Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Cree

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Cree

Poundmaker leads the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. He ruled his people during a tumultuous time in Cree history, judiciously toeing the line between aggression and diplomacy. Today he is remembered for his work to secure peace between the Cree and Canadian government. The Cree’s unique ability is “Nîhithaw.” They receive their first Trade Route when they research Pottery. The first time a Trader moves into an unclaimed tile within 3 tiles of a Cree city, that tile is claimed. The Cree’s unique improvement is the Mekewap. This provides Housing and Production, as well as Gold when adjacent to a Luxury Resource, and Food when adjacent to Bonus Resources. Their unique unit is the Okihtcitaw. This reconnaissance unit replaces the Scout, but receives a free promotion and has additional Combat Strength. Poundmaker’s unique ability is “Favorable Terms.” All alliances provide shared visibility, and external trade routes grant additional Food when trading with cities with Camps and Pastures. The recipient of the trade route receives additional Gold per Camp or Pasture. Creating and maintaining high level alliances will bring you economic and political success as Poundmaker, and your Traders will be invaluable to extending your empire. Researching Pottery right away will get you off to a quick start as you extend your land and begin sowing the seeds of friendship with your neighbors. Will you stand united and strong with your allies? How will you lead the Cree in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    Will you play as the Cree in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall? Which feature of the Cree is your favorite?

  2. OMG I love the Cree! I'm super stoked! The early trader start is going to make them so strong financially! Strong scouts means you can use them to escort settlers better… wow this civ is looking strong right out the gate!

  3. I'm happy that more Native American people (like myself) are being included in these "Triple-A" games, Maybe I'll try get into this game.

  4. Okay, before anyone says poundmaker sounds like a weird name, his real name is Pîhtokahanapiwiyin, he inherited poundmaker from his grandfather, who had a special ability to attract buffalo into pounds.

  5. We need more civs like this to stop America and Brazil from becoming extremely powerful. Maybe Chile or Peru next?

  6. I read on news some native guy at Ontario got pissed at this game DLC that the civilization 6 makers disrespected the native culture by making the main Cree leader wear foreign like clothes and make him look very retarded I think. Can't remember because I read it two days ago and I'm too lazy to search it up.

  7. According to Milton Tootoosis (headman with the Poundmaker Cree Nation), this game has a very inaccurate representation of Chief Poundmaker and his values.

  8. I hope that Cree diplomats come to support this civ, as it really does allow us to appreciate Cree culture more, even if it is an abstraction of it.

    Also, 1338th comment!

  9. Hey just pointing out that there has been a rant article about this Civ in Canada by the association of the saskatchewan first nations.

  10. Apparently the Cree peoples in Canada are upset about Civ including them in the game because it somehow makes it look like they sympathized and worked with colonial powers, and that they say that none of them were consulted on including them in the game… Oh dear…

  11. NEW unique ancient city art for northern native american civs?
    This is almost confirmation that they will add at least 2 more native NA civs in the game.
    They aint gonna spend the art budget money on just one civ like that xD
    Same with Indonesia and their unique city art, and Korea.

  12. Why cant you add Serbia already ? Serbia have 1400 years of history as nation , as Empire, Kingdon , than Federation as part of Yugoslavia , than republic. Please take this infomation as you plan please

  13. Will the Cree start with a Okihtcitaw or a regular warrior. I believe that the Shoshone started with a regular warrior in civ 5, but I would very much like to see that changed for the Cree.

  14. It's awesome being Cree and seeing such a influential leader added to one of my favourite video game franchises. The treatment center I often assist my clients in attending is named after him too!

  15. So we get to play as a Canadian, a native American AND a merchant republic all at the same time?
    I will give you as much money as it takes!!

  16. I know they're not that big but I'd like to see the Haida in Civilization. Not Canada, though, I'd just play America lol same thing.

  17. "Famous for securing peace with the Canadian Government…" And then there's just me, wondering where the Canada Civ is…

  18. I am plains cree from Saskatchewan and i think its awsome to see poundmaker on there. He was a great chief! He even has his own room in the queens castle.

  19. Will there be more Amerindian civilizations?
    Maybe the Anasazi(Pueblo), Wichita(Etzanoa) Mississippian Mound builders, Adena, Haudenosaunee(iroquois), And other large monument builders?

  20. This is a challenging civ to play, you desperately need to level up you unique unit by scouting for it to be valid in the mid game

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