Civilization VI in a nutshell 4

Civilization VI in a nutshell 4

Ah, what a great city I have settled Oh. Looks like I’m gonna have some American neighbors. Kewl. We denounce you for settling very close to us KiLl Me Hello, m8. Want to be friends? Sry, but u r not my type. Ur military is very weak (has, like, 100 Swordsmen in his Military) Hey, how about we declare war on that Gandhi dude? His missile is really creepy. Sounds good, m8. Let’s go. YOU FUCKING WARMONGER! Y did u declare war on him? I declare war on you for not keeping peace on the continent! WhErE dO i BuY a TiCkEt To EnD mY lIfE

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  1. How about Germany declaring war because you became suzerain of a city state you take some of their cities lose suzerain and Germany declares peace then keep the cities then everybody declares you warmonger and Germany allies with you. I guess you could do this with any civ but germany or Russia are very funny.

  2. Whenever i accept a joint war my partner chickens out a few turns in and I have to grab all that land on my own and then my former partner too for beeing a turncoat.
    For once I believe i actually deserve that warmonger "penalty". i am at war with everyone anyways.

  3. AI agenda logic:
    China has denounced you! (You have more wonders they they do)

    Looks at their capital:

    Place has a monument and is building a holy site.

  4. don't forget about france agenda. they denounce you just because you don't have any spies. even though you and other AI still at ancient/classical era

  5. To be fair, asking to declare a joint war on someone else, not going to it and ambushing you with your pants down instead is standard AI tactics, the "warmonger" thing is either standard AI bullshit, a reason to start a war without being called out on it by other AIs or surprisingly apt representation of real countries denouncing each other for Iraq/Ukraine/Syria and continuing to trade like nothing happened. Full scale Cold War is exception rather than rule, from historical perspective.

  6. No, the most annoying agenda is England's
    "I'm sorry I spawned on s different continent from you, Victoria, but I can't do anything about it!"


    Zalyposransk is very good city, i'm going to live in that city for next 2 months, thanks for noticing it!

  8. Пиздрс, мало того что пиздатые ролики снимаешь,дак ещё и не чужой человек.Лайк подписка, ну и объявление войны, ВАРМОНХЕР.

  9. And now you know why 95% of my civ 6 games end up being "fuck it, all of you die now, so I can get my science victory in peace!

  10. Na fam it's more like
    -want to attack gahndi with me?
    10tyrns later
    Ai and gahndi have made peace
    Ai- warmonger

  11. The warmongering system in Civ VI needs a complete overhaul. I considered it to be the worst feature of Civ V, and it didn't improve much for Civ VI.
    AI Civs can go around warring constantly, but will denounce you for declaring war once. Or, as this videos points out, ask you to join a war and then denounce you for going to war. If a nation attacks you in the Classical Era and you take their city for it, everyone will still hate you for is supposedly 2000 years later in the Modern Era. The whole system is fucked.
    My suggestions:
    When the warmongering penalty is applied, whether or not a nation will denounce you for it should depend on how much they go to war themselves. Likewise, you should have the option to denounce THEM for warring to much if they war more than you do.
    Going to war because a nation asked you to should not give you warmongering penalty from that nation.
    If a nation declares a war on you, you should be allowed to take some of their cities without a penalty. If you completely destroy them you should receive a smaller penalty than if you destroy someone you declared war on. If they are the aggressors they only have themselves to blame.
    If a nation attacks your ally and you join their side in the war, you should receive NO penalty at all. You are just defending your allies, like you should.
    If your ally attacks another nation and you join in, you should receive a decreased penalty, since you only joined to help your ally.

    In general: War mongering penalties should always be applied to the aggressor in a war, not the defender. At least not until the defender starts dominating the aggressor.

  12. So i was going to play peacefull game, then egypt called me weak and settled between my cities. so i killed her, after that america called me warmanger and declared war, witch i also won. so truns out if you want to play nice you end up killing more poeple then a normal game XD

  13. Civ II AI:
    Me: No
    AI: WAR
    Me: (Takes city, killing a legion with a tank)
    AI: Peace?
    Me: Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. I was the nicest guy in my Civ V game. I, India and the Iroquois were in a trio alliance. They were my brawn, defending me from foreign invaders, and I was the brains. researching like a madman. But one day, Gandhi decided not to accept my friendship renewal with him. He then made friends with the very nation we three were just at war with. soon after both Gandhi and his friend, the Siamese, had denounced me. not many turns literally every nation in-game had denounced me and called me a warmonger (in the wars I fought, Gandhi had asked me to help. and I accepted, but didn't attack at all.). Soon after, war broke out. it was a bit of a struggle at first, but my military quickly expanded and I gained much more territory, assimilating much of France.

    Already long story shorter, my time invested in research allowed me to quickly overtake every nation in the game. I assaulted Gandhi and his musketmen with my Giant death robots. :3 he created his own demise.

  15. This is why the only allies you can trust in civ are the city states. They give you units, science, culture etc. they never settle near you, they never act aggressively against you. honestly, what more can you ask from an ally

  16. Haha text to speech like cowbell funny hahahahahahahahahah Fucking stop this annoying shit please. Just have text on the screen.

  17. Civ 6 — Man, I wish I could just turn off the AI contact requests and permanently ignore everything they say or offer.
    Understand this you dipshit computer… You will be crushed and assimilated for EVERY nation I play is the BORG, and we will be victorious because YOU ARE DUMB.

  18. You forgot to talk about the fact if they ask to trade anything, you decline. Then you want to trade the EXACT same thing they will decline. Mostly england

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