Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Korea

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Korea

Queen Seondeok leads Korea in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall She ruled the kingdom of Silla at a crucial time in Korea’s history with astute diplomatic alliances and patronage of the arts and culture. Her reign set the stage for a unified Korean kingdom after her death. Korea can build the unique Seowon, which replaces the Campus. This must be built on Hills, and gets a fixed yield of science. But for every District you build next to it, this yield is reduced. Korea’s unique ability is called “Three Kingdoms.” Mines receive bonus science, and farms yield bonus food, if built adjacent to a Seowon. Their unique unit is the Hwacha. This devastating ranged unit is much more powerful than its Renaissance-era counterparts, but cannot move and attack in the same turn. Queen Seondeok’s unique ability is “Hwarang.” This provides bonuses to both science and culture in all cities with an established governor. With their solid Seowon output, Korea can provide you with a reliable foundation of science, that you can use to accelerate your research progress as you work towards a victory. Remember that Mines are especially important for production and science when you build them next to your Seowon. Will your kingdom become a place of learning and knowledge? How will you lead Korea in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

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    What do you like most about Korea? How will you use this new civ in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall?

  2. we have many stupid civs now korea is good but kongo khmer numbia . Are u guys thinking about adding some real civilizations like ottomans babylions hitites carthage sumers. These are x1000 better than this civs. Have u got problems with middle east and north african civs ??? civ5

  3. It's about time to gate Korea in CV6. But i thinking somthing. Why you not in CV6 gate North and South Korea to people can play. 😄😃😁

  4. LMAO stop spending you resources on finding irrelevant female leaders and actually try to improve the game. Will not buy this expansion. It feels like you have fired your IV and V creative team and replaced them with a bunch of feminazis from twitter.

    I guess I will go back Total War where devs actually listen to the community.

  5. adding more female leaders is fine, but the leader choice is stupid af. this Korean queen has bad reputation in the history, she's done pretty much nothing to the nation, known as bad leader. Many Koreans find it offensive. They should have
    put Kim Jong Un instead, it would be even more offensive, but guaranteed fun.

  6. As Korean myself I love my own country history and I feel terrible that you Developer guys have chosen impotence leader, just because she had vagina and part of history and just because she was first (female king)Queen in korean history. I'm tired of your SJW bullshit. she is known as fucked up leader. Why should you just change better leader already? it's mocking my country. I would accept if it's other leaders but this queen Seondeok? Fuck no.

  7. I lived in South Korea, worked with Koreans and been friends with Koreans almost my entire life and that is the least Korean looking character I've ever seen. She looks far more Nepalese or Indian than Korean. It's not even close.

  8. Korea deserves a militant transformation. We weren't always nerds calculating shit whilst others drew blood. They should have chosen General SunShin with his turtle ships that quite frankly pulled off a naval version of Hannibal's feats and won against both domestic and foreign enemies. Gwanggaeto the Great is also a good candidate as he opened a golden age for Korea and what is arguably the first time we went imperial.

  9. People: "Where's Sejong??"
    SJWs: "Civ 6 said they will not reuse leaders from civ 5"
    Me: "Why not have King Gwanggaeto the Great instead". He was better than Queen Seondeok in every way and was good enough to be called "the Great".
    SJWs: "uhmm fuck you sexist misogynist cry-baby!!!"


  10. Whew. I feel sad for you Korean folks but I'm glad it's not China that bit the feminist dust this time. Wu Zetian was irrelevant compared to at least 10 great Chinese emperors. Same with Seondeok to Sejong and Gwanggaeto. Still not spending a dime for Firaxis though until they stop with all these feminist nonsense.

  11. why did i weirdly hear that her unique abilitie is 'Whoring' so basically they are a science and ecomonic power house with no way of being invaded due to all the enemy soldiers getting laid like mofo's lol

  12. In korea, Queen Sunduck is not good leader. She lost 100 castle! And she was not great leader!
    Real great leader is King Muyeol(Queen Sunduck's nephew. He saved the dying nation)and King Munmu(King Muyeol's son. He made united nation)

  13. Isnt she the one that allied with the Chinese and bamboozled Koguryeo, arguably the strongest and largest state in Korean history?

  14. First im a korean and she is not a great leader as can be a civilization's korea leader. King 광개토 or king Sejong is more suitable for civ.

  15. THE EDGY ONLINE DEBATOR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ #14/88 卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐卐 says:

    > Not using Yi Sun-sin.

  16. i want a fucking turkic leader
    gokturks, ottomans, kipchak or whatever
    i dont give a fuck which leader just give me a fucking TURK

  17. She doesn't look very Korean to me. I mean, I know modern people don't look the same as they did 2000 years ago, but still. I'm curious if they used an actual person as the model or if the artists just came up with it.

  18. 할거면 차라리 선조를 하던가. 그땐 진짜 나라의 위기였지만 당시 막강한 위인들로 그 국난을 어떻해든 이겨나가고 사회 안정을 했는데. 선덕은 뭐 한것도 없고…………

  19. WTF, she don't even look Korean. Have seen the Queen Seondeok drama years ago, this is not how I expected her to look. Also, maybe add Sejong as an alternate leader? He did ruled a united Korea, right?

  20. Highly offended that the Least Korean Kingdom (Silla) is representing Korea – out of all the Korean Kingdoms and Empires that existed. Silla was a kingdom erected by the Xianbei people (more mongolian). Should have gone for Beakje or Goguryeo monarchs instead.
    Whatever, I already gave up on this game because of their incompetent leader choosing habits -> France being a prime example. Great job for the composers for the music tho.

  21. Why not Gwanggaeto the Great… or Sejong…? I understand they're looking for more diversity but I really hope they add either Gwanggaeto or Sejong as a second leader.

  22. Tons of thanks to Fireaxis. I finally realized that you love our country lots. I thank you guys for even beautifying 'Ancient Park' as one of the diplomatic successful leader. (She almost got impeached too.) Inferred from your standard of choosing national leader, Iet me take a guess of a civilization 7's korean leader: "President Park". Right?

    What. She was the first WOMAN president of Korea. Not have to mention that she is pretty important figure of our time, since she was also the first 'IMPEACHED woman leader'.

    Well, so far I am satisfied with all of your careful designs of chosen leaders, but I have one minor complaint you would like to carefully inspect with. I strongly suggest to change leader bonus 'Hwarang' to 'Religious fervor', or some kind of religious bonus; I would personally prefer the bonus like the following statement; "gain 1% of boosting per two turns, while the territory is being invaded."

    I know how you think now Fireaxis. It might look ridiculous, but it's actually based on the historic facts of korean woman leader. You would easily realize the fact that woman leaders of korea relied on religion intensly as their social status are faced with hardships, if you conduct any historical research toward korean woman leaders for a sec. (Don't be surprised. Even president park decided national task by asking shaman. IN 21ST CENTRURY.)

    Queen Sundoek was not an exception: she also kept building Hwangreongsa, 9- story Golden Pavillion constructed with wood. Of course she couldn't finish this wonder since she had to support an army, but hey, the point is, every single korean woman leader had an affection toward religion when country is at stake.

  23. "Waaa! I want Penis Mightier!" Male, female, it's cosmetic. I want to see cruel, insane, and/or ineffective rulers: Caligula, Pol Pot, Richard III, Kim Jong Il, Zhou of Shang, Saddam Hussein… i.e. Nero allows you to burn down your own buildings for fun(a new resource), when you accumulate enough fun, you can build The Great Circle Jerk. Immediately upon completion, the game will quit and you will be teleported to the nearest Circle Jerk. Definitely won't be finding a girl there.

  24. While I also would have preferred Sejong, I don't think it's a bad idea to have the leader be Seondeok. As influential as the Joseon Dynasty (Sejong's lineage) was to constructing Korea's cultural identity, they are used quite often to represent Korea in historical games. I would say it's quite refreshing to have a leader from the Korean Three Kingdoms. Speaking of, since the Civ ability is literally called "Three Kingdoms", I wonder if another monarch from the Korean Three Kingdoms will be an alternative leader… say Gwangaeto the Great?

  25. Ah, I thought that would be Great King Sejong who had Jang Yeong-Sil or Gwanghaegeun who had Admiral Yi Sunsin. But, the Queen had Hwarang at least.

  26. I might catch some flak for saying this, but a lot of people tend to not get what skin color can mean to East and South-East Asian peoples. All over Thailand, Korea, Japan, China and other places, Royalty would never be so tan, Especially women. Pale skin was and is viewed as a symbol of status and privilege, a "Look how much I don't have to work outside I'm Rich" Mentality. It's not a racism thing for them but a class thing for them and a Queen of any of those countries wouldn't be so Tan if they could help it. It's no different than listening to the old Ladies on Downton Abbey talk about Good Breeding. Not saying I endorse it (because I'm not rich and Half-Korean and live in the Southern US so a Tan is inevitable plus I Tan really well so I like it) but if you're going to replicate historical figures from around the world to use in a game where Culture can be weaponized; Maybe have the Character Designer have more talks with the people who research the culture of said peoples yea? Might avoid some more drama like the Cree debacle.

  27. You guys really knocked it out of the park with Sejong in Civ 5. Like, it was absolutely amazing. Literally all you needed to do was touch up Sejong's art for Civ 6 and we would all be happy. But no, you give us this. This model doesn't look even remotely Korean – not even half Korean, let alone anything like how Queen Seondeok is depicted. And what's with her outfit? News flash but purple was not the color of royalty in Korea or East Asia in general. It was red. Red and gold. How is that so hard to figure out. All it would've taken was one Google Images search.
    Over all, really disappointed. You guys really did a great job on Korea from Civ 5. I guess I'll have to settle with mods until Civ 7 or just play Civ 5.

  28. How is she able to speak Korean? Hangul was not invented until the 1300's AD by king Sejong. The Korean's used traditional Chinese to communicate before hangul.

  29. Queen Seondeok was the worst leader in Korean history. 2K should have chosen other leaders like Lee Seong-Gye or Gwanggaeto the Great .

  30. Considering that some people tend to get very angry when they see the next female leader here, I wonder if it is worth it to read such comments or not?

    At least by doing so, not only would you please the commentors, but also understand that the decision mentioned in the comments (e.g. "too many female leaders because of diversity shmiversity, my foot") is not a good one.

    I'm fine with Seondeok, but I would prefer Sejong instead, because he is more notable, like Chandragupta for India. Although it is better for Firaxis not to worry about some angry audiences (including the feminists who would complain if Firaxis did use more notable leaders), should it also learn from the comments and do anything they say? At least it can earn more popularity and respect from Internet audiences.

  31. SEONDEOK IS NOT A HORRIBLE CHOISE. People needs to shut up. I am not arguing she is the best choice possible, just that people are making a mountain out of a molehill with their issues with her 1.) All the criticisms about her not looking "Korean" may be valid in so far as she does not look like our modern idea of what a Korean looks like. Keeping in mind Koreans do in fact have a wide range of looks even in modern day and no doubt could have looked significantly different back then it is not impossible for her to resemble what she does now compared to her pic. 5.) I get that people are upset at Fraxis using her as a token example to advance social justice without taking into consideration her merits as a ruler may turn people off. If anyone did any AND I MEAN LIKE WIKIPEDIA LEVEL research on her they would know that Fraxis chose a relatively successful ruler who is important to the mission of advancing a more diverse video game.

    Now as to why Queen Seonseok is not as bad of a leader to have been chosen:

    1.) Her rule was considered to be a renaissance for the Silla dynasty. The arts and literary prowess of Silla was considered to be far underdeveloped compared to its neighbors. Arguably it was during her reign that a united cultural identity of Silla arts and literary traditions really began to take root beyond its oral and musical traditions. It was also during her time that vast public works projects entrenched Silla architecture and gave it the foundation for later success using her established public works, buildings, and arts. Her buildings were so well known that they were known to have influenced Wa Japan's wooden architectural style (along with Baekje), so much so the best example of Korean Three Kingdoms architecture is still found in Japan.

    2.) She did by far the most to diplomatically develop Silla. Before Seondeok the diplomatic core of Silla was weak and underused. It had weaker relations with all of its neighbors and had no strong singular foreign ally that was able to support it against Goguryeo and a increasingly aggressive Baekje. Seondeok was the first of the Silla rulers to secure a Tang alliance. What is more impressive is she did this without giving into their conditions. Originally the Tang demanded a large portion of the Korean peninsula to be ceded in the event of a war to the Tang. Queen Seondeok not only rejected this outright, but she still managed to get the Tang to sign an formal military alliance without any of their conditions being included. After Queen Seondeok's death the Tang's alliance was instrumental (cannot stress this enough) in helping the Silla Dynasty unite the Korean peninsula, something that would not have had previously happened without the political maneuvering of Queen Seondeok who switched the Tang from favoring Baekje to Silla.

    3.) Queen Seondeok put Silla's scientific advances at the forefront of the world. She constructed the first observatory in East Asia and the first dedicated scientific complex around it. Her observatory was copied by the Japanese Wa Observatory in 675 AD and Duke Zhou of China in 723 AD.

    4.) Militarily she is a mixed bag and this is why she has a bad rap. She did indeed lose about 40 castles. What is false is that each castle controlled one province and that she lost 80% of the Korean peninsula. This is false. Castles varied on what they controlled and how large they actually were. The territory of Silla did in fact shrink (albeit temporarily), but not be 80%, from most of the records we have in Chinese, Wa, and in the Samguk Yusa it was probably closer to about 20% at MAX. Not great or ideal. But not bad at all. Arguably her greatest military achievement that outlasted her failure was securing a long lasting Tang military alliance that would literally bring down Goguryeo and Baekje within the next decade and a half. The worse of her military setbacks was a castle she lost in what is now South Gyeongsang Province which crippled her trade routes with Tang China due to its position. While this was a major blow to Silla there is no evidence to suggest that this hit the Silla economy abnormally hard apart from the impact that was expected. Furthermore this area was recovered by the Tang-Silla alliance at a later date. The very same alliance some people are using as a point against her (I'll address this soon).

    Also someone said that she lost Gyeongju Castle…. this is a straight up lie. Gyeongju (or Seorabol/Geumsong as it was called back then) was the Silla capital and at the time growing into one of the world's largest cities (it reached about 1 million people by the year 720). SEONDEOK NEVER LOST HER CAPITAL OR THE CASTLE THAT GUARDED HER CAPITAL.

    5.) Silla became far more centralized and the state became less feudal. This literally gave the central Silla government the ability to govern the land with less interference from powerful warlords and nobles.

    6.) She was not as lavish or as corrupt as anyone has said here. The largest of her projects were normally public works such as temples, scientific compounds, and roads. While these were indeed expensive they ensured a Silla that was more centralized, cultured, and connected.

    7.) THERE ARE NO ACCOUNTS BY HER CONTEMPORARIES of her being corrupt or overly lavish (compared to let's say her predecessors). In fact one of the surviving accounts of her states that she was very smart, kind, and concerned with the welfare of the state.

    8.) She supported Buddhism in Silla. This may not seem huge, but I cannot stress enough how central this was in the formation of Silla's culture, government, and the modern Korean culture and identity.

    9.) Almost every account of her being a terrible person or ruler comes from the Joseon dynasty over 700 years after. Keep in mind the Joseon Dynasty adopted a hard-line Confucian stance on government and the role of women. Specifically one that codified that women were not fit to rule or govern. A lot of the negative accounts as a result are riddled with 15th and 16th century Joseon sexism that specifically exacerbated or dramatized her shortcomings. How do we know this is true? For one because Silla, Tang, and even Baekje and Goguryeo accounts recall her differently. Furthermore because the later Goryeo dynasty (who had no female rulers and barred them from succession) never had an official state account of her being a terrible person. This is coming from the dynasty that would overthrow the Silla.

    10.) Economically the Silla thrived in her period. She did have a temporary hiccup when she lost control over a Tang-Silla trade route as mentioned above, but it was later recovered. BUT she built a lot of roads throughout Silla. It helped increase internal trade and movement of goods. Furthermore her alliance with the Tang isolated Baekje and Goguryeo from the Tang court. This gave Silla a monopoly on Tang Chinese trade to the peninsula and cut off Goguryeo and Baekje's largest and geographically most significant trade routes apart from Wa Japan. It made Silla extremely wealthy.

    11.) She was far more willing to give out posts by merit rather than traditional favoritism. Of course there was rampant favoritism. But compared to other Silla monarchs you saw a lot of people get their posts based on merit. Her chief three generals were all great examples of this.

    12.) Somebody on this forum claimed she was so hated that she was killed by her people in a fort after a month and a half siege. Not sure where this came from at all. She died while there was a rebellion going on by a noble called Lord Bidam. By all accounts Bidam led the revolt against her under the guise that she was a"women and unfit to rule". His real reason other than his rampant sexism was that as discussed before Seondeok helped to further centralize the Silla. She took away a lot of power from local lords and handed them off the the central government. Nobles like Bidam were pissed so they rebelled. Bidam's rebellion failed by the way a few days after her death. Her death by all accounts was recorded as natural as she was an estimated 60-65 years old by then (historians debate her exact age).

    13.) After Silla victory over their rivals in 668 via a Tang alliance that she set up, the Tang occupied 4/5ths of the peninsula because they thought they had a claim to the land because of their alliance. In eight years Silla after guerrilla warfare and a tributary agreement gained the peninsula from the Taedong river south. Keep in mind this was after Seondeok had died and the Tang reneged on their previous agreement not to occupy those lands. You can argue this is Seondeok's fault (stupidly) for allowing a ambitious Tang into the fold. But considering the Tang always had interest in the Korean peninsula before and after Seondeok and bound to help one of the Three Kingdoms in some way it was probably the smartest move on her part to subplant Baekje and Goguryeo as Tang's main Korean ally in order to gain a temporary alliance with the region's super power of the time.

    A lot of the accounts cited against her were accounts used by Confucian Joseon scholars who specifically were against female equity and rulers. They painted Seondeok in a horrible light to specifically justify the philosophy behind primogeniture and succession being male only. Contemporary historians generally agree that she was a relatively good and able ruler of the Silla dynasty and set the stage for Korean unification.

  32. I mean, good idea going for another leader besides sejong, Choson has kind of been overrepresented in this area, but Silla wasn't exactly a strong period for a "korean" identity…

  33. Just look at Indonesian civ leader, and you will agree with me they are sibling

    And I never knew that there are korean girl look like that, more like southeast Asia, or pacific islander

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