CIVILIZATION VI – How to Use Your Army

CIVILIZATION VI – How to Use Your Army

A strong military is crucial in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Learn how to keep your forces ready for anything the world throws at you. Land Units comprise the majority of your Army. There are melee units like the warrior, ranged units like the crossbowman, and Light and Heavy Cavalry like the Horseman and the Knight. There are also more specialized units, like the Recon, Siege, and Anti-Cavalry units. Most units take and receive damage during combat. Ranged units like Slingers cause damage at a distance so they aren’t damaged on their turn, but they are weak to melee attacks and don’t restrict enemy movement. Siege units like Catapults aren’t very good at combat but excel in defeating cites. A well rounded military will also have Naval units, which can be melee, ranged, or raider units, and eventually an Air Force with Fighters and Bombers. Support units like Medics and Observation Balloons enhance your military units. Attaching a combat unit to these units also provides them with defense from capture. Great Generals and Admirals can also be attached to combat units for passive damage and movement bonuses. A unit gains experience points for engaging in combat. Experience points are used to promote the unit, which allows you to pick a new ability for it. Promotion also heals the unit, but promoting a unit uses all its movement points that turn. As you discover new technologies, you’ll be able to upgrade the unit to a new type, such as upgrading a basic warrior into a more powerful swordsman. This costs gold and also uses all movement points for that unit for that turn. Units have maintenance costs in gold. You can find how much each unit costs to maintain in the Civilopedia. Make sure you have a strong economy if you want a large military or your units will disband. Eventually you’ll be able to form units into Corps and even Armies, which combine the strength of multiple units into a single unit while keeping its maintenance cost low. You can also use the Conscription and Levee en Masse Policies to reduce unit maintenance costs. Spies are extremely specialized units that allow you to conduct espionage in enemy cities. These activities range from allowing more diplomatic visibility to sabotaging industrial zones to stealing great works. You can also place them in your own cites to counter other civs’ Spies. Unlike any other unit, spies can be captured. If this happens they can be traded back to their original owner via diplomacy. Teddy Roosevelt says you should speak softly and carry a big stick. Know how to use your army in Sid Meiers’ Civilization VI.

51 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION VI – How to Use Your Army

  1. the more important thing s to not forget to build siegetowers before the industrial erea
    so you can still 2shot a city :/
    yeah because in civ6, landships can climb siegetowers…

  2. How to use your army, place your goddamn army in early era near your city because those peasant so called barbarian always ruin your district until your nation is strong enough

  3. Please, help us understand warmongering!!! I am constantly under target of declaration of war, and when I take a city that they have planted right next to my capital city they all scream that I am a warmonger for returning the favor of their futile attempt. I am guessing taking a city as retaliation counts as a surprise war in penalty, and when I take cede of cities it doesn't really help much as I still get 20+ warmongering even in times like medieval age and they still want the city as if it was theirs, I mean they gave it up and if they plant a city next to me from a different continent for example, they really need to shat ap! It is just mind blowing how this happens to me all the time and keeping good relationships in this game is just far too troublesome to be worth the effort which makes the game feel so isolated. Like I am Russia and the rest of the world denounces me constantly.

  4. I'm still surprised that they keep uploading videos on how to play after the game came out.

    Which is good because I really think that Civilization is one the most complex games I have ever played. It took me about 4 years to understand how to manage the tiles (and I still fail at it sometimes) and I started with the 4th installment!

  5. I really enjoy watching these videos despite already knowing all these things. Thanks for these, and keep 'em coming!

  6. Too bad the AI in civ 6 doesn't want to have a war. No matter what the situation, they seem to hopelessly throw a small handful of units at me, after declaring a surprise war mind you, and then suing for peace immediately. It's so boring. I raised the difficulty to compensate , but then you'll outright lose a perfectly even engagement and I hate that; it bothers me to no end.

  7. Honestly, is the part about the navy and air force a joke? all players want that you make both finally viable, but they are just not worth investing in at the moment!

  8. LOL! Gotta love that beginning. Enemy units and offensives/defensives are never that organized. More fake bs from a game with broken AI and terrible diplomacy systems.

  9. the ai sucks at war they don't even attack any of my cities in fact they declare war but never bring troops to my territory really lame

  10. So wait, I'm not supposed to play japan and just put ranged units over every coastline with ranged naval units on all coastal tiles?

  11. At prince level and under it's like the Ai's don't build AA guns & hardly any planes, Not to mention you hardly take any damage attacking cities or units with bombers unless its the units i named – If you got 5 bombers or more bombers then you'll win domination victory no problem.

  12. does anyone know the best strategy for combining units. Should you first get a single unit maxed out in promotions and then form corps? I noticed a single unit needs 7 exp to advance, when I combined 2 units it went to 22 (not 14) so it seems more experience is needed to get the same promotions. It also sucks that it does not give any credit by combining existing points each unit has earned, and same with promotions. if you have a 2 promotion and 1 promotion unit it should combine to 3 promotion, and same with say one with 2 exp and one with 4 exp should make it 6 exp. And they really screwed up movement in this version, it sucks.

  13. It is all about economics and science. With very little army which is rather a low cost, you can conquer others. If you build a tank and others are still using muskets you are good to go. When you attack cities always use your artillery and ships to weaken their defense, then tanks and then finish it up with infantry…in that order!

  14. I bought this game for Xbox 1, this game suxxx and whoever was in charge of this should be fired and consider a career change. They ruined these games and are still working hard to make it worse! O want my 60$ and time bak!!!!

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