Civilization VI in a nutshell

Civilization VI in a nutshell

[Russia] Hello stranger! [Norway] I declare war on you. [Russia] Why? [Norway] Because your navy is shit. [Russia] Are you really declaring war on me for not having a navy? [Norway] Yes… [Russia] Alright shit let’s fight [Russia] Ah yes, finally! [Russia] Now I just need one more turn to conquer the Vikings, and continue peacefully expanding my empire! [IN UNISON] Warmonger! [Russia] Oh god, what have I done… [everyone continues to scream warmonger in background] [Norway] Hello, friend. Can you please open your borders for us? [England] Sure. [Norway] Jesus, what the fuck mate?

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  1. With Civ5 its the same. Morocco and I started war on Germany. Germany was a pice of shit and nobody liked germany. Germany wanted peace but i wanted to get these citys that i worked on so much so i declined the peace and continued. Now everyone hated me, even morocco that wanted that i join the war and even started it.

  2. I'm not a warmonger!
    I'm just convincing people to join me, Aztec style. Not my fault that your warriors are easilly swayed by macuahuitls to the face.

  3. You accidentally piss of Gandhi and his aggression level goes up to 255 and launches nukes on your ass

  4. And that is the reason why i dont play any other victories only domination. Because really, whats the point? You get branded as a warmonger anyway and all civs will denounce you for defending yourself so i go Hitler Stalin napoleon or andrew Jackson on them.

  5. I remeber this time when I was fighting France and I happened to conquer a city that used to belong to Japan, who had been wiped out by France, so I decided to restore the land of the rising sun. I go to the leader screen to talk to Nobunaga and he's hostile because I was bloodthirsty or some shit.

    So I brought dawn to the rising sun again.

  6. i play as the scythians and i am at the top of the map nubia is just bellow me and tha fat shit always talks shit about me then when i finished my second city that shit declares war on me and she takes my city and i try to defend the capital with only 1 warrior then i get the op horsemen and take all of her cities except one shithole in the tundra then poland and persia start a war with me, after 5 turns poland surenders and in the next turn because persia is a pussy also makes peace and after 10 turns they declare war both at the same time against me and after 4 turns i take the capital of poland and persia again gives up

  7. Of course I wipe out the country which declare war for me, the country think I am a war maker. That is ok, I can endure it. But you condemn me just because you just don't like me.🙄🙄🙄:-(

  8. Actually, I got to the point in Civ6 where the AI is willing to give a city or 2 to make peace if it loses. But of course, those cities are as far as possible from my border, so that I'd lose loyalty in 3 turns.

  9. In one of my game everybody is attacking each other. Gandhi attacks everyone because he hates warmonger, and become a very insane warmonger lol.

  10. Yeah was pretty nuts when Gilgamesh warred me and I took his capital about 8 turns later and I get labeled a war monger. I mean seriously, the fuckers had it coming!

  11. they fuking bots nuke 5 of my citys i gather my army and i invade them took all there cities and the other fuking bots called me warmonger for the rest 300 turns fuking shits

  12. Man I've been playing civ for 25 years and I just laughed my ass off. Plus the intro music brought me to nostalgia in one second top

  13. When an AI SENDS a deal for a joint war. So you join and wipeout that civ than same said AI civ calls you a warmonger lol.

  14. Happened to me XD
    Owned the 6 civilisations that dared defy my empire
    Refused their city bcs fuck the unhappiness system

  15. I think there should be a separation between Open Border for Civilian Units and for Military Units as a separate thing.

  16. The worst thing about this is that nobody want to denounce india for excessive used of nukes not even you. Your best hope would be destroy or capture the whole cities before your next turn because ghandi gonna nuke'em all. 😂😂😂😂

  17. In civil 5 someone declare war on you, 3turns later all other countries call you a monster and attack you too, atleast that shit doesnt happen here

  18. I feel like the biggest problem I have whenever I play Civ is I'll be going for a Culture or Science victory… And about 100 turns before I figure I'll win that way, I realise "To keep myself safe from any potential invasion, I've built an army 2x the size of anyone else's and my economy has resulted in an income that is equal to everybody else's income combined and then tripled. I could do a domination victory very easily."

  19. I had 200golds income after 1turn it became -410 AND ITS SAD CUZ ITS NOT FKN A JOKE . I suffered this shit for 22 turns. 22turns spent while killing fkn barbarians tanks. THIS IS SHIT I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IS MY 600gold is going. alf+f4 is good for cancer. and I agree this warmonger penalty is shit

  20. The trading is spot on. I've even had it where the person trading with me gives me an offer and I try to accept it yet they decline. Like, it was their offer and I didn't change it at all and they declined. XD

  21. Yeah, soon as I get that warmonger penalty I say "wanna see what a real warmonger is like?" and then conquer the world.

  22. thats so real –' you decide to kill a civilization for your defence or any fcking reason . And all the fcking rest of the planet considered you like a piece of shit ! The worst point about this game !!! You can only play white knight or black knight , and never play just finely –'

  23. If you’re not “warmongering” in Civ 5 or 6 you’re literally playing to lose or wanting to play 2472625 turn game…

  24. -Yo do u mind if we open our borders for each other?

    -Ehh sry I don't have the technology for that yet

    -WAIT WHA.. nvm

  25. Losers – you're not meant to play the AI you're meant to play other people but oops you don't have any friends so you can't haha oh dear

  26. you want me to open my borders for you to open your borders? that's not even close to a fair deal. give me 4000 gold, grass cutting sword and all of your luxury resources and I might consider this trade .

  27. Civ Rev and Civ Rev 2 are even worse because the code in it is so simple, and gameplay was simplified as much as possible. There is no way to avoid war in that game, unless you make contact with no other civilization. It's all just a matter of time, which is why I never trade anything or ever try to be diplomatic. Everyone will want to go to war with you eventually, so you might as well get as far ahead with technology so that when it happens they will be completely overwhelmed by your military industrial complex.

  28. The sweetest Civ memory I have was in Civ3. The cheeky French decided to attack for no good reason with several death stacks. Unfortunately for them I was way more advanced and had invested in several tactical nukes. A couple of turns later my nukes had wiped out their death stacks and they were suing for peace. I refused and sent in a panzer counter-attack against their medieval units.
    In many ways I found Civ3 immensely rewarding. (Gold on the map was key. Without it you might as well start over.)

  29. Quin Shi Huang [ Faithfull Ally] : " Come join me in a war against the evil Mongols'.
    Me: "Err, OK lets fight them".
    – ( several * 10 moves later) –
    Me: "K' Quin, the Mongols are no more".
    Quin Shi Huang: "WARMONGER!!!" – Warmonger points 50+.
    Me "WTF?".

  30. I was called a war monger for literally defending my city from barbarians. Fuck the AI lol. I response I fucking blasted Gandhi’s shit lmao

  31. Warmonger? XD that happens to me when Alexander declares war on me I took his capital then ended the war with peace (but still I kept his capital) and then Everyone called me a warmonger then I was like “but he declared war on me how is that warmonging XD dis video is true

  32. I'm playing this on xbox, I just started a new game and already fucking China wants to do war with me, I tried to ignore it so when I responded I kicked there ass damn these bots just love a war but always get destroyed.

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