and even if you don't raze them you will still be a warmonger.

    Forward settling must be a casus belli if you code the AI to use it. Period.

  32. why not add military organizations like a to some generals your manage to build your military. combine your units to build divisions or make brigades to the divisions or merge some submarine to the divisions. I think it's a good idea and makes games better in strategy and development like (total war)

  33. u know sometimes other civilizations might give every resource and every piece of gold just for peace but usually they dont give cities though

  34. you better than I heard. I heard alot.
    How do you stop the others calling you a Warrmonger when they strike? and keep it it? Sun tzu didnt talk this.

  35. I havent play civ vi yet, but in civ v ai sucks at peacy treats. I killed pretty much all their troops, captured a few of their cities and surrounded their capital, yet they offer me nothing in exchange of the peace deal. How am I supposed to win a war when the losing side gives me nothing in return? GPT would be the better peace deal imo, but ai never accept it. Most times ai just offer a shitty city in the middle of nowhere, soI just raze the cities and take the capital.

  36. Okay so I am "friendly" or "denounced friend" with most civs, but then one comes and it's unfriendly and I am just having a few troops and working on my civ's culture AND THEY DECLARED A SURPRISE WAR GODDAMN POLAND

  37. I absolutely massacred China today. I was playing as Germany and I’ve had problems with China from the time I met them. China would constantly declare war on me for no reason. I went into this game with an improvement upon my idea of a strong military. Usually what I do is I have three units to a city (1 mele inside the city center, one ranged inside the military base, and a pikemen/AT crew right next to the city and then in the space between two or more cities, I put 1 of each kind of cavalry type unit. In this game, I decided that I should add two mele, one ranged, one pikeman, and one artillery to the cavalry group. The reason for this is simple. In the event of having war declared on me, I immediately have a force of troops that can not only do emergency response to an invading enemy army attacking a city, but it can also join up with another one of these groups and form an invasion army of my own. So I did this in the game I’m playing now and it worked very well. China got their butts kicked even though they had superior technology on a time they previously invaded. So when they declared war on me today, I immediately mobilized and invaded. There was a massive and epic battle at China’s border. By this point, I had modern technology. I had thermonuclear weapons and I was launching them strategically to destroy areas with airports and other places where enemy reinforcements and air support could come from. I eventually prevailed at the Chinese border and immediately moved to take the first city. Getting past the military base was taking too long, so I put a nuke two tiles south of it. Then I moved on to the city and besieged it. I began bombing raids and artillery barrages. A couple more enemy units showed up, but air support quickly dealt with that. I eventually took the first city. Then I moved on the next city. The areas ahead still had radiation, so I just waited at the edge for it to clear. When it did, I just waltzed into the city. I did this two more times. The final time was Xian, the Chinese capital. I then made peace.

  38. Sid is not there anymore! I bet he would be P.O.'ed with this lack of thoughtfulness – and the results of – unintended consequences.

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