57 thoughts on “Civilization VI – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Playing it today. Really outstanding port. I'm sure it's not easy making a console friendly control scheme with this type of game. But they did it and I'm excited to play hours and hours of Civ on my ps4

  2. dlc costs over 30£, game came out years ago. I'm not playing without all content…i'm not paying 70+£ ….eat my farts civ6

  3. Неужели спустя 100 лет стратегия на playstation 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  4. Yeah, like with tropico and cities skylines. It works on console, but it's way better on pc. Play RPG's and platformers on console, simulation games on pc.

  5. So along with the switch and ipad you can now play this on any system except an Android device. I sometimes feel like Android is the least popular kid in class even though it has the largest player potential overall.

  6. Finally. I was wondering why there wasn’t a console version after revolution on last gen. And then, somehow iPhones got a version in like, 2010.

  7. So, is it worth to play three years old game, hah? Buy pc instead to play all the strategies and indies in their launchdays

  8. Anyone else have a issue with the screen being stretched out to where you cant see the numbers in the top bottom left or right?

  9. Is anyone else having problem of the game screen being to big not being able to adjust it because I am. In the screen I can’t see science level or and any of stats like culture or faith points. There’s nothing on the game itself that you can use to adjust the screen and I tried ps4 settings it did nothing

  10. i hope they'll release a physical copy for consoles with all dlcs included like a complete edition or something. i would like to have physical copies of all dlcs instead of digital

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