Civilization VI: Red Death – New Game Mode (Battle Royale)

Civilization VI: Red Death – New Game Mode (Battle Royale)

I love the apocalypse. All you scaredy-cat goody-two-shoes with your “Boo-hoo, the world’s ending! Let’s get out of here!” attitudes aren’t taking a minute to smell the roses!” Not that, that’s a burning city. Some folks are hiding out there. That smoke smells pretty good too. I mean, you get to run around with your best friends and just plain have a ball! See that? I found that tank in a warlord’s camp! I painted those flames myself! Pretty neat, huh! Those guys are mutants. I think they eat people. Great folks. Don’t go near them myself. Those guys are Pirates! Don’t drink that water. Or that water. Or that water. Y’know what? Let the pirates have the water. Those are the Borderlords! You know how some people experience a moment of perfect existential freedom when staring into the yawning abyss of destruction caused by spite and indifference? I don’t know what any of that means. Don’t go in the Red Death, by the way. That helicopter’s mine too! It goes fast! Whee! Those are Raiders. They hate everyone. I found a nuke in a supply crate! Imagine, just leaving this lying around! It’s almost like people don’t respect the tools of senseless destruction! *WEEEEELLLLLL* Not entirely senseless. We’re all trying to get to the last surviving place in the world so the last one standing can get onto a lander and fly up to a spaceship that’s leaving this planet to go somewhere else. Or as I like to call it: LEAVING THE PARTY EARLY! Where’d you get that ship anyway? Bet you stole it! From those guys! They’re Scientists! Those are the Jocks! And the Doomsday Preppers! And the Wanderers! We like to shoot each other! For fun! Those are the Cultists. They take their faith very seriously. Gotta respect their commitment. LIGHTBULB! You should just come on down and see the end of the world for yourself! It’ll be the best road trip! The last road trip! You drive the tank! I made us snacks! It’s jerky! You like jerky? Don’t ask where it came from. We’re gonna have the best party. The Last. Party. Ever.

100 thoughts on “Civilization VI: Red Death – New Game Mode (Battle Royale)

  1. I don't get why there are complaining about this being so ridiculous, considering the base game has Roman helicopters, Aztec Broadway and nuclear Ghandi. Besides, it's free, so…

  2. no

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  3. How did I not realise this was a Battle Royale mode until it was literally spelled out for me?

    But you know what? The very fact that I didn't recognise it as such just proves how good it is! Bravo! 👏👏👏

  4. "Your maniacs! You blew it all up!" – is that a Planet of the Apes reference?

    Also, I swear they just poached some Civilsation: Beyond Earth lander assets and models and ported them over to Civilsation VI lmao.

  5. So do you guys have any plans to fix trade routes and spy interfaces broken by the last patch, so that the game would be playable again?

  6. It's missing a surprise civ added be aliens to really seal the deal on this expansion, but then I would probably be talking about XCOM… I would definitely buy Civ 6 if there were aliens, it would fit perfectly and you guys have the power!!

    EDIT: Nvm I found Beyond Earth lol

  7. Who resurrected Cave Johnson from Portal and got him hopped up on more Moonrock gel? Whoever did it, thank you! And now it's time to make that combustible lemon XD

  8. Any thoughts of having a character like Hitler for Germany and also including new civilizations like Israel? BCS I am very much looking forward to seeing these new features in the Game.

  9. 2500 ad ghandi launches multiple thermonuclear bombs triggering a nuclear war with summeria the united states and the danes

  10. i like the devs trying new things, and since this is free to everyone, it literally cant hurt. Im not a huge battle royal fan, but this looks like a thing worth trying.

  11. Ok now Im wanting a Wasteland Civilization Spin Off. Like everyones done a Space 4X game but noone has done a Wasteland 4X game.

    What. Have. You. Done.
    And why.

  13. To the dumb mongs crying in the comment section about this – This was an April Fool's joke, stop being such a crybaby.

  14. The cringe. Just when you thought they couldn't ruin civilization more than they already have, they spew… that shit.

  15. "Civilization is not a war game, if you came for war you picked the wrong game"
    Firaxis: Ehhh nope?
    Thank you so much Firaxis.

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