Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Georgia

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Georgia

Tamar leads Georgia in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. Remembered today for her diplomatic prowess, support of the arts, piety, and extension of the Georgian kingdom, it is no wonder Tamar is canonized as a saint. Georgia’s unique ability is “Strength in Unity.” When changing eras into a Golden Age, you receive an additional bonus on top of your Golden Age bonus. This makes it easier for Georgia to achieve and maintain Golden Ages throughout the game. Georgia’s unique building is the Tsikhe, a replacement for the Renaissance Walls. These are built at a lower production cost, and provide Faith. Their unique unit is the Khevsureti. This melee unit gains a Combat bonus on hill terrain, and ignores all hill movement penalties. Tamar’s unique ability is “Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith.” After declaring a Protectorate War, she gains faith during the beginning turns of the war. Also, she gets extra free Envoys when sending Envoys to City States of her majority religion. Nestle your cities into hilly terrain to fully take advantage of the Khevsureti’s bonuses, and build your walls high for an impenetrable defense. Tamar is a fierce, but pious warrior queen with a versatile style that could lend itself to any victory type. Will your walls outlast your enemies? How will you lead Georgia in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    Will you play as Georgia in Civilization VI: Rise & Fall? Which feature of Georgia is your favorite?

  2. Jer Battlefieldshi 1 msoflio omis periodshi ro davinaxe Germaniis "gundshi" nigerebi xo gamovylevdi da exla Tamari naxet ras daamsgavses FIX HER SKIN COLOR! RETARDED SJW PROPAGANDA!

  3. The people complaining about her skin tone are probably just as angry about Jesus always being portrayed as white 😂

  4. Why is she brown? Nice brownwashing. At this pace, in Civ 7 even Norwegians will be black. Even chick from Indonesia is lighter than Tamara. Are you kidding me?

  5. You have a gold mine of civilizations over in the Americas, Cherokee, Iroquois, Mexico, Canada, etc, and you decided to go with Georgia? Why? What’s so significant about Georgia?

  6. Given the region, the skin color looks accurate (they always made Queen's and saints to appear lighter in portraits because that's how they drew them).. and her skin really isn't that dark, it's just the lighting. Georgia is in the middle east basically.. and right next to Egypt. So it's not a stretch in any sense.

  7. Happy and sad at the same time. Happy about my country and one of the greatest leaders we had getting recognition in one of my favourite games of all time, sad about the fact you made Tamar, an ethnic Georgian with all of her ancestors being ethnic Georgians look brown (Ethnic Georgians such as my self are white, FULLY white) this kinda makes her look middle-eastern and if this gets to the media in Georgia a shitsorm will start because Tamar is considered a saint around here so you guys might wanna change her skin color to white like it SHOULD be…

  8. Tamar was also of Armenian descent and during this time was queen of a Georgian and Armenian union. Congratulations to our Georgian brothers from the north for making it into Civ 6.🇬🇪🇦🇲

  9. I'm a Georgian and while I'm grateful for her being in the game, she is too dam dark. Georgians are mostly white, some of us are dark mostly because of Ottoman and Persian invasions and Tamar was BEFORE that so she should be a LOT paler. C'mon devs. Look up her portraits, she is pale.

  10. 1. Georgians are White

    2. A Unique land Unit – Khevsureti?? Thats the name of Georgia's one of the regions (why didn''t u just kept "Khevsuri warrior" like it is in CIVILIZATION 5???)

    3. A unique Building – Tsikhe ?? (It means a castle in Georgian language nothing else (again could have done a bit of research – What was wrong with "Svanetian Tower" )

    4. I know its a new and different game compared to CIV 5 but WTF guys. Im very dissatisapointed.

  11. I think this Civ's ability needs a buff. It's already pretty easy to string golden ages together once you get a feel for what causes era points. Maybe a production boost to ancient and medieval walls?

  12. One thing I don't understand. For Cyrus, he was very tan. Now this lady is very tan. Yet, Tomyris which is an Iranian has fair skin which is accurate. Why do this lady and Cyrus look brown? Don't say diversity for an answer. At least they didn't give them curly hair or make them look like Arabs.

  13. Guys, I’m sure Firaxis didn’t mean to “reverse whitewash” (for lack of a better term, I dunno) Tamara. Probably just an honest mistake.

  14. Firaxis Games …. why ?
    I mean, there is trying to apply political correctness and diversity in a scenario that makes sense ….
    …. and than there is completely disregarding the proper depiction of peoples such as Georgians and certain individuals, as well as historical facts for no reason whatsoever. Why aren't the Swedish or German rulers depicted as dark skinned ? ethnic diversity was not so strong in Georgia by any historical records as to suggest ( or rather completly ignore historical manuscripts and annals ) that Tamar was dark skinned like that, virtualy Indian. She was in fact described as almost pale compared to the avarage light skinned Georgian.
    A small texture patch, just a single second worth of work simply brightening it up a little would be the decent move from your side. I'm all for political correctness that makes sense, but re-writing history and black/whitewashing like that goes too far and you see that it's stirring up resentment. So please correct that.

  15. Half of the comments are about her fucking skin get over I’m Georgin and I’m glad she is in a damn video game and people are knowing about our culture so be fucking grateful and my a dark Georgian oh well there is some dark Georgians I’m not saying she’s dark but come on just shut the fuck up and be happy good lord all people here just has to say something about her skin color it’s just a game you know she was white so what does it matter

  16. I did not know that our King Tamar suffered severe tanning bed burns.

    (P.S.: Yes, she was referred to as 'King' to emphasize her power and sovereignity).

  17. While the comment section worries how her skin color is not accurate I’m Just going to be wondering which US state will civilization add next

  18. I'm Georgian and I don't care about her skin color. I'm glad I can finally play as my own nation. 🙂 Thanks guys!

  19. While tamar was a good choice, I think david would have been a much better pick. He was the king who managed to outwit and defeat the seljuk turks at the battle of didgori, with only 50,000 men, against the turks 200,000-600,000. The guy was extremly smart, using religion in order to get the crusaders to help him.

  20. There are some stupid people who argue with Georgians that Georgians are dark coloured because they are near to middle East . But trust me Kartvelians (Georgians) are not dark coloured most of us have pale skin . And there was some retarded guy who said that he had a classmate who was Georgian and looked like an Indian, only dark coloured Georgians you might meet are Azerbaijani , and Armenian migrants in very south east part of Georgia.

  21. I really like the little hand gesture she does after a favourable agreement, she's so serious and stern that it's charming to see a spark of friendliness come out as she lets her guard down when around you.

    I am so sorry about the surprise war, Tamar.

  22. Everyone's getting so worked up about her not being extremely pale white. Guys, Tamar is from around 900 years ago and from a nation to the East(ish) of Turkey. Just because Georgians are apparently all ghost white today (according to literally every Georgian in the comments) doesn't mean they always were.

    Biology is not stagnant, ethnicity is not stagnant, demographics are not stagnant. Again, this is over 800 years we're talking about, around 300 years before Europeans knew there was a massive continent to the West between them and Asia.

  23. why is no no albania in civ?…if theres countries like "GEORGIA" and others …certainly the very first european civilization ALBANIANS – ILLYRIANS deserve to be in the game too?

  24. Khevsureti can't possibly be an unit, -eti suffix is used to correspond a place, something like Persian -stan suffix. So a person from Khevsureti would be called Khevsuri and unit should be called so.

  25. Nono Tamar king is supposed to be PALE WHITE with black eyes and hair. I’m not saying that the skin tone looks bad but if you take a character and A GEORGIAN SAINT from history it has to look like them the skin makes no sense whatsoever. Georgians a Caucasian not black or tan. If the artist got the clothes right they should have got the skin tone as well. And i don’t want to hear the excuse “ well it’s their game they can do whatever they want” no they can’t. What if I make a movie about M.Luther king and make him white? People of color would feel bad just like I feel bad about this character design.

  26. Dear people, does she make with her hands a cross or not? (I probably think, that tamar is doing this). Thanks!

  27. ასეთი თამაშის დამფინანსებელს შევეცი
    სულ არ დაემატებინათ ჯობდა ამას
    ამერიკელი დედა მოვტყან ამათი

  28. Why do tamar lookes like Armenian than Georgian and why the fuck tamar is brown also thanks for putting georgia in game also i think davit the builder would be better choice and also he would look like bad ass

  29. Lol Im Georgian and for me it’s not an insult that she is more dark than in real life lot of Georgian have dark skin but the problem is that the people who have dark skin in georgia are mostly peasant and work every day outside so a Georgian «king» with dark skin is really not accurate historically but I am happy that at least I can play for once Georgia in a game and please add Dadiv IV too this man beat an army composed with around 400k-600k muslims with 40k sodiers

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