Civilization VI in a nutshell 2

Civilization VI in a nutshell 2

oh look, I’ve met someone hello m8 do you have religion um,no, but i will anytime soon k when you will pls spread ok hello m8 do you have religion not yet buddy, pls wait hello m8 do you have religion no, stop, i will soon why you no spread religion to me i denounce you dude jesus what the fuck i just founded my religion what the fuck is wrong with you i don’t even have faith to purchase a missionary fuck you i declare war on you

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  1. This video was made in partnership with the Make a Wish foundation.

    A child with stage 4 brain cancer made this.

  2. That or you build the wonder before America. Then America declares war on you for having a wonder they want.

  3. Yeah, the entire agenda system is a disaster. Heck, what is the point of denuncing a LANDLOCKED empire for not having a navy?! right after you meet them!

  4. 1:31 Whats even more upsetting is when an UNMET PLAYER beats you, and your people somehow know about this before you do.

  5. Me: settles first city
    few turns later
    Kongo: settles third city right near my capitol
    few turns later
    Kongo: you are a warmonger because you built a town near my city
    Me: 😐😑😧

  6. I was building the hanging gardens at one point, and i was beat by like 2 turns. I was pissed so I save scummed, built 2 mines and chopped down 2 rainforests and i got them, and then got swiftly denounced by China who didnt realize that I was the Wonder whore this game.

  7. i have no idea how religion work because i never tried, everytime i would start a religious game after 5 turns i would swap to a domination victory

  8. Depending on the game speed, a turn is about 10 years so yeah they have time to erase the pyramids by then 8)

  9. Fuck this franchise. Every single version is worse than the previous version. The leaders are fucking retarded And don't make any sense. Nothing I'm this game makes sense.

    Yeah, I'm teddy Roosevelt in 4,000 bc. Go fuck yourself.

  10. There should be a consolation prize. You don't get the Pyramids at Giza but you get the Pyramids at Teotihuacan which comes with a lesser bonus.

    Every wonder certainly has a knockoff. Didn't get Stonehenge in time? You get Woodhenge

    Didn't get the Eiffel Tower? You get Tokyo Tower

    I've never understood this since Civilization II

  11. THAT MUSIC!!! Never expected ANYONE to ever use a track from Mall Tycoon 2. Damn I miss my childhood…

  12. These videos are my new favorite because until now I thought no one understood my frustrations with the civ AI. I don't understand why they cant have a rational AI

  13. greece is so annoying;

    me: i have founded a few citys on this continent now, I will let them finish expanding their borders and then i will inhabit some of these islands.

    greece: builds citys right next to the recourses that are basically mine

    me : greece could you stop building citys right next to mine?

    greece: no, how dare you?

    me: what do you want for those citys so that I can raze them?

    greece: there is no way we could make this trade work

    me: you have no gold and I have all of the luxury resources, you are lucky I'm offering that for settlers that I could have simply captured and used to leach off of your private island and march my troops through there to your capital.

  14. I played a civ game once, I talk to some people, I ask them about some people, they say lets kill them, I give resources, they attack, they fail, they team up with them, repeat, then they try to kill me, they fail, they threaten me and say they will kill me, I kill them, they say they will rise again, repeat. Yet I always come back to the game.

  15. I think this is one of the reasons I like Civ5 over 6 .. if someone out-wonders you, you at least get some of the Production translated into Gold so it is not a complete waste of resources. Still not as good as getting the wonder, but at least it's not nothing.

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