Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: India

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: India

Chandragupta ALSO leads India in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. He unified much of the Indian subcontinent, building one of the largest empires in the region. He later abdicated his throne, renounced everything, and died an enlightened Jain monk. Chandragupta is the second alternative leader to join the Civilization VI leader lineup. These different leaders allow players to take the civ’s strengths in slightly different directions. While Gandhi’s empire flourishes in times of peace, Chandragupta allows you to play as India more aggressively. Chandragupta gets India’s unique ability “Dharma,” as well as the ability to build Stepwells and Varu units. His unique ability is “Arthashastra.” After researching the Military Training civic, he may declare a War of Territorial Expansion, with additional Movement and Combat Strength during the opening turns of the war. Chandragupta is a powerful expansionist leader with an elephant mounted army to support him on his way to a domination victory. Building plenty of Stepwells will be the key to keeping your people housed and fed as you expand your reach across continents. Will your empire grow vast and strong? How will you lead India in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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  1. Just a heads up, you can get Civ 6 + 2 DLC (Australia and Vikings pack) for 12$ right now on Humble Bundle.

  2. Stepwells are kinda cool with early +1 housing, but will immediately be demolished and replaced by neighbourhoods in the lategame. LOL kinda sad reflection of our modern reality, where cultural sites get bulldozed to build more slums in.

  3. Here's my short wishlist for Civ VI alternative leadersthat (to my knowledge) we haven't seen in the games before:

    1. Mikhail Gorbachev – Russia – focus on city states & science with "USSR" trait
    2. Thomas Jefferson – America – focus on exploration and tile purchase/expansion "Louisiana Purchase" likes science civs
    3. Cardinal Richelieu – France – focus on faith and diplomacy/espionage
    4. Constantine – Rome – focus on the capital and religion "Edict of Milan"

    Civ VI has brought in a not of new leaders that I've really enjoyed and I think these would be good additions to the series.

  4. Yes…. Chandragupta should represent India….. the Mauryans never lost a battle….and unified a land the size of a continent under one single banner…. The power and riches of the Mauryans and the Nandas were unparalleled in History…. The Mauryan empire was perhaps the richest empire in the world at the time….

  5. I hate how there was a Chandragupta I (Ruled in the 4th century CE) and a Chandragupta Maurya ( ruled in the 3rd century BCE) in history.

  6. Babur should have been the next Indian Leader and their religion should have been Islam. As muslims ruled Indian Subcontinent more than Hindus.

  7. Hindus won't even kill an insect…. As all living beings have conciousness…. The Dharma of a King is Arthashasthra (the science of statecraft)….. As a King, war is sometimes inevitable…. Dharma always chooses the path with least harm…. If war can bring peace for generations then war is Dharma and a King must pursue it regardless….

  8. This guy is pretty cool and all, but I personally would’ve preferred if they made Deepak Chopra the new Indian leader instead with the unique leader ability to confuse rival leaders with philosophical psychobabble into not being able to produce anything in their cities for 10 turns after initially meeting him.

  9. Add Baburids (mughals) for india.Or as new civ like alexanders macedon.You added tac mahal wonder so you should add them.I would buy it directly.

  10. My favourite would be the Delhi Sultanate civ with Alauddin Khalji 😀 Probably he would be the most aggressive leader 😀

  11. Chandra Gupta Maurya's predecessor whom he defeated with the help of the cunning Chanakya was called Dhana Nanda a low caste , but the Most Powerful and Rich Emperor whose army according to Greek Historians were in Millions , with 600,000 Infantry, 300,000 Cavalry and 100,000 War Elephants, It was this vast army that led to the rebellion of Alexander the Great's Army who refused to become Cannon Fodder, for Alexander's Army was not even able to defeat a small Hindu king called Porous who ruled the North Western part of India.

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