Civilization VI nVidia 940m Performance

Civilization VI nVidia 940m Performance

Good day to you and welcome, I’m Backerization and today i’m going to show you how Civilization VI actually performs on my laptop. So, right on the left you can see my rig, it’s i-5 6200U, which is an ultrabook one, a pretty weak processor, it’s alsoaccompanied by 940m 2GB, 8GB of RAM, 800Mhz, which is slow one, and standard stock hard drive 5400 RPM. Right from the start I have to say that the FPS that you can see on the top left are definitely, definitely lowered, because of the recording. It’s actually lowered for about 8 FPS. The stand… maybe even 10. The standard in here right now is 35 to 40 FPS with average around 36 and, well, it runs pretty well. However, I’m unable to play on 1080p. I’ll show these settings. The only thing right now that’s different is that it’s windowed how I’m very often playing in window as I want to do something else on, such as look at some kind of video and these things, streams… Right now you can see that a lot of things is disabled. High-quality visual effects that can definitely be lower and I highly recommend higher resolution textures, definitely the card can handle it. Dynamic lights off, shadows you can keep them you can actually lower them but the game looks a bit worse if we do that. You can see that something is missing, so let’s turn the shadows on and, yeah, just slight hints, it adds this 3d feeling to it, and otherwise the shadow resolution had to be lowered. Overlay resolutions fine. You can keep it that way. Definitely high resolution textures, definitely HQ shaders you can use that if you want to ,however, it slightly decreases performance again. It the create spikes which, well, at this resolution and me to 30, so if you want if you want to can definitely do that but later on there might be some issues, and as you can see the resolution is 1600×900. That is because at 1080p I was really unable, even with the lowest possible settings, get anything done, because it went down to the FPS you can see more or less right now. So, at around 23 and 20 FPS that’s quite problematic even with this kind strategy game because sometimes the units which sometimes there are some things that you want to do quickly and this kind of slight lag creates miss-clicks, so 30, stable 30, is definitely the best option and do you can run it with this kind of setup at the stable 30. Now, I should show your Hardware Monitor, just a minute, please. And I’ll just talk about the game. It actually looks nice, people were complaining about it, but i think that tis style is fine. What I’m a bit surprised about is that the style itself does not really offer a lot of extra frame rate, becuase it’s a bit cartoony, so it could actually be more optimized but that’s a standard issue with these games. The first year they are not really optimized and the next expansion usually does the trick. So, let’s enter the Hardware Monitor, I’ll show you that GPU is actually fine what throttles this a bit is my CPU, so if you… if you have a stronger processor which means more or less anything that ends with M or HQ or without these other numbers if it’s not U processor, which is the oultrabook one, you can definitely get this higher with slightly better settings, even graphical settings. However, you always keep in mind that shadows are was really drains a lot of power and and anti-aliasing actually is what drains a lot of power. So, if you have a better processor you can definitely go, maybe even with 1080p, however, I have better experience with this kind of setup with 900p and the difference even though it is slightly noticeable it makes it, I think a better game if you have other screen where you are watching something, which once again lowers your performance a bit. So, I hope this helps you decide whether to get Civilization 5 or not and ,well, thanks for watching and see you next time!

4 thoughts on “Civilization VI nVidia 940m Performance

  1. I must say… I find Civ VI extremely badly optimized. The graphics dont really offer much more then Civ V which was able to run without any lags. VI lags for me even on strategic view.

  2. C6 runs like sh!t on my laptop (6700HQ, 980M). Even on low settings the fans go into overdrive. Very disappointing.

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